24 march

From John Robert Cobb (February 28, 1903 - March 24, 1967, American orthopaedic surgeon) and from Latin angulus (corner, angle)


March 24th 1989: Exxon Valdez oil spill

On this day in 1989, hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil were spilled into Prince William Sound in Alaska by the Exxon Valdez oil tanker after it ran aground. Between eleven and thirty-two million gallons of oil were spilled, creating one of the worst human-caused environmental disasters in history. The cleanup operation was especially difficult due to the Sound’s remote location which was only accessible by air or by boat. The spill damaged the local habitat, covering 1,300 miles of coastline and 11,000 square miles of ocean. It was the largest ever oil spill in American waters until the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Whilst the cleanup operation was completed, it is believed that the oil will continue to have a negative effect on the area for many years.


The Breakfast Club (1985)

Saturday, March 24, 1984. Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois, 60062. Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did was wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Correct? That’s the way we saw each other at 7:00 this morning. We were brainwashed.

The signs while backpacking

Aries: Trying to convince whoever made them go to turn around

Taurus: Enjoying the view

Gemini: Slapping mosquitoes

Cancer: That one fuck that keeps singing “the ants go marching” on 24/7

Leo: Complaining

Virgo: Over-packed and has to rest every minute to not die

Libra: Eating every berry that doesn’t look poisonous

Scorpio: Crying

Sagittarius: Makes the group stop every ten minutes to take a photo

Capricorn: Thinking what to do during a bear attack

Aquarius: Like a pro- covering 25 miles a day.

Pisces: Keeps wondering if while they’re gone that humanity will end

♣პოპულარულმა გადაცემამ  ’‘Good Morning America’’_მა გადაცემა სპეციალურად Lady Gaga_სა და დედამისის სინტია ჯერმანოტას დაფუძნებულ ფონდს სახელწოდებით “Born Brave Bus”_სს მიუძღვნა, რომელიც უკვე რამოდენიმე აშშ_ის ქალაქში ჩატარდა. შეგახსენებთ, რომ პროეტქის მთავარი მიზანი ხალხის დახმარებაა. ასევე გაირკვა, რომ ლედი გაგა 23 მარტსა და 24 მარტს “Born Brave Bus”_სს ესტუმრება “Madison Square Garden” ნიუ იორკში! {ინფორმაცია ჯერ-ჯერობით ჭორის დონეზეა გავრცელებული და არანაირად არაა ოფიციალურად დადასტურებელი}

*ვიდეოს ნახვა შეგიძლიათ აქ-http://bit.ly/Zc9Zla.

KENN Birthday Special!

This is the problem with having a birthday during the holidays - I’m not at my usual computer to be able to come up with my usual tribute to the seiyuu who has a special day today - a birthday!

Nevertheless, even though I don’t have one prepared for today, I couldn’t miss out on the chance to send best wishes and positive vibes to one of the cutest seiyuus around - and he always seems like he has a bit of a naughty streak too - KENN! Here’s hoping we always get to hear his beautiful voice for many years to come!


March 24 TZADDI, The Emperor: Liber Tzaddi.

