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Megyn Kelly clashes with Conway over Trump’s remarks on women


Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway’s dismissive statement that her boss has made just “a couple of comments” in the last “25 years or so with respect to women,” prompted a feisty exchange with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who argued that Trump’s history of derogatory remarks about women goes much deeper.

In an interview Wednesday night on “The Kelly File,” Conway complained that Hillary Clinton has campaigned too hard on Trump’s history with women and not enough on her own vision for America. Paraphrasing the GOP candidate’s feelings after opting not to bring up Bill Clinton’s history of marital infidelities, Conway said Trump’s stance was that “it’s not nice that you’re running hundreds of millions of dollars in negative ads against me, and he has a point.”

Kelly scoffed at the line, suggesting to Trump’s campaign manager that there is no expectation of niceness in presidential advertising, to which Conway replied “but the ads should be true.” The Fox News anchor responded that Clinton’s ads use Trump’s own words.

Later, the two returned to the issue of Trump’s checkered history of remarks about women. Kelly, who herself was a target of Trump’s early in the GOP primary, challenged Conway’s assertion that Clinton had cherry-picked a handful of Trump’s remarks to characterize him as disrespectful towards women.

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