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I thought to myself, why exactly was it these five people? But I feel that if it weren’t these four people, we wouldn’t have come this far. 

Leader. Thank you for always taking care of us without protesting. Even when you’d rather be alone, you always let us do our foolish things around you. Always giving us that space to do what we want, that’s why I think you are our leader. I hope I can follow your example. Leader, I’m glad we met.

Sho-kun. Sho-kun is someone who can read the atmosphere well. Whether it’s for him to be clumsy and awkward, or to be an idiot. But I think those are things only a clever person can do. It is really for the sake of other people that you open your heart like that. I hope I can follow your example. Sho-kun, I’m glad we met.

Aiba-kun. We’ve always been together, huh? Truly always. Even now, I sometimes worry about you. That’s why I was anxious when I heard you wanted to do a variety show by yourself. But you’ve become a person who succeeds, and I think it’s because you really worked hard for it. I hope I can follow your example. Aiba-kun, I’m glad we met.

Jun-kun. Jun-kun gives off the impression of a cool and scary person at first, but he’s actually a very warm person. There’s a lot of kind people in the world, but with your kindness there’s warmth. I hope I can follow your example. Jun-kun, I’m glad we met. 

Of course, the five of us met by chance, but these 9 years we have spent shows our effort and perseverance. All I can say as a “Promise” is that this is Arashi. Lastly, to those who create TV shows and music with us, to those who still support us when they’re busy, to those who wait for us and give a place for us to come home to, to those who are always cheering us on: You are the 6th member of Arashi.

I love you. I’m grateful to you all, thank you. 

-Ninomiya Kazunari ; Letter to members, 2008 24hr TV


“My future. I think I’ll still be doing what I like. Well… that includes fishing too, but I like drawing and making things, so it would make me happy if I’m still doing that 10 years later, 20 years later, and even 30 years later. As long as I value the present and cherish each day, I think the future will surely be a wonderful one. Therefore, I’m going to cherish each day and continue doing what I like, and turn the future into an amazing work of art.” - Ohno Satoshi (Translation by say-it-again@lj)

Satoshi, I wish you all the happiness in your beautiful journey of life. May all your dreams come true! Have an amazing birthday, dear! 

‘Battling nonstop is tiring, right? He kept battling because he thought he was a hero. But he was like, “Are the Eito Rangers really heroes? They seem so weak. The faces you see under their helmets are not handsome.” But even though he said such things, he was a really huge fan of you guys. Seeing that it was okay not to be perfect made him feel relieved.

Rest in peace, Tamura Yuto-kun.