24 hours in new york


1897 House of Worth, Fancy dress costume, “Infanta Margarita after Velasquez”

White satin overlaid with alternating rows of white organza ribbon and galon d'argent bands; white organza; cream machine-made lace; silver metallic “lei” with spangles; pink taffeta ribbon; brilliants; black velvet ruched ribbon; rhinestone order backed by pink taffeta cockade

“In early 1897, Jean-Philippe Worth received a rush order for a fancy dress costume from a regular client via transatlantic cable. Recreating the costume worn by the Infanta as portrayed by Velasquez through the use of modular components and an accurate dress form maintained for his client, Worth was able to complete and ship his commission back to New York 24 hours later.”

Museum of the City of New York


Shia Labeouf is watching all his movies consecutively in
reverse chronological order over the next three days, 24 hours a day, as performance art in new york right now. People are able to come in and watch them with him and admission is free. It’s also streaming live for the entirety of the performance so…here I am. Watching the love of my life watch movies of himself. I love him.


I’m going through my Documents and finding old stuff that was almost but never quite finished and somehow managing to wrap some of it up.  PS sorry for the sucky title. Again.

Here’s another drabble thingy I found. This one features Maks. Enjoy, my  babies. Much love to you all.

Set just after Val and Elizabeth Berkley’s elimination in season 17.

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Beyonce Dance-a-Thon to Kick Off MTV’s Record-Setting Week

MTV is hoping this week is one for the books – the book of world records.

The network is hosting a series of events designed to set some standards, mostly for goofy fun. It begins Monday at 11 p.m. with a 24-hour Beyonce dance marathon outside of MTV’s New York headquarters. In the attempt to claim the Guinness World Record for longest dance relay marathon, dancers will get a nonstop Beyonce soundtrack.

Britney’s Manager Larry Rudolph on Van Toffler, MTV’s ‘Real Visionary’

On Wednesday, MTV is asking viewers and their cats to submit videos in an attempt to set a mark for most “meows” in a minute. The network will challenge its audience members to break some of their own personal records Thursday, and post evidence online with the hashtag #EpicWin.

MTV will also ask viewers to express their wishes for the world in 2025, and will print out as many as possible to be buried in a time capsule for a decade.

Besides having fun, MTV is looking to tap into the attitudes of its viewers as expressed in a recent poll, said Stephen Friedman, network president.

“Our audience is made up of dreamers, believers and they love nothing more than to do something bigger and better than it has ever been done before,” he said.



Mass UFO Sighting March 24, 1983: Hudson Valley. 

About an hour’s drive north of New York City, was the scene of more than 5,000 UFO sightings from 1982 through 1986, perhaps one of the biggest clusters of incidents in history. One night, March 24, stands out because of the sheer volume—more than 300 residents called a local UFO organization’s hotline that night, reporting that they had seen large v-shaped array of lights that moved slowly and almost silently through the sky. Some witnesses got close enough to say that the craft was big enough to be a “flying city.” A local resident, described a row of six or seven extremely bright lights. “They were all blinking on and off, and were red, blue, green and white. I knew it was not any type of conventional aircraft because the lights were stationary. It was just hovering there in the sky.” he said that he watched the object for five minutes, before going inside his house to get his family to come out and see it. By then, it was gone.