So mid-March, myself, Tomyo, and Crookedhill went out on a forest shoot in a local park! I’m very pleased with the images - I’ve decided to try out some filter effects and while I might go back and tweak them some, for now I’ll be posting the images I like the most here! 

Taken with a Canon 6D, Canon 24-105 f/4L, Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro
Models: Tomyo, Crookedhill
Images © Joseph Fox, 2015

madgoodlooking asked:

Wow you're a beast ! Im a new fan on both your instagram and your tumblr and I'm immediately impressed. I read below that you've been running around with a 70-200 lens. I have been lucky to get my hands on a Mk iii with a 24-105 which I primarily use, along with a 50mm for portraits. However, I want to get a longer zoom lens, like the 70-200. Im so used to shooting in tighter areas that I feel like the 70-200 is gonna be a tough lens for me to get used to. Any Advice, convince me to get it lol.

Much love for writing fam…I highly highly highly HIGHLY recommend getting the 70-200. I only rented it for while I was in Chicago but I love every shot I got from it. I’ll be posting some shots from it soon which I will label. Unlike a standard zoom lens like a 24 you can get exactly what you want without too much unwanted negative space in the frame (since the focal range is so wide). The way I shoot I like to single things out in my image, whether it’s a strangers face or random architecture, those shots just make my palms sweaty I don’t know how else to describe it ha. Several times in Chicago I got onto my stomach and just picked people off from 2-3 blocks away. It was too easy. You look at the image and laugh at how candid you can compose because people don’t even know you’re taking it. I did some rooftop work with it as well and got equally beast results so yeah, if you’ve got $97,639 I highly recommend that lens. One drawback is it’s a monster to switch out, really works on your biceps. If you do invest in it or rent (which is a great idea before dropping 2 grand on a piece of glass and plastic) make sure you plan your shots beforehand so you don’t have to constantly switch lenses. All the best to you fam.