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Coming Home - a SH fanfic

Author’s Note: This is my follow-up fic to “Tomorrow” (read on Ao3 or Tumblr), an RPF story based on Sprousehart. RPF isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay and understandable! This is something that I wrote in order to speculate, explore and tease out the nuances and dynamics of this relationship. It is obviously fictional, and was not intended to upset or offend. 

To @jandjsalmon, I owe you so much. You were truly the co-pilot for this fic, and for that I am so grateful. The appearance of our beloved Dylan in this fic is my gift to you. Also to @theladylabyrinth for always checking in, reading and cheering me on, thank you. You are a gem. And to everyone who’s messaged me to tell me excited they were read more of my writing - this is for you. I hope you love it.

Summary: Cole had always wanted Lili, even from the very beginning. Now that they’re apart for 48 hours, how does he deal? A companion piece to “Tomorrow”, from Cole’s perspective.

“On that fateful day in the audition room, Lili was more than radiance; she was fire. That day, without knowing it, he’d seen her at her most passionate and determined, and it drew him in. He wanted that fire. He wanted to live in constant proximity of its warmth. No, fuck it - he wanted to burn.”

Fic under the cut, or read on my Ao3. I love hearing from you. If you read it and loved it, come chat to me.

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Il materiale di origine: Sion Fullana / Rutina Wesley and Oscar Isaac during rehearsals for Anthony Naranjo’s “Let It Rock Rock” during The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway Benefit in New York City, NY. (14th November, 2011)

Why does it look like hot mess Poe Dameron landed in Bon Temps with Tara Thornton and they’re now fighting off a deadly Porg? 😂

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I work at a place that ships. To overnight something across the country is NOT CHEAP. Do you understand how fast this is? Do you understand that this package of yours is catching a ride on multiple airplanes? The sorting and handling from people who work 24 hours to get this from California to New York in less than 12 hours? Of course it's not gonna cost 5 bucks stfu


Exit 48, Long Island Expressway
Plainview, Long Island, N.Y.

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Back To The Future

Summary: Six years after the murder of Jason Blossom, Jughead finds himself in the same spot where he’d finally told Betty about his pathetic plight; and reflects on what Riverdale has become now.

Part One:


Riverdale hadn’t changed much.

Well, apart from the absence of the ever-present mist that shrouded the small town six years ago. But, even in the span of almost half a decade, Riverdale still retained its ‘50s vibes, only exaggerated by places like Pop’s, with its bright neon lights.

It was upon this diner that Jughead currently sat upon- on the roof, a place which he’d occupied so frequently through his teenage years. He was surprised he’d never been caught- maybe old Pop just turned a blind eye. Emphasis on old- the chock’lit shoppe had been taken over by a new generation of Pop Tate’s.

Jughead had yet to try out its food- he was waiting for his girlfriend of, well, six years.

He honestly didn’t expect Betty Cooper to stay with him that long.

The past few years had been amazing for him. He’d been accepted into NYU, and was almost completing his second year there. His novel on Jason Blossom’s murder had been finally published two years ago, and he’d finally been reunited with Jellybean- after many long years of separation.

Things had definitely changed for him- he’d been homeless at one point, and now, he was paying for a dorm in Manhattan.

He owed most of this to the Andrews family- they’d taken him in when he’d been helpless, and had offered to pay for his college. No need for the last part though- he’d gotten a full ride scholarship, after his novel had been published.

His legs dangled from the neon-lined roof- Betty would arrive in ten minutes- visiting Polly right now, Archie in half an hour, with a mystery girlfriend in tow. Veronica would be here too, though Jughead wasn’t sure when, as well as Kevin.

This reunion had been purely accidental- it was winter break and everyone happened to be visiting, and Jughead was really looking forward to it.

He wanted to go back and tell his sixteen year old self that everything would be okay- life would finally take a turn for the better.

He tilted his head back and basked in the winter sun on his face.

