George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge, was born at 16:24 on July 22nd, 2013 at St.Mary’s Hospital in London, first son of The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge. The little Prince was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace on October 23rd, 2013 and since then he has been accompaining his parents in some of their Royal Tours, starting with the tour of Australia and New Zealand back in April 2014. He is now big brother of Princess Charlotte and third in line to the British Throne. 


The firstborn child and only son of Their Royal Highnesses The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge was born on July 22, 2013 at 4:24pm BST at Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital weighing 8lbs 6oz. His Royal Highness is third-in-line to the throne; and on July 24, 2013, it was announced that the new Prince would be named HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. Prince George was christened in The Royal Chapel at St. James’ Palace by the Archbishop of Canterbury on October 23, 2013.

Happy 4th Birthday, HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge!

 Italian Man Kills and Cannibalizes Mother

On July 24, 2013, residents of an apartment block in Salerno, Italy, rang the police complaining of a bad gas leak. For about three days, they said, they could smell a horrible odor coming from the apartment of Maria Pia Guariglia (73). Since the old lady hadn’t been seen for some time, or her son Lino, the local policia decided to break into their apartment to find the source of the gas leak. What they found was considerably more horrifying.

When the officers forced open the door of the tiny apartment they were nearly overwhelmed by the stench of decomposition. Pots and pans littered the living room and kitchen floors, and a cursory glance inside each one revealed a chopped up human body part. Blood was splashed in congealing pools on the kitchen counter, and two saucepans on the hot gas stove held simmering human intestines - the source of the awful smell. In the bathtub, officers discovered the horribly mutilated remains of Mrs Guariglia; the elderly woman had had both her legs removed, her face peeled off, and her lower organs scooped out.

In a bedroom police found Lino Renzi (45) sleeping peacefully, nude, on his bed. He calmly confessed to beating his mother to death with a hammer after a fight, and dismembering her body with a handsaw. When asked about her missing liver, spleen, kidneys, and flesh from her face, Renzi indicated towards the bubbling saucepans and said he had spent the previous four days dining on her flesh.

Renzi was a deeply troubled man.who had spent much of his adult life in and out of psychiatric units. When asked why he killed her, Renzi claimed his mother had tried to poison his food. He was arrested and charged with murder, but ended up recieving an indefinate term of hospitalization due to his mental health issues and evidence he killed his mother while in the grips of psychosis.


Wild ponies are herded into the Assateague Channel during a rain storm for their annual swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague on July 24, 2013 in Chincoteague, Virginia. Every year the wild ponies are rounded up on the national wildlife refuge to be auctioned off by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company. (Source) 


The firstborn son of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was born on July 22, 2013 at 4:24pm, weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces (3.80 kg). This marked the second time that three generations of direct heirs to the British throne have been alive at the same time, a situation that last occurred between 1894 and 1901, in the last seven years of the reign of Queen Victoria. His Royal Highness is third-in-line to the throne and on July 24, 2013, it was announced that the baby would be called His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. The Prince was baptized by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace on October 23, 2013.

Happy 3rd Birthday, HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge!


Get To Know Me Meme [Royalist Edition]

[2/7] Royal Pairings - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

In 2001, Middleton met Prince William while they were students at the University of St. Andrews. The couple began dating in 2003, although their relationship remained unconfirmed.

In April 2007 Prince William and Middleton split up. The couple decided to break up during a holiday in the Swiss resort of Zermatt. Clarence House declined to comment about the relationship’s end, according to The Times, stating, “We don’t comment on Prince William’s private life”. Newspapers speculated about the reasons for the split, although these reports relied on anonymous sources. Middleton and her family attended the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium, where she and Prince William sat two rows apart. The couple were subsequently seen together in public on a number of occasions and news sources stated that they had “rekindled their relationship”.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton became engaged in October 2010, in Kenya, during a 10-day trip to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to celebrate Prince William’s passing his RAF helicopter search and rescue course. Clarence House announced the engagement on 16 November 2010. Prince William gave Middleton the engagement ring that had belonged to his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. The couple married in Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011, (St. Catherine’s Day) with the day declared a bank holiday in the United Kingdom. Estimates of the global audience for the wedding ranged around 300 million or more, whilst 26 million watched the event live in Britain alone.

On 3 December 2012, St James’s Palace announced that the Duchess was pregnant with her first child. The announcement was made earlier in the pregnancy than is traditional as she had been admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness. She stayed in hospital for three days. On 14 January 2013, St James’s Palace announced that the child was due to be born in July 2013, and that the condition of the Duchess was improving. The Duchess was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital in London in the early stages of labour on the morning of 22 July 2013, and gave birth to a boy, weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces (3.80 kg), at 16:24 BST that day. On 24 July 2013, Kensington Palace announced that the baby would be named George Alexander Louis. The Duchess’s second pregnancy was announced on 8 September 2014. The child will be fourth in line to the throne and is expected to be born in April 2015. As with her first pregnancy, the Duchess suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum. (x)

Two Months

TITLE: Two Months


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / fluff 

FIC SUMMARY: OC receives terrible news.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: HELLO. this is such a lengthy fic for my personal tastes but i hope you like it. I really would like to hear what you think!

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