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The Truman Show is set in a far-out alternate reality where humans are capable of watching Jim Carrey for more than two hours at a time. In fact, aside from a small group of protestors, everyone in this world loves the titular 24-hour reality TV show. People get together in bars to watch Truman floss his teeth or take a crap like it’s the World Series.

So … what other versions of The Truman Show are out there? Because there have to be shameless copies; that’s just how reality television works. We also know they have to be super fucked up – they can’t be other versions of “dim-witted man lives in innocent fishing village” because, well, viewers could just watch the original for that. You’d, therefore, end up with wall-to-wall versions of whatever dark and twisted fantasy manifested itself in the heads of ABC or FOX or, god forbid, the CW. A version set in the Stone Age featuring animatronic dinosaurs and real tigers? A post-apocalyptic war zone where survival depends on dodging missile-firing drones and catching the most nutritious cockroaches? A real-life version of 30 Rock’s “MILF Island”? Sold, sold, and ewwww. But also sold.

And then there’s the psychological effect of living in a world where it’s possible for a company to broadcast a person’s entire life without them ever knowing it. You’d be constantly debating the nature of your reality.

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Nino went to Iwo Jima for filming a special project for 24h TV - News Zero 2015.08.10


YNN Riichan 24 Hours TV 2014 - Adult Time (Part 2) Nana’s Cafe

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Matsujun encouraged students from Tachikawa School for the Deaf | 24 Hour TV 2013

“ The other song we’ll perform in Budounkan is Yuzu’s “Niji”. Actually, this is a song I personally chose. I strongly told these students who never give up, as to why I chose this song. “ 


170612 NEWS ZERO_Sho-chan interviews the artist"Tokoro Asao",who designed the logo of The 2020 Tokyo olympic and paralympic games. 

Tokoro-san will also design the charity t-shirt for 24-HOUR television.

Sakurai MC in Music Day


The general moderator decided to Arashi ’s Sakurai Sho for five consecutive years.Summer music festival of Nippon Television which became customary “THE MUSIC DAY”. The theme of this year, which is the 5th year, is set to “The wish comes true” and artists representing the current music scene gather at Makuhari. Approximately 70 artist will show off hot performance to tell the beginning of summer. In addition, they also plan a location and an audience participation.In addition, this year, Tomoyasu Hotei produced the theme song of the program original. The program is completely attached to the recording in London called his second home town. For the person who loves music, “Refreshing Instrumental” in which “the wind blows in the mind” has been completed. On the day of broadcasting, we will show off at Makuhari Messe for the first time.Also this year, Japan TV simultaneously live broadcasting on a pay broadcasting channel “GEM (Jem)” deployed in Asian countries. The broadcasting area has expanded further since last year, and newly Singapore and Philippines join Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia, and simultaneous live broadcasting in six countries and regions. In addition, on the day of broadcasting, live broadcast of hot live from Singapore also.

Sakurai Sho comments

For 5 consecutive years, Sakurai served as a general moderator, Mr. Tomoyasu Hotei made the first “theme song”."They were not told from himself until the staff notified me It became a big surprise for me too, I am very happy and excited. “Also, to be live simultaneous in Asian countries, "It is said that people in Asia can see it,” how many people see it at the same time “is a strong feeling” I wish I could feel it on this program and I wanted to go through the 24 - hour TV of “the end of summer”.In addition, the performers will be announced soon within “Arashi ni Shiyagare”. Beautiful like a clear sky, spectacular songs envelop the program a lot.This program shows numerous artists of a wide range of genres of broad generations over 10 hours.Thank you very much.

Hotei Tomoyasu Comments

This time, I composed the theme song of MUSIC DAY.Making music for “people who love music” was also a pressure, but I felt like I was going to record with the feeling of “giving back to music” that supported my own life. A refreshing wind blows to the hearts of everyone who listens, finished in a big song that spreads infinite blue sky.On the day of broadcasting, we will deliver a hot guitar play that will make music a loving heart, so please look forward to it! 

The squad on Valentine's day
  • Floyd: Walks around town and gets you a necklace, a giant teddy bear, and anything else that you want before taking you to see that movie you've been dying to see, and skating. Just a super cute line of dates.
  • Harley: 24-hour TV series marathon baby!! Like, she goes out and steals hundreds of dollars worth of junk food and snacks so you two can just sit around all day and watch a whole series.
  • Chato: Super romantic scavenger hunt. Like, he'll send you to little important places with little hints attached to red roses, before finally meeting you at the place where you first met, where he either gives you a romantic gift or, (if you've been in a relationship long enough) he proposes
  • Waylon: Just spend the whole day cuddling. You can read to him, and both of you can just talk about nothing and everything. Probably some sexy time thrown in there just for fun
  • Digger: OVERLOADS YOU WITH STUFFED ANIMALS, and you two just have a super cheesy day. You'll make a huge fortress out of pillows and blankets in the basement, watch Disney movies, make out. Just 100% adorable
  • Katana: She'll still take you out to a super nice gala thing. Unfortunately, you two will get bored very easily so you go outside and walk in a garden for a while before going back to the slums and kicking ass in your fancy dresses.
  • Rick Flag: Takes you on a romantic retreat to a family cottage in the middle of nowhere, and you spend the week up there. Ice-skating, shopping in cute little shops, romantic homemade dinners...It's a wonderful week.
  • June: Start off the day with a breakfast in bed, and then a couples massage, before a trip to your favorite book store and/or art gallery. Then she makes you dinner before ending the night with seeing a live show.