He’d missed Archie. He’d practically become his brother, after Fred Andrews took Jughead in, and they literally went to two different sides of the country- Archie to UCLA, to pursue his music, and Jughead to NYU, for writing. It had been a year since they’d seen each other, their only communication being text and social media.

He was also eager to see who’d taken over the Blue and Gold- it had thrived when the detective duo of Riverdale High took charge; and when they graduated, the pair was sad to let it go.

The Blue and Gold allowed Betty and Jughead to spend time together, which was what brought them closer.

Although, the fact that they attended university together was also a factor- Betty had taken forensics, which had, to say the least, surprised everyone. The girl next door and mysteries? Too much of a contrast, they’d thought.

But Betty was thriving, and so was Riverdale’s entire class of 2019. A class that had been scrutinized and thought badly of, in the wake of their most talented footballer’s demise.

It was what had brought them together, in the end, which was why Jughead had been waiting with anticipation for this very trip.

“Juggie!” A mellifluous voice whispered in his ear.

Like all those years ago, Jughead jumped, once again just managing to hold his footing and not topple over to the sidewalk.

“Betty, you do know one day my reflexes will go out of hand and I’ll fall off.” He smirked, once he regained his composure.

“Then I’ll be heartbroken, Juggie.”

She sat next to him. “How do you get up here without ruining your clothes?” She said. “Jeans with holes in them are supposed to be trendy,” she pointed at hers, “but I’m not sure they’re supposed to be deliberate.”

“You?” Jughead quirked an eyebrow. “Little miss cheerleader?”

Betty shoved him in response.

They paused, and looked out at the now-bare trees.

“Juggie, remember all those years ago? You confessed that you were homeless in this very spot.”

“Ah, yes. My over-emotional teenage years.”

Betty raised her eyebrows. “You had  reason to be emotional.”

“True. I’m glad I’ve- we’ve- come a long way since then.”

Betty’s hand pulled Jughead’s face towards hers, gently kissing him.

Jughead loved Betty. He’d realised it when both of them had crashed at a 24-hour diner in New York, studying all night for finals, and it was that very moment that he could safely say that yes, he loved Betty, truly loved her, and would want to spend the rest of his life with this beautiful human being.

He pulled away to take a breath and said, “I love you, Elizabeth Cooper.”

“I love you too, Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third.”

He groaned. “I can’t believe Forsythe is still a name, and a name which belongs to me.”

He remembered their graduation, where the high school refused to award him his diploma while keeping his real name under wraps. The whole school had collectively gasped and then laughed when Principal Weatherbee said, “Forsythe Jones!”

“Well, to me, only Jughead suits you. As weird as that name is.” Betty tickled his nose.

He looked at Betty- really looked at her- and found himself so happy and so grateful that he was as lucky to have found someone like Betty- she’d traded her high ponytail for a bob that ended at her chin, but her clothes’ colour palette remained the same- pastel hues. She looked positively radiant in her blue pea coat, but all Jughead wanted to do was see that pea coat on the floor of his bedroo- ahem.

But he sneaked in another kiss, which satiated him for now, and whispered words of admiration and love into his girlfriend’s ear.

They sat like that in companionable silence, him playing with her hair and her tracing out the features of his long, lean hands.

“Oi, lovebirds!” Came a shout from below them. When they peeped over, they saw Archie Andrews waving up at them- with Veronica Lodge by his side. “Come on down.”

They looked at each other- was Veronica Archie’s mystery girl?- and made their way down.

When they did, all four of them ran forward and hugged each other in a huge group- the core four had been reunited once again.

24 Hour Icebox
Pairing: Brendon Urie x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: lotsa cuteness.
Word Count: 1.1K

In other words, a late night trip to the laundromat where you encounter a sleepy and cold man.

A/N: ah okay so I got this really great idea as I was sitting in a laundromat so I hope you guys enjoy!!

It’s freezing. Probably about below 20 degrees outside and the wind is completely unforgiving. You block your face from the harshness of it as you push your shopping cart through the nearly empty streets.

