24 hour tv

Rotisserie chicken

In popular culture

Swiss Chalet, a Canadian chain of casual dining restaurants, owns a cable channel that exclusively airs content related to rotisserie chicken, “twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week”.[6] It typically airs chickens rotating on a rotisserie.[6]Occasionally, a dancing man appears wearing a costume that “look like a container of Swiss Chalet’s dipping sauce”.[6]


Ayyyy you can finally see whose is whose now! Thanks, 24 Hour TV goods Twitter! I can’t entirely make out the initials and I’m not sure who’s collaborating this year but here’s all of V6 and HSJ

First row: Keito, Ken, Maa-kun, Okada
Second row: Hikaru, Go, Kei, Takaki
Third row: Yuto, Daiki, Nagano, Inocchi
Fourth row: Yamada, Yabu, Chinen, Me!

‘Battling nonstop is tiring, right? He kept battling because he thought he was a hero. But he was like, “Are the Eito Rangers really heroes? They seem so weak. The faces you see under their helmets are not handsome.” But even though he said such things, he was a really huge fan of you guys. Seeing that it was okay not to be perfect made him feel relieved.

Rest in peace, Tamura Yuto-kun.


Shamrock Motel - Cicero, Illinois

1212 S. Cicero Ave. - Cicero, Ill.
Phone: Olympic 6-6670
Each room individually controlled Air-Conditioning and Heating - Free Television - 24 hours switchboard service. Ten minutes to - Chicago’s famed “Loop” - Midway Airport - Sportsman’s Park - 2 Blocks South of the Congress St. Expressway. Continental Breakfast 


Matsujun encouraged students from Tachikawa School for the Deaf | 24 Hour TV 2013

“ The other song we’ll perform in Budounkan is Yuzu’s “Niji”. Actually, this is a song I personally chose. I strongly told these students who never give up, as to why I chose this song. “ 


Nino went to Iwo Jima for filming a special project for 24h TV - News Zero 2015.08.10