24 hour coffee shop

English usage PSA because this is driving me crazy: 

  • ‘Everyday’ is an adjective used to describe something rote, routine, or pedestrian, as in, “Because her gown was being dry-cleaned, she was forced to wear a boring everyday dress to the party.” ‘Everyday’ can also be used as a noun to refer to regular life in general, as in, “Joe grew bored with the everyday in Cleveland, snapped one morning, sold his things, and moved to Paris.”
  • ‘Every day’ is an adverb phrase indicating that something happens with regularity every 24 hours, as in, “I go to the same coffee shop every day.”

Pro-tip: if you can replace ‘every’ with ‘each’ and the sentence still makes sense (as in, “I go to the coffee shop each day” but not “..she was forced to wear her each day dress to the party”) there should be a space in there. 

Cool? Cool.

{PART 13} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson & Jinyoung)

Genre: Angst

Summary; Mia sheds light on her relationship with Jaebum to Jinyoung and Jackson, as both of the boys finally complete the puzzle of what really happened to you on the night of your accident.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating.

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 12} {Part 13} {Part 14}

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Tried to Give a Menu to a Blind Guy....

Castiel hated his job but it paid for bills while he made his way through college. The worst part about it wasn’t the rude customers or the noise but the fact that it was a 24 hour restaurant and he normally got stuck with the late night shifts. Today in particular he’d been given a 9 pm - 2 am shift and it was killing him, especially since his day before this had consisted of three consecutive lectures where he’d nearly killed his hand trying to get all the notes down. His life wasn’t ideal right now but he only had a few more months left until he was done with college and could start looking for another job with his degree.

His face was buried in his arms as he slumped over the hostess stand, dozing off a bit. He was the only waiter on staff right now because how many people are going to come into a restaurant at one in the fucking morning. The bell that was situated at the top of the entrance rang and woke him up, signalling that some people were coming in. Blinking, he rubbed his eyes and walked around the stand and grabbed two menus and handed them to the men who had just entered. In his sleep deprived state he’d failed to notice that one of the guys he’d handed a menu to was wearing black sunglasses and holding a cane. A moment of silence passed before the man made a comment, snapping Castiel out of his autopilot state.

“Oh…yes…I’ll just read this.” said the man, unfolding the menu and pulling it closer to his face.

Castiel looked up and really took the man in. The glasses and walking stick now seemed extremely obvious to him and he laughed at the comment. Normally he would have apologized but he was so tired at the moment that he honestly didn’t care. He tried taking the menu back but the man held onto it stubbornly and, despite knowing the man couldn’t see him, Castiel raised an eyebrow.

“Hey, why are you taking away my menu? I need to see my options here, don’t I?” said the man, flashing a grin. The man behind him looked equal parts embarrassed and amused.

“Of course. Let me show you to your table. Just follow me.” said Castiel who wasn’t sure whether his response was fueled by wanting to continue the joke or because he felt half dead.

Two sets of footsteps followed him and he got the men a booth, watching as the one with long hair tried to help the blind man into the seat, the blind man pushing him off with a comment of ‘I’m blind, not in a wheelchair.’ Castiel couldn’t help but smile at the exchange and stepped closer to the table, holding out his notepad and pen so he could write down the order.

“Can I start you off with anything to drink?” he asked, eyes focused on the white, lined paper

“Uh, yeah. I’ll take a water. Dean?” said the man with the longer hair.

“I’ll have a coke.” said Dean, staring intently at the menu. The thing that really gave away that he couldn’t see it, though, was the fact that he was holding it upside down and was 'looking’ at the front of the menu.

Castiel gave a soft chuckle and wrote the drinks down before walking off. He filled up the glasses and walked back over to the table carrying the drinks, his order book safely tucked back into his pocket. Carefully, he set the drinks down and stepped back again.

“So, have you guys decided what you would like to order?” asked Castiel, hand already reaching for his order book again.

“Uh, yeah. I’ll have the cobb salad and he’ll take the double bacon cheeseburger.” said the man with longer hair, folding his menu up and then snatching the one Dean was holding.

“Aw, Sammy. I get all tingly when you take control like that.” said Dean, leaning back into the booth with an easy smile on his face.

