24 hour tv

Danny making Ryan laugh with his stupid jokes is my aesthetic and heals my soul of all wickedness

From Japanese tv show [ NTV 24 hours tv]

Ms.Miura : He trains while fighting his asthma.

Yuzuru : Do you cough a lot?

Sora : Yes.

Yuzuru : That’s hard. I’ve had this experience and it still happens to me now. Maybe this is a different experience from everyone else, but to us it’s normal, isn’t it?

Sora : Yes.

Yuzuru : So there’s no need to compare this with other people. If you can feel that this is just normal for you, you can make efforts to overcome this.

Sora : Yes.

Yuzuru : What are you working on now (in skating)?

Sora : 2T

Yuzuru : You’re learning to do a 2T.

Ms.Miura : Do you think you could skate with Sora-kun one day in the future?

Yuzuru: When I return to Japan next time. Let’s skate together a bit.

The Truman Show is set in a far-out alternate reality where humans are capable of watching Jim Carrey for more than two hours at a time. In fact, aside from a small group of protestors, everyone in this world loves the titular 24-hour reality TV show. People get together in bars to watch Truman floss his teeth or take a crap like it’s the World Series.

So … what other versions of The Truman Show are out there? Because there have to be shameless copies; that’s just how reality television works. We also know they have to be super fucked up – they can’t be other versions of “dim-witted man lives in innocent fishing village” because, well, viewers could just watch the original for that. You’d, therefore, end up with wall-to-wall versions of whatever dark and twisted fantasy manifested itself in the heads of ABC or FOX or, god forbid, the CW. A version set in the Stone Age featuring animatronic dinosaurs and real tigers? A post-apocalyptic war zone where survival depends on dodging missile-firing drones and catching the most nutritious cockroaches? A real-life version of 30 Rock’s “MILF Island”? Sold, sold, and ewwww. But also sold.

And then there’s the psychological effect of living in a world where it’s possible for a company to broadcast a person’s entire life without them ever knowing it. You’d be constantly debating the nature of your reality.

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