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Danganronpa 3 Anthology(Dengeki EX)

So a nice anon asked kindly if I could describe the Dengeki anthology, so I will do my best! So unlike the DNA Media one, Dengeki went for comedