24 hour zine challenge

skulk #1

cat therapy! psychics! allergic reactions! soul mates! the desire to scream in the library! tarot! and i transform under a handmade quilt into a butterfly with the help of magic mushrooms! all written on a jumpity typewriter and created in under 24 hours while confined within the walls of wicker parks’ venerable QUIMBY’S bookstore!  24 quarter sized pages and a special surprise! this is old skool 764 style zine DISASTER! 

you want it?

you got it! 

for my lovely! lovely! internet friends

yoursecretaryzine at gmail dot com 

Lemon Balm Girl #1 zine

Alright, I finally figured out how to put this thing on Etsy! :D

48-page, quarter-legal (4.25x7) b&w photocopied zine.

Lemon Balm Girl #1 talks about my current experience as an amateur gardener and starting a garden from scratch. There’s an large section discussing some of the herbs I chose to grow for both medicinal and witchy reasons, as well as helpful weeds and my house plants. Other content includes tracing the inspiration of my ideal garden, famous gardens I’d like to visit, and a couple of tea recipes.

This zine was written for the 24-Hour Zine Challenge put on by the 2016 Portland Zine Symposium. I didn’t finish the layout in time, but all of the text & illustrations were created within that time period.