Castiel smiled and wrote the orders down before walking away and handing the piece of paper to the line. It occurred to him that the two men could be a couple. It certainly seemed possible with how they acted married and the one named Sam seemed to be very doting on Dean. A smile came to his face again at that thought. Castiel himself didn’t really do relationships. It wasn’t because he had commitment issues but that no one really interested him. He’d lost his virginity to a girl named Meg at a college party when he’d overestimated his ability to hold his liquor. That was basically just a blur of memories, some of which he wasn’t sure were even real.

That was as far as he’d gotten in that part of his life and he was fine with it. He was focused, going to school and determined to get a degree and be successful in life. He did sometimes have a bit of an ache for a companion but he just told himself he’d get to that later in his life. After all, he was only 25 and on the cusp of getting his Bachelors degree. He had his whole life in front of him to worry about finding a significant other.

The sound of the bell being hit repeatedly snapped him out of his haze and he looked over at the annoyed looking chef. Castiel held up a hand in apology before taking the plates and walking back out to the main dining room. Just to be sure, he spared a quick glance over at the hostess stand just to see if any one else had walked in while he’d been stuck in his head. Thankfully, no one else was there and he breathed an inner sigh of relief.

When he arrived at the table he was serving, he set the plates down in front of the people they belonged to.

“There you go. Call me if you need anything.” said Castiel, putting on his best attempt at a winning smile.

“Oh, this looks fantastic.” said Dean, suppressing the urge to burst into a fit of giggles.

Castiel was about to say he was glad the food looked good to him before he remembered, once again, that he was speaking to a blind man. He couldn’t help the string of chuckles that escaped his mouth, his shoulders moving with every one.

“See, Sammy. He thinks I’m funny.” said Dean, pointing in the approximate direction of Castiel.

“Yes, yes. You’re a damn comedian. Eat your burger.” said Sam, opening his napkin to get to his silverware.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you two been together?” asked Castiel, feeling curious.

Dean, who had just taken a bite of his burger, started to choke on it a bit. A fit of coughing and hacking later, he was wiping his mouth off and looking over at Castiel. “Excuse me?”

“How long have you two been together? You seem like a nice couple.” said Castiel, confused as to why that question had brought on the choking response. Off to the side, he could see Sam with an awkward look on his face and focusing his eyes on his salad.

“Oh, we’re not….we’re brothers. See, Sam. This is what happens when you treat me like your wife.” said Dean, his face screwed up in what Castiel could only assume was a glare.

“Yes, because being nice is treating you like my wife. Shutup and eat your burger, jerk.” said Sam, giving Dean an annoyed look before stabbing his fork into the salad.

“Why don’t you shut up, bitch.” mumbled Dean, looking down at his meal and grabbing his burger again.

“Oh…I’m sorry about the assumption. I’ll just…go.” said Castiel, face flushed and feeling like he wanted to throw himself into a fire.

He didn’t show his face back at that table until he saw Sam waving his hand for what he could only assume was the check. Castiel got the receipt printed out and walked over to the table, setting it down along with a pen. “Here’s the check. I hope you had a satisfactory meal.” said Castiel, a tight lipped smile forming on his face.

He backed away from the table, watching as they paid before going towards the exit. Castiel, like always when he worked a late shift, was leaned against the hostess stand. He was drifting away in his mind away when he felt someone tapping him. Thinking it was his boss, he straightened up and put a professional face on before turning around. Instead of his boss, however, he saw Dean.

“Hey, can I get a name to go with the sexy voice?” asked Dean.

Castiel was caught off guard for a few seconds and just stared at him, his mouth opening and closing. He was sure that guy would want nothing to do with him after making the assumption that he’d been involved romantically with his brother.

“Oh..um…Castiel.” he said after clearing his throat.

“Castiel, huh? Well, that’s a long ass name. I’ll shorten it to Cas. So, Cas, would you be free Friday night?” asked Dean, a smile spreading across his face.

“Friday actually isn’t a good day for me.” said Castiel, seeing Dean’s face fall. “I’m off on Sunday, though.”

“Sunday it is then. Here’s my number.” said Dean, pulling out a piece of paper and handing it to Castiel.

It wasn’t until the two men had left that Castiel spared a glance at the piece of paper. On it, sure enough, was a phone number and a little note from Sam saying 'good luck.’ Yep, they were brothers alright.


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San Jose Inn - San Jose, Calif. by Heather David

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Back of postcard reads:

SAN JOSE INN 1860 The Alameda, San Jose, Calif.