This was the good thing about New York. The 24-Hour laundromats planted almost everywhere. Of course this wasn’t your plan, you’d rather be in bed right now, but your younger cousin had made a mess all over your bedspread. You brushed it off when your aunt offered to wash the sheets for you, but now you were starting to regret that.

So, with a backpack full of things to keep you occupied, you trudged through the bleak streets with a shopping cart that reeked of vomit.

Oh joy.

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Holy crap so I’ve been in New York less than 24 hours and I’ve already gone and FINALLY seen Cars 3. Three weeks late but it’s still not out in the UK yet so I’m fine with that. And oh my god it was so worth the wait. The second it was over we went straight to the Times Square Disney store (at 1am) where I bought a plushie of my boy and re created a photo of the last time I was here 2 years ago!
I don’t even know where to start or what to say about the film that hasn’t already been said but it was beyond anything my childhood self could have dreamed of and today has just been amazing. What did we do to deserve cars 3 guys I feel so blessed

When did Percival Graves disappear?

I received my copy of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them screenplay two days ago and only now have been able to start reading it.  We all know Rowling is a queen of hints that are so subtle, they’re blatant after the fact. We also have to take into consideration sometimes we’re just too eager as fans to find clues, we’re completely wrong and think there is some dramatic purpose for the curtains to be purple when I just like purple curtains.  I’m working between the two.

@chaotic-king has a post that is a precursor to this post, on when or how the real Percival Graves disappeared and how Grindlewald got to New York.  @seasons-gredence also has a post on what we know of the real Percival Graves.  There are many notable comments and replies that I suggest everyone check out.  Heck, even in my reading of them, there are still things I may have missed.  (In other words, please point me in the direction of anything I might have missed.)

There are three parts to this post: screenplay evidence, film evidence, and my speculation on Graves’ disappearance, personality, Grindlewald, and Credence. This is an unusual format, even for me.  My theories usually don’t look like this—then again, I usually don’t give theories on screenplays and films.  I found it easiest to provide all evidence first, then my commentary.  Fair warning: it took far longer to write this theory (three hours) than it did to concoct it (however long it took me to read between Scenes 5 and 22).  It’s also a very long post.


Screenplay Evidence

*Ext. Exterior.  Int. Interior.

Page 1
Scene 1
Ext. Somewhere in Europe—1926—Night

Grindlewald’s attack in Europe, leaving several Auror splayed across the ground.

Page 2
Scene 2
Ext. Ship gliding into New York—Next morning

Newt’s ship arriving the next morning (his speaking to Dougal).

Page 3
Scene 3
Ext. New York—Day

Described as an aerial of New York; kept to set up the following scene, indicating we’re still in the same day.

Scene 4
Ext. Ship/Int. Customs—Shortly Afterward—Day

Newt is being inspected by the NY customs agent at the dock.  “Shortly afterward” indicates we are still in the same day.

Page 6
Scene 5
Ext. Street Near City Hall Subway—Dusk

Graves investigating the explosion.

Page 9
Scene 6
Ext. New York Street—Day

Newt walking down the street, about to meet Mary Lou, Jacob, and Tina. The start of the adventure.

Page 41
Scene 22
Int. Major Investigation Department—Day

Tina brings Newt to MACUSA, where we meet Madam Seraphina Picquery and Percival Graves.  Same day as Scene 6.  Graves is described as being bruised from the encounter the night before.  Graves claims entity is a beast, not a human.


Film Evidence

Newt’s adventures are said to have taken over, approximately, two days. Taking in the facts presented in the script and film:

Day -1.  (Scene 1)  Grindlewald’s attack in Europe.

Day 0.  (Scenes 2-5)  Newt arrives in New York.  Held up at the port almost all day, if not all day.  May have slept at the docks or somewhere close by.  (Not a proper “day one” by most people’s standards.)  Graves inspects explosion.

