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Just a little praise for Chertiz~

The reason why a game like Mystic Messenger has done so well is, even though it’s a 24 hour game with lots of extras, the story is engaging and you really come to feel like you know the characters in just 11 days of interactions.

And every route, you learn something about another character that you didn’t know the previous route and that sometimes can be bad and sometimes can be good.

Cheritz did little to no advertising their game outside of their own tumblr. The game is so good that word of mouth alone did the trick. So good that it brought out haters and put otome games in a spotlight.

People UNINSTALLED THIS GAME and now they are reinstalling it to play an event. That’s crazy when you think about it.

It really does come down to how well you can tell a story and develop your characters. As much as I hate to say it, I really don’t think I’ll see a game do this again. I knew when this game was released and I started playing it, that it was something special and I don’t think Cheritz nor the otome community just knew how special.

Hats off to you, @cheritzteam. I’ll follow you all until the end of time if you continue to put out solid games with good character development!

Oh and say hi to Jang Kim for me cause he’s legit the best. lol


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A - Age: 20 years old.

B - Biggest fear: snakes and hospitals. can’t do either.

C - Current time: 8:38 am. haha what is sleep ???

D - Drink you last had: orange squash, I think ??

E - Every day starts with: “ shut the fucks up. ”

F - Favourite song: right now, it’s  ‘ shape of you ’  by ed sheeran. so damn good omfg.

G - Ghosts are they real: maybe ??  but I also kind of believe in reincarnation bc when my old cat died that night ginger moth came into my room the exact same colour as my cat and I flipped tf out.

I - In love with: dianna agron and nicholas hoult tbhh.

K - Killed someone: with my cuteness :)

L - Last time you cried: whenever I posted that long-ass  ‘ five times kissed ’  drabble.

M - Middle name: sui yin.

N - Number of siblings: two.


P - Person you last called/texted: my sister.

Q - Questions you are always asked:  “ what are you doing now, then ? ”  and the more recent,  “ china ? ”  which I take to mean,  “ are you from china ?

R - Religion: agnostic. like, I don’t rule it out, but I don’t necessarily believe everything either.

S - Song last sang:  ‘ fly me to the moon ’  by frank sinatra, bc I’m classy af.

T - Time you woke up: I dunno. about eight at night ??  I know, my sleep pattern is way messed up.

U - Underwear colour: white with red snowflakes.

V - Vacation destination: DISNEYLAND /  DISNEY WORLD. anything to do with a disney park, lbr here.

W - Worst habit: biting my lips, frowning, and probs clenching my jaw. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

X - X-Rays you’ve had: teeth, my chest, my arm at one point. I’m that kid who’s been in and out of hospital all my life, whaddup.

Y - Your favourite food: MUST I CHOOSE ONE ?????

Z- Zodiac sign: virgo :’)

You’re on your own wavelength

Oh, dear. Now he’s doing the self-flagellating thing. 

You know what, Karkat? No one’s trolling you anymore because Past You and Current You kept blocking everyone! They learned! 

… I’m just gonna leave this here:

That’s one of the better moments from that incredibly awful film, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. 

I’m gonna use that last bit sometime. It’s great delivery.

A 600-hour campaign. Holy shit. Okay, let’s do the numbers here:

We know that trolls sleep, so those can’t be continuous hours. Given that some people sleep for 4 hours and some for 10, let’s just assume that the average sleep time is 7 hours of a day. Then a total of one hour for physical care (bathroom breaks, shower, meals, that sort of thing). If we base this on an Earth day of 24 hours, and the trolls game for the rest of the time in a day (because we are talking about global annihilation), that’s 16 hours of gaming a day. They would be gaming for 37 and ½ days. 

But let’s say that the campaign is going on even when they’re sleeping. If the day is 24 hours long, then the campaign would be going for 25 days.

To give you a bit about me, there’s a D&D game that I’ve been in for a while. It started in Monte Cook’s Ptolus campaign setting, and then time shenanigans happened, and we ended up in Sigil, and it became Planescape. We game on average once a month, for about 7-9 hours a session. In the beginning, though, we would game almost every Saturday, for a good 6 hours. It all started when a bard (my wife’s character) and a paladin (my character) investigated a crypt, where the bard got bit by a wererat and didn’t know it, then turned into said rat and attacked the paladin and bunch of others later on at an opera. We’ve thwarted religious zealots and corrupted nobles, saved a part of a city in Battlestar Galactica style, anointed by gods, fire-bombed armies, and just recently walked along the River Styx to the end of existence, and brought some of the dust back to prove it.

That game has been running for over 6 years. 

anonymous asked:

would you rather play 24 hours of shitty flash games or spend a year in the pit as a troglodyte?

I don’t think you leave The Pit once you enter it. So I’ll take the 24 hours of flash games.

Rule Free Requests!

Since I will be spending he next 24 hours at a Gaming Lan, I have decided to do a day of rule free requests. So if you’ve sent one into me and it wasn’t made because of the rules, today is your day. Any request sent in today will be made even if it violates my rules. (No hitting request that’s one I will never do). I have two going up today so far so let’s get it on, I love you all!!!

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So in case you guys don’t know, two of my friends, Badger and Jen, have recently become engaged. Honestly, I can’t imagine two better people for each other. They’re both incredibly driven and passionate people, each in their own way. I haven’t had many opportunities to see them interact, but any time I have they’ve always been moments of delight and happiness.

Significantly, they impacted my life together in a time when I needed support most during my cancer fundraiser. Jen drew and sold a t-shirt for me which I know a few of you own (it’s such a good shirt…) And Badger hosted a 24 hour video game charity stream where he single-handedly raised over 2000 dollars for me.

Their combined passions and talents through the years have personally propelled me and made me a better human being, and have tangibly and actively made my life a better place. I’m looking forward to the wedding guys, and there better be some fucking lasagna at the catering table.

Brilliant Negotiator

Context: Our party has found out that a guild of thieves and raiders are going to be doing a trade with another guild in the form of gold and a wizard (who is one of the players). Our plan was to intercept the trade and get the wizard, who is a known criminal.

Me (rogue) (OOC): So here’s the plan: I’m going to pretend to be from the guild wanting to buy the wizard since i have the highest deception. I’m going to say that their price of 1000 gold is way too high and when i say “I’m buying a wizard here, not a DRAGON” you all attack, okay? Our signal is going to be the word “dragon”.

About 24 in game hours later, we’re at the crossing where the trade will take place. The other three members of the party (another wizard, a ranger, and a barbarian) are hiding in bushes and rooftops nearby. We see the wagon containing the wizard pull up and stop.

Raiders: Hey, you, rogue. Do you know if there’s any inns nearby? (He’s asking for a code word)

Me: *starts panicking because I don’t know the code word* UmmMM OH MY GOD IS THAT A DRAGON?!??!