REPOST: Anytime you hear someone criticizing black people for rioting, share this info with them.

Prior to the 1960s, rioting (or race riots), consisted of whites burning down and destroying black communities simply because they didn’t want them there. Mostly in major northern, western and Midwestern cities, where the population of black citizens grew tremendously due to the great migration. Blacks fled from Jim Crow south to seek refuge and to find jobs and homes. The competition was fierce, thousands and thousands of blacks flooded the cities resulting in “white flight”.
White people were angry that blacks were taking over jobs and building their own communities. Even white soldiers that have been stationed away from home were furious when they came back to this “change”.
This is how race riots started. Whites were not too happy about desegregation in their cities. With subliminal attempts to keep their city segregated, blacks were not allowed in the “white” part of town. Black homes and communities were destroyed and burned down by angry white mobs and countless deaths occurred.
Here are ONLY just a few examples of race riots that took place in our country:

1921: May 30- June 1. Tulsa, OK. Black Wall Street Massacre
1922. May 6, June 9 Kirven, Texas
1923: January 1. Rosewood, FL Rosewood Massacre
1930: October 12-15 Sainte Genevieve, MO
1931: March Scottsboro, AL
1935: March 19 Harlem, NY Harlem Riot of 1935
1943: May Mobile, AL
1943: June Los Angeles, CA Zoot Suit Riot
1943: June 15-16 Beaumont, TX Beaumont Race Riot of 1943
1943: June 20 Detroit, MI Detroit Race Riot
1943:August 1 Harlem,NY Harlem Riot of 1943
1949: August-September Peekskill, NY
1951: July 11-12 Cicero County, IL Cicero Race Riot
1958: Maxton, NC Battle of Hayes Pond
1959: February Pearl River County, MS
1960: April Biloxi Beach, MS
1962: October Oxford, MS Uni of Mississippi
1963: September 30. Oxford, MS Ole Miss Riot
1963: July 11 Cambridge, MD Cambridge riot of 1963
1963: May 13 Birmingham, AL Bombings
1964: July Brooklyn, NY
1964: July 18 Harlem, NY Harlem Riot of 1964
1964: July 24-26 Rochester, NY Rochester riot
1964: August Jersey City, NJ
1964: August Paterson, NJ
1964: August Elizabeth, NJ
1964: August Chicago, IL
1964: August 28 Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia 1964 race riot
1965: March 7 Selma, AL Bloody Sunday
1965: July Springfield, MA
1965: August 11-17 Los Angeles, CA Watts Riot

… only to name a few….
(Image: Race Riot in Detroit, 1943)


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Hey friends. I’m not sure if this is true, but I saw this and thought I would warn all of you!!

Avoid these areas if you’re not safe!


03/22/2017 New York NY
03/23/2017 New York NY
03/24/2017 New York NY
03/25/2017 New Haven CT
03/26/2017 New Haven CT
03/27/2017 Boston MA
03/28/2017 Boston MA
03/29/2017 Philadelphia PA
03/30/2017 Washington DC
03/31/2017 Washington DC

Please be safe. If you’re too scared to go out, then don’t. I love all of my trans babies.

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10/22 - Mexico City, MX 
10/24 - Port Chester, NY 
10/25 - Sayreville, NJ 
10/26 - Raleigh, NC 
10/27 - Charlotte, NC 
10/29 - Live Oak, FL

Kochać to nie znaczy być szczęśli­wym 24 godzi­ny na dobę. Cza­sami znaczy to także cier­pieć, na­wet mo­men­ta­mi bar­dzo ciężko. Wszys­tko to ma jed­nak głębo­ki sens – po­dob­nie jak poród ko­biety, który jest bo­les­ny, ale który równocześnie przy­nosi życie. Trze­ba bo­wiem pa­miętać, że cier­pienie niesie ze sobą war­tość o ty­le, o ile wie­rzy­my, że idea, z po­wodu której się męczy­my, jest ważniej­sza od nasze­go ak­tual­ne­go sa­mopoczu­cia. Ludzie często kochają się, przeżywają sil­ne na­miętności – to by­wa wspa­niałe, ale praw­dzi­wym wyz­wa­niem jest trwały związek, w którym dwo­je ludzi ma szansę spraw­dzić siłę swo­jej miłości.
—  Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

was looking out 5th floor east facing window, saw an object with looked like it was on fire, as i watched it it changed direction, was pulsating, round, not a comet.

MUFON Report: 74111

2016-01-24, North Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, US

I was walking through my apt towards the windows. As I looked out the window I noticed a bright object in the eastern sky. I said to my wife: ‘what is that?!“ It looked at first like a meteor burning up upon entering the atmosphere, i know this as i have seen that before, and I thought WOW the looks really close and got worried because it looked really close. It looked like it was on fire. By now my wife was there with me and she was in total disbelief, and kept asking what is that?. But then as we watched, I was expecting it to pass over us and continue towards the city, NYC, which is just west of my bldg across the east river, it made a 9o degree left turn, and continued on a steady path. No longer a meteor!? This made get my phone and start recording this. so I open the window to get a clearer view, and started recording. I recorded about 30 seconds, until the object went through some clouds and disappeared. We live in the flight path for landing airplanes at Laguardia airport. planes fly through all the time. from south to north. this object crossed this path from east to west and then turned from west to south east. This was the day after the snow storm, there was also a near full moon.