24 hours at disney parks

House Pride

I come from a small town, one that holds around 2,000 people, and one that is poor enough to where the High School holds grades 7-12, in one building, and contains 400 students. Henceforth, our Pride is very dear to us. 

This year, our Marching Band and Choir traveled the 24 hour trip down to Orlando, Florida, where we visited all Disney Parks and Universal Studios. At Universal, one of the first things my group did was load up on our House Pride. I walked around bearing a Hufflepuff Scarf in ninety degree weather, an elder girl by the name of Maggie wearing a Slytherin lanyard, her boyfriend in a Ravenclaw shirt, so on, so forth. 

Soon enough, we came upon another group of our Marching Band. We stopped for pictures, when one of the girls wearing a Gryffindor shirt wrinkled her nose at Maggie, “You can’t seriously be in Slytherin.”

“What?” Now, Maggie’s voice had that powerful, deadly tilt to it. 

The other girl’s twin carried on, “It’s an evil house.”

“It’s not evil, just because a variety of bad guys came from it,” I attempted to play diplomat. Then, it happened. 

“I can’t believe you’re in Hufflepuff. I thought only dumb people were there.”

and Maggie fucking exploaded. I shit you not, in the middle of Universal Studios, right in front of the Fast & Furious advertisement, she began cussing them out. I ended up tugging at her shirt, and she stormed away, leading me. 

“Did you hear them?!” She was practically growling, “‘It’s an evil house’, well, Gryffindor has all the dumbasses!”

And that was the day I realized that Slytherins are actual barbarians if you attack their Hufflepuff friends. 

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Up Where They Walk by Jackie Nell
Via Flickr:
Ariel came out near the entrance on the 24 hour day and it was really, really lovely to see her outside. Ariel hardly gets to come outside these days (as she’s mainly in royal hall), so this was very special and incredibly awesome.


Disneyland’s 24 hour party officially started this morning!