0.In the name of the Lord of Initiation, Amen.
1.I fly and I alight as an hawk: of mother-of-emerald are my mighty-sweeping wings.
2.I swoop down upon the black earth; and it gladdens into green at my coming.
3.Children of Earth! rejoice! rejoice exceedingly; for your salvation is at hand.
4.The end of sorrow is come; I will ravish you away into mine unutterable joy.
5.I will kiss you, and bring you to the bridal: I will spread a feast before you in the house of happiness.
6.I am not come to rebuke you, or to enslave you.
7.I bid you not turn from your voluptuous ways, from your idleness, from your follies.
8.But I bring you joy to your pleasure, peace to your languor, wisdom to your folly.
9.All that ye do is right, if so be that ye enjoy it.
10.I am come against sorrow, against weariness, against them that seek to enslave you.
11.I pour you lustral wine, that giveth you delight both at the sunset and the dawn.
12.Come with me, and I will give you all that is desirable upon the earth.
13.Because I give you that of which Earth and its joys are but as shadows.
14.They flee away, but my joy abideth even unto the end.
15.I have hidden myself beneath a mask: I am a black and terrible God.
16.With courage conquering fear shall ye approach me: ye shall lay down your heads upon mine altar, expecting the sweep of the sword.
17.But the first kiss of love shall be radiant on your lips; and all my darkness and terror shall turn to light and joy.
18.Only those who fear shall fail. Those who have bent their backs to the yoke of slavery until they can no longer stand upright; them will I despise.
19.But you who have defied the law; you who have conquered by subtlety or force; you will I take unto me, even I will take you unto me.
20.I ask you to sacrifice nothing at mine altar; I am the God who giveth all.
21.Light, Life, Love; Force, Fantasy, Fire; these do I bring you: mine hands are full of these.
22.There is joy in the setting-out; there is joy in the journey; there is joy in the goal.
23.Only if ye are sorrowful, or weary, or angry, or discomforted; then ye may know that ye have lost the golden thread, the thread wherewith I guide you to the heart of the groves of Eleusis.
24.My disciples are proud and beautiful; they are strong and swift; they rule their way like mighty conquerors.
25.The weak, the timid, the imperfect, the cowardly, the poor, the tearful – these are mine enemies, and I am come to destroy them.
26.This also is compassion: an end to the sickness of earth. A rooting-out of the weeds: a watering of the flowers.
27.O my children, ye are more beautiful than the flowers: ye must not fade in your season.
28.I love you; I would sprinkle you with the divine dew of immortality.
29.This immortality is no vain hope beyond the grave: I offer you the certain consciousness of bliss.
30.I offer it at once, on earth; before an hour hath struck upon the bell, ye shall be with Me in the Abodes that are beyond Decay.
31.Also I give you power earthly and joy earthly; wealth, and health, and length of days. Adoration and love shall cling to your feet, and twine around your heart.
32.Only your mouths shall drink of a delicious wine – the wine of Iacchus; they shall reach ever to the heavenly kiss of the Beautiful God.
33.I reveal unto you a great mystery. Ye stand between the abyss of height and the abyss of depth.
34.In either awaits you a Companion; and that Companion is Yourself.
35.Ye can have no other Companion.
36.Many have arisen, being wise. They have said ‘Seek out the glittering Image in the place ever golden, and unite yourselves with It.’
37.Many have arisen, being foolish. They have said, 'Stoop down unto the darkly splendid world, and be wedded to that Blind Creature of the Slime.’
38.I who am beyond Wisdom and Folly, arise and say unto you: achieve both weddings! Unite yourselves with both!
39.Beware, beware, I say, lest ye seek after the one and lose the other!
40.My adepts stand upright; their head above the heavens, their feet below the hells.
41.But since one is naturally attracted to the Angel, another to the Demon, let the first strengthen the lower link, the last attach more firmly to the higher.
42.Thus shall equilibrium become perfect. I will aid my disciples; as fast as they acquire this balanced power and joy so faster will I push them.
43.They shall in their turn speak from this Invisible Throne; their words shall illumine the worlds.
44.They shall be masters of majesty and might; they shall be beautiful and joyous; they shall be clothed with victory and splendour; they shall stand upon the firm foundation; the kingdom shall be theirs; yea, the kingdom shall be theirs.
In the name of the Lord of Initiation. Amen.

Liber Tzaddi vel Hamus Hermeticus

sub Figura XC

Thanks again so much for the ask! It can be quite difficult to learn more about seiyuu when you become a fan of theirs, because they do keep their private lives very separate, but I’ll try and write down everything that I’ve heard KENN share about his background here! Coincidentally, I am currently in the middle of translating his VAW! interview in which he goes into a lot of detail about his background and journey as a seiyuu, so when I post that eventually definitely give it a read! :) 

Kenn’s real name is Ohashi Kenichiro (大橋 賢一郎). He was born in Tokyo on March 24, 1982 (currently 34 years old), and is an only child. As a child, he was often called ‘Ken-chan’, and his family owned a cat. Even as a kid he loved video games and would go over to his friends’ places to play them. He has two childhood friends that he still keeps in contact with now, and has mentioned that he even sung at one of their weddings ^^

His parents were apparently quite strict on him, but he says that he’s really grateful to them for that now - in one of those 20 question things one of the questions was 'What do you treasure most?’ and Kenn wrote 'My parents.’ He had his first love in kindergarten, and his first kiss in high school.

In school, compared to your regular pen and pencil kind of classes, he preferred the more hands on/practical classes like food tech (or I think it’s called home economics in other countries?). When he was in primary school, he was influenced to start playing piano by a friend, and when he was in middle school he wanted to learn how to play the guitar when he watched a close senpai playing the guitar and thought he looked really cool doing so. He got his first part time job in high school, and so he used his pay to save up enough money to buy a guitar. While Kenn says that the stereotype is that guys who play guitar are popular with girls, he says that he wasn’t that popular, and was actually pretty shy around girls and would mainly hang out with guy friends and senpais.

