So, everone does these follow forever posts and even tho I’m not a “forever” type of person, there are certainly many blogs here that I love, so why not. But first of all I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you from the very first to the very last for being here. You are all amazing and you all matter!! 

So my biggest love in here, as most of you have propably undrestand, is my adorable seberian-tiger !! Awesome RPer, amazing humor, so close to mine that I couldn’t belive it at the beggining, and the person that introdused me to CAH that I’m completelly addicted now.

My second big love is moriarty-pet. You can’t find a better and sassier Jim no matter what. Also the reason I got addicted into MorMor. 

And my third biggest love is cicatrix-let. My sweet, sexy Scarlet who makes me wanna hug her all the time.

A HUGE hug to my real life friends that keep fangirling with me in and out of tumblr herminah im-just-a-superwholock-fan elenailiop and the newbie @annamariagr 

A big thank you to all my slores that make my dash sexier with their posts and my nights hotter with their fanfics. Our queen laterovaries that introduced me into this, the second in command, ophelia-tagloff with the amazing imagination and the most enjoyable comments, my dearest so-easy-to-love-me that I so love to tortureand she always enjoyes it, the amazing celtickaye with her awesome posts, the incredible adamcansuckme with fictions that leave me breathless, my dear lokilockedcougar that loves to torture me with the sexiest photos of Benedict and all the lovelies clojury shh-carrie-is-dreaming hush-hush-hiddlestoners winchester87 quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks eve-laufeyson  lokilover1578 lokispet lokilockedcougarannamariaesergren mamaobsidian mypreciousmind1 ba-dum-tish smittentomkitten (and probably I forget some excuse me).

Lots of love to michaelfassyfastbender lenaoffassy and fassyanon for giving me my daily dose of Michael, and I take huge doses, belive me.

A realy really big hug to andrewsc0tt who is an amazing creature, and to all the Scotties andrewscottfr andrewscotttt andrewscphotos andrewscottofficial goodoldfashionedvillainhi professorjimstiger james-moriarty-ifunny msjmoriarty genius-of-a-fake-suicide mrsexhimself yourgood-old-fashionedvillainqueenofmoriarty moriartyfox no-one-gets-to-me 0handrewsc0tt andrew-scott-please andrew-scotts-arms andwooscott andrew-sassy-scott andrewscottinmypants andrewscottlove andrewscottsies andrewscotttt andrewscvtt

Tones of love to octofied barumonster and hippano for all the mormor art. thank you guys so so much. 

A huge thank you to nixxie-fic for all the hq / awesome/ rare photos. You are amazing!!

sunnysaundra I love your amazing comments!!

And now the thing I thought I could never do: all the other lovelies in alphabetical order: 


221b-enthusiast 221b-sherlock 24-7jamesmcavoy 9wolfy9


a-beautifully-hiddled-disaster above-averagejoe adamcansuckme2 aintgonnatakethis alez-on-mars allthatandasideoftom always-love-the-villain andyfasia angreav asgardian–angels ask-steelflower-and-flamewriter astudyindetectives astudyinmurder astudyinsociopaths autisticsimontam (you canged your url and I lost you!!) avaloveandrewscott avengersonna bashing-moran beautifulearthrain ben-addict-cumblebatch benedict-1976 bbcdetective becausehiddles ben-c benedict–cumberbatch benedictcumberbabe benedictcumbvrbatch 


captain-of-many-ships carriehiddlebatch castiel-knight-of-hell cayya crowley-for-king crowley-king-of-the-trunk crowleywife cult-of–skaro cumber-crown daalekk dailydancinghiddleston dannylilo demishka destielfangirl007 detectivesghosts dirtysupernaturalimagines 


elanscott eve1978 everything-tennanty fanboycritic fantasicallons-ygeronimo fassysource fawns-and-bees flypup fromhiddleswithlove fuckinghannibal gabibakos game-of-thrones-fans getlestrade greglestrade 


hadalus halorvic heyitsoccy hiddleheheh hiddlesbiscuit hiddlesdame hiddleston-is-my-cup-of-tea hiddleston-me-all-night-long hislastval i-left-the-shire-for-this i-stole-a-time-lord iamshurlocked ireneadlcr ireneadler isherlolly 


jamesmcavoyphotoshootarchive jarrigoni jimmriarty johnfuckingsimm johnnlocked jovnlock juliawiinchester justalittletomhiddleston killedmycatatemytailor l-o-k-i-hiddleston lets-play-a-moriparty-game loki-imagine lokis-dirty-whispers lokisbliss  lokiwholockfactory lomisthesamverse london2go lostinthedarkfantasy lovelymissmolly lovesweethiddles 


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valleserena vowofsherlock vowofshezza watsonthe-tv waywarddaughter95  westwoodfezzes whatsonhannibal whycumberbatch wrrench


xmen-marvel you-are-the-jim-to-my-moriarty yourgood-old-fashionedvillain 

wow that took a looooong more thsat expected!! But I had to mention you all. Love you and thanks again <3

ps: sorry for having many mentions about this. tumblr was just being stupid

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This took me 2 hours to do and I’m sorry if I missed anyone. Thank You to those who have been following me from the beginning and hello to the mutuals who have just started. You all are wonderful and I’m sorry for any re-follows, I cleaned my follow list and accidentally deleted people i didn’t mean to delete.


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