On Highway 101 in downtown San Jose. 50 Garden Apartment Suites - 24-hour Hotel Service - 21-inch TV - Kitchenettes - Phones - Heated Pool - Coffee Shop.

Airport 3 minutes Business District 3 minutes Civic Center 3 minutes

For reservations call CYpress 3-9361

Printed by James J. Gillick & Co., Berkeley, Calif.

Motel built in 1955

Currently the Hotel Rose Garden

Some spirits are basically astral trolls.

I once had a spirit tell me, “don’t forget the donuts.” I took that admonition very seriously and literally. It was a message from Beyond! All hail the Great Beyond!

Sleep deprived and half-intoxicated, I bolted towards the nearest 24 hour donut shop.

The donuts were stale. The coffee was bad. Nothing interesting happened. I went home, and got some sleep. Woke up, and began to rethink my actions during the previous night.

I’m often happy not to be 20 years old any more. I was also lucky. I know of one magician who was told “the dolphin sails at midnight!” I don’t know how you even interpret that bit of astral genius.

masterlist | five seconds of summer

I know I’m a new blog, with only a few imagines written, but people had asked me to make a master list anyways so I thought I would make one. So here is everything I’ve written so far. I will be updating this list whenever I post a new imagine/preference, so this will be updated constantly.

last updated: aug. 10th, 2016.

calum hood

the boy next door / part two / part three

>> where the reader moves next door to the hoods - unbeknownst to her that she’s neighbours with a gorgeous boy just a year older, who she finds herself slowly falling for.

luke hemmings

good morning, good night

>> where the reader works at a 24 hour coffee shop, working two shifts each day just to help make a bit more cash. as tiresome as it is, she finds herself loving her job because of one person in particular who seems to always stop by for his usual morning to night coffee run.

michael clifford

confessions of a wallflower 

>> where the reader, who associates herself with the popular crowd in school meets a loner boy named michael at a big, friday night party. she immediately finds herself intrigued by him, determined to get to know him without overstepping her boundaries.

Villa Hotel pool view; San Mateo, California

4000 SO El Camino Real, San Mateo, California
Telephone; 341-0966

The Convention Center of the West.

225 rooms–color tv–meeting rooms–banquet facilities–24 hour coffee shop–FREE 24 HOUR RADIO DISPATCHED BUS, to and from nearby San Francisco Airport.


Late Night Coffee | Cabel

Caspar hated feeling trapped. Sometimes the streets of New York felt like they were crushing in on him and he thought he was going to suffocate. Caspar still didn’t have a car. He didn’t have a driver’s lisence for one, nor did he have that sort of money. Renting an apartment was already costing him a fortune. A cab was going to have to do for his late night roadtrip, and so he got in and told the man to take him out of the city. He needed a nice little coffee shop somewhere away from the never ending stream of people and skyscrapers. 

Eventually he was dropped off outside a 24 hour coffee shop and Caspar made his way inside, a black jacket pulled around his thin body, and a yellow backpack on his shoulders. He ordered a hot chocolate and sat at a little table. Caspar pulled his notebook from his backpack and started to scribble down that days adventures. 




Enjolras hated coffee shop. They were never open after the sub went down which was when he needed them most. The vampire needed 24 hours coffee shops for the wifi, mainly because he moved around too often to deal with changing wifi every year or few months.

He managed to find a small coffee shop on the edge of town that was 24 hours but he hadn’t used it yet. He only went in there that night because as much as he hated technology he did enjoy social media when he used it. He thought it was great.

He ran to the coffee shop, using his super speed because he wanted to be in and out so he could feed but as he went in he thought that maybe you had to buy something to use the internet. He placed his mac down on the table and went to the counter, pressing the bell and as the server walked up he gasped., not quite sure what to do. He stared and the first words out of his mouth were a name; “Louis Dupont?” He asked, not even realising what he’d asked. “It can’t be..”

Think of it-coffee shop AU 

 Harry is still a kingsman and still waiting for a certain phone call when he meets a young slightly bruised barista at a small 24 hour coffee house that’s actually on his way to the shop. 

He never thought about going in until he was slightly bloody with more that one bullet hanging on to the lapels of his kingsman suit. He doesn’t recognize Eggsy, but he’s so charmed with the brightness of this boys smile and his easy laugh and the concern that would always creep into his eyes and the corner of his mouth whenever a now rather familiar gang would enter the quiet shop. The owner seemed to like this young man enough that he would make a fuss about tossing them out.

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