Because of those influences, when he graduated high school Kenn knew he wanted a career in something to do with music, but he didn’t have a clear idea of what. So he entered a vocational school for music (which according to Wikipedia was the Tokyo Freedom Academy? although I’ve never heard him mention the name specifically before). Afterwards, in 2003, he auditioned for a position in the band The NaB’s, and passed it to become their vocalist and keyboardist. It was at that time when he received his stage name 'KENN’, which was suggested to him by a teacher at his school. Apparently they thought of a heap of other possible names including '一星 (issei)’ which means 'a single star’. When they settled on 'KEN’ though, the fortune teller in his agency, Dreamweaver, suggested that they add another 'N’ on the end for good luck, hence he ended up with 'KENN’.

In 2004, he was offered to audition for a voice acting role. Even though he’d never done any seiyuu work before, he really wanted to try it out, and so he auditioned. That landed him his first seiyuu role of Yuki Judai/Jaden Yuki in Yu-Gi-Oh GX. At the time, he actually wasn’t that well accepted by other people, and he heard a lot of things like, “You’re a band person, but why are you doing voice acting?” and things like that. So he worked really hard to be accepted as a seiyuu, and he enjoyed it so much that he’s been a seiyuu ever since!

After that, The Nab’s disbanded, but Kenn had started doing musicals by that point. His first musical was the Tenimyu series, and he’s done quite a number of them since then, but he hasn’t been in any recent musicals for a couple of years now. In particular, he’s done a number of musicals where he voiced the character in the anime and then played his own character in the musical lol.

He released his first single as a solo artist in 2009, and has released 9 singles so far, with his 10th single, 'Promise’ to be released in August this year! He also released a 'best of’ album in 2014. But he does sing a lot of theme songs and character songs, particularly for otome series like MARGINAL#4, Meiji Tokyo Renka, IDOLiSH7… And so even though he doesn’t release that much under his own name, he does do a lot of singing for series. I think Kenn’s said that he really likes singing any type of music, and he’s also co-written the lyrics for his most recent singles as well.

In terms of the kind of work that he does right now, from my point of view, while Kenn isn’t in a million different anime each season and absolutely everywhere like some seiyuu are, he does do quite a bit of anime work. I think recently though he’s done a lot more otome and video game roles compared to in the past (although that might just be because I’m a huge otome fan and pay more attention to his roles in those types of series), and of course a lot of character songs and other music-related series.

Otherwise, other important/main things to know about Kenn’s personal life probably include the fact that he’s more of an indooor person and loves video games, and also loves cooking. He wears glasses in his private life, but otherwise wears contacts when he’s working. He used to be a smoker, but he quit smoking on December 13, 2013. His nickname 'Kennu’ comes from his musical days, and he likes his nickname a lot. His closest friend in the seiyuu world is Maeno Tomoaki (I’ve answered an ask previously about their friendship here!). Despite the fact that everyone calls him an ikemen/handsome guy, Kenn doesn’t particularly think of himself as very good looking lol.

And that’s all I can think of at the moment! I tried to make this more biographical/less fangirly than I normally would haha, because I love Kenn a whole lot that I have the tendency to ramble on and on and on about him, and it was really hard to restrain myself from typing after every other sentence, “ISN’T HE SO PERFECT/CUTE/SWEET/INSERT OTHER ADJECTIVE HERE?!” lmao. I also tried to put it in a kind of chronological order to span his career. Kenn clearly really loves being a seiyuu, and working with music, and that’s completely clear any time you hear him talk about his characters and talk about his work and animated yet serious he gets when he describes them ^^

Hope that was helpful and gave you a bit of a better understanding of Kenn! If there’s any other background info that you want to see that I might know of then let me know :) Also, I’ll probably edit this later on anyway if there’s something I suddenly think to add in the middle of the night haha.

  • Arai Shou

A voice sample of Arai Shou (Aone Takanobu) from his Agency Profile.

His hobbies including driving and sampling food from around the country; and he’s always been the type of personality that loves to fight and hates to lose.  He’s also studied sword-fighting from high school, and his favorite word is  驚天動地 (earth-shattering, astounding).  

190 cm tall, 24 years old, birthday March 12!