Day 1.  (Scene 6-)  Newt explores New York, meets Mary Lou, Jacob, Tina, Queenie, Picquery, Graves (etc). Loses beasts.

Day 1 into Day 2.  Nighttime adventures with Jacob retrieving the missing beasts.  Shaw Jr. killed.  Taken into MACUSA via suitcase by Tina.

Day 2.  Taken into custody by MACUSA.  Blamed for death of Shaw Jr. and sentenced to death.  Escaped.  Gnarly-fingers, because—damn.  Saved Dougal and the Occamy.  Fought Graves.

Day 2 into Day 3.  Fighting Graves.  Defeated Grindlewald, posing as Graves.  Obliviating the bad memories of New Yorkers.  (-end)

Day 3-onward.  MACUSA investigation.

(From screenplay)

Week Later.  Jacob given Occamy egg shells.

Day Later.  Newt cleared to leave New York and return to England.

Three Months Last.  Jacob’s bakery.


My Speculation

Scene 1: there is a 5-hour difference between New York and London, a 6-hour difference between New York and Paris/Berlin, and an 8-hour difference between New York and Moscow (to be generous). Newspapers at the end of the film set the film in December.  I’m going with the assumption Grindlewald was somewhere were a winter “night” begins between 5:00-6:30 pm one day, and sticks around until 6:00-7:00 am the next day. Imaging this helps compensate for the information we lack.

Scene 2: New York is -5, -6, or -8 hours from wherever Grindlewald’s attack in Europe was, then +unknown hours to make it the next morning in New York when Newt arrives.  In theory, Grindlewald could have had 12 hours from his attack in Europe to get to New York by Newt’s arrival – if he arrived at this time.

Scene 5: “Dusk.”  Graves is investigating the explosion at dusk.  Dusk is at the end of the day.  I’ve watched the film three times: it’s fairly light outside, so it’s probably early dusk (civil twilight).  It is the end of the day Newt has arrived in New York. Grindlewald has had over 24 hours to get to New York.

Scene 6: “Day.”  There is where it hinges on semantics.  You do not go from “dusk” to “day” in that order: dusk proceeds night, night proceeds dawn, dawn proceeds day, day proceeds dusk. Either we’re to take this exact set up as an indicator the day has changed—this is a new day from Scene 5—or else the time of the explosion in New York that Graves was investigating (Scene 5) was an oversight and meant to take place in New York at the same time as Grindlewald’s attack in Europe (Scene 1).

Scene 22: Graves is described as bruised his encounter with the unknown entity.  Unless Graves pursued pursued the entity, I do not recall him being hit with debris during the explosion the night before, or being assaulted by the entity. It was not seen in the film or written in the screenplay, but moments do happen off screen.

So, how did Graves become injured? And, when did Grindlewald arrive in New York?  These two questions are tied together, in my opinion.  Scene 5 was the snap moment for me, and Scene 22 cemented it.

It’s already been noted that Grindlewald is an exceptionally talented wizard.  It would have taken Newt about a week to cross the Atlantic by ship.  Grindlewald, through the use of Apparation, Port Key, Flew network, flying, and any other host of connections that existed at this time and for this well-connected man, could have gotten to America sooner (if he wasn’t already here and the person in Europe was an imposter—I’m all for blowing holes in my own theories).  Assuming that the real Grindlewald was in Europe for the first scene of the film, then, as presented (with time zone differences), there was approximately 24 hours between Grindlewald’s attack in Europe (Scene 1) and Graves investigating the explosion (Scene 5).  Graves has no lines during his first appearance (Scene 5).  In spite my desire to blow holes in my own theories, saying to myself, “I cannot, in good conscience, claim this knowing alternatives exist;” still, it is my bad conscience belief that this Graves may be the real Percival Graves, the only time we ever see him.

