Hey #CloneClub. We’re as excited as OBTumblr can be to announce that there are only 24 more hours until the Orphan Black Season Two premiere. Here’s some quick reminders/suggestions of what you can do in the meantime:

  • 24 hours is enough time to rewatch season one…twice. Do that. 
  • Do you have snacks in preparation for tomorrow? Great, buy more snacks. Buy all of the snacks (and pick up some tissues on your way out.)
  • Do that cool french braid thing Sarah has because…why not? 
  • Make some strawberry Jello. (It needs a few hours to set anyway. Isn’t food you have to wait to eat the worst?)
  • Clean your room. What? It’s messy and you know it. Don’t pretend, nothing gets past us. 

That’s all we got. Tomorrow’s going to be crazy exciting and we seriously can’t wait.