Thank you to everyone who helped make the banner support for WINGS in Newark (24/03) & Anaheim (01/04) happen!

The Newark (left) banners say:

We’ll be by your side
We promise you
(Adapted from ‘Butterfly’ lyrics)

The Anaheim (right) banners say:

I thought I was alone but
I’ve learned that we are ARMY.  
(Adapted from ‘길 (Path)’ lyrics)

If you attended the concerts and collected either or both of our banners, do mention our project account on Twitter (@BTS_Trans_Proj) with a photo of the banner so we can add it to our moments for WINGS in Newark and WINGS in Anaheim.

Please also look forward to the banner support and other events for our WINGS Tour Project in the upcoming stops with country fanbases!

Ya’ll BTS looked so sad when they were watching girls being pulled out of the pit from passing out. I wish people didn’t push so much and everyone could have enjoyed themselves the way they wanted to. Now that BTS are leaving America I feel like I can say this. I don’t know about any other show but at the 03/24 Newark show….you guys were selfish as fuck. Whether it was skipping people in line for wristbands that had been there ALL NIGHT AND DAY and slept outside to get one, pushing so much in the pit that people were panicking and passing out, being rude to each other, among other things. It was a fucking mess. And people ruined it for some people. And you should be ashamed of yourselves tbh. We’re supposed to be a family and you all acted like fucking animals. Even Namjoon told you guys to back the fuck up and stop pushing and you still were pushing. There was an 8 year old girl in the pit and you were even pushing her. It was honestly disgusting and I have never had a concert experience like that in my life.

[march study challenge] • 24/03/17

Day 24: one exciting thing you did today

I didn’t have time to post yesterday but I also don’t know how to answer today’s prompt (favourite study youtube channel) as I don’t watch study youtube channels, so I’m posting my answer to yesterday’s prompt today! One exciting thing I did today was that I was really (surprisingly) healthy - I went for a run and had three healthy meals: an apple and a banana for breakfast, some vegetables with rice for lunch and just a salad for dinner. I didn’t even have anything else in between except for a bottle of cold-pressed juice and the coffee pictured above! Also, as a coffee addict I can promise my coffee isn’t as weak as it appears to be in the photo - my machine puts weird froth on top so it looks really bland, and while I generally don’t drink black coffee, I certainly prefer it strong.

Of Nosebleeds and Soulmates

Soulmate AU where your clock starts counting from the moment you’re born and stops counting the moment you meet your soulmate.  

As Castiel looks down at his favourite sweater, now partially soaked in his blood, he can’t believe he waited  22 years, 29 days, 18 hours, 56 minutes and 37 seconds for this.

Based on this post by @silentpeaches that I’m sure everyone and their grandma has seen by now.


“Cas.” Anna looks at him sweetly as she takes a seat opposite him. “Can you get me chicken nuggets?”

“You literally just ordered your food,” Cas says, nodding his head at the tray she’d set down between them.

“I know, but I got stuff from the Chinese place and the McDonald’s queue is too long,” she replies, giving him her best puppy dog eyes. “Pretty please with a cherry on top?”

Cas rolls his eyes, pushing away from the table. “Fine.”

“You’re the bestest little bro in the world!” Anna grins, handing over some money.  

“Bestest isn’t even a word,” Cas mutters as he dodges people left and right.

Castiel hasn’t been standing in line for more than a few minutes when the man in front of him - gesturing wildly to the redhead next to him - hits him in the face. Hard.

Cas’ head snaps back and he hears an “oh fuck!” but he doesn’t know if it’s him who says it or someone else.

“Shit, shit, I am so sorry,” the man says, bringing his arms up but then dropping them to his sides like he doesn’t know what to do with them. “Fuck, you’re bleeding.”

Castiel can feel blood trickling down his neck and can taste it on his tongue and it’s the most unpleasant thing in the world right now. He wrinkles his nose in disgust but that just sends a wave a pain through it and he winces.

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