Grindlewald had escaped to America, either to escape to America just for that sake or because of the interesting disturbances and alleged visions, and he did so before Scene 5.  Again, unless Graves pursued the source of the explosion, which we could see (and it was clear even No-Majs could see the unknown entity), in Scene 5 off screen, there is no accounting for Graves’ injuries.  Unless he was accosted by someone else.  Grindlewald.  Although his time was little, by Scene 5, Grindlewald was in New York.  Graves feels more the victim of planning than opportunity, but it very well could have been pure luck with no clean up: Graves has one of the highest positions in MACUSA, and one of the positions that would satisfy Grindlewald’s interest in the agency but also its investigations into anomalies and disturbances Grindlewald could harness for his own benefit.  (Picquery would be too ostentatious to assume. Grindlewald’s a narcissist, but he’s also cunning.  Going for Picquery would just be stupid, and obvious.)  I’ve seen the arguments that Rowling said Grindlewald shape shifted (without Polyjuice) into Grindlewald, but just as quickly I’ve seen people say this is untrue.  I’ve not personally found this statement right from her, either.  The questions are, how much damage did Graves sustain when Grindlewald attacked him and would these injuries carry over through transformations, anyway?  It’s clear that Grindlewald could heal minor injuries (healing Credence’s hand), so he could theoretically heal some injuries (so major injuries would not be present); as to whether Graves’ injuries would carry over to Grindlewald’s transformation, at the least Grindlewald had the perfect excuse for injuries if anyone asked.  He was present at the site of an explosion and followed the entity (he, Grindle-Graves, discovered nothing, of course).

The other question relating to all this is, whether Graves and Credence ever knew each other?  Because of Tina’s attack on the New Salem Philanthropic Society, it is possible. The memories of all the followers, including Credence’s, should have to have been wiped.  Did Graves take sympathy on Credence and allow him to keep his whole memory of the event?  That’s unknown.  What’s known is, according to Scene 114 (p. 250) of the screenplay, Credence (as the Obscurus) remembers Tina and her defending him that night.  Whether he recalls the magical element of it is unknown.  (And, if Credence was identified as vaguely magical, could there be an excuse for a loophole to the law to allow him to keep his memory?)  On the other hand, Graves still could have used Credence as an informant even if Credence’s memory of magic was wiped—but why?  That would be more an Auror’s job than his, to keep an informant.  No matter how you spin it, MACUSA had a strict policy against fraternization with No-Majs.

Unless Graves secretly was a supporter of Grindlewald, the questionable aspects of Graves’ actions out of the eyes of Picquery could be chalked up to Grindlewald seeping through the façade of Graves.  We know how Graves should have acted by how Grindlewald was able to pass as Graves in front of people, and supplementary material (such as the Casebook) suggested Graves was very by-the-books.  Hints at Graves’ dark side could easily refer to Grindlewald, as Farrell was playing Grindlewald who was portraying Graves throughout 99% of the story.  Graves was by-the-books in front of Picquery, but Grindlewald seeped out whenever she was out of the picture.

Back to the subject, if Graves had followed the unknown black cloud of destruction back to its home (side note: I believe it’s impossible to dislike or hate Credence, unless you’re Mary Lou Barebone), he would have risked causing more damage to the city if he were caught or engaged the entity.  Not to mention, if he was truly by-the-books, either he would apprehend Credence or report Credence (possibly requesting backup). If Grindlewald had followed Credence, maybe even encountering Graves and attacking him them (just his luck that the MACUSA agent he attacked wasn’t your standard mook), he could have taken on Graves’ appearance and identity then and there and made contact with Credence before nightfall.  Because Credence may retain some memory of Graves, just as he did Tina, gaining Credence’s trust could have been easy for Grindlewald.  In my review of the screenplay, Scene 42-43 (p. 86-89), Credence and Graves’ first interaction in-story happens the night of Newt’s first real day in New York (Scene 6).  This, too, gives approximately 24 hours between Scene 6 and Scene 42, time for Grindlewald (as Graves) to communicate with Credence.

Either way, very long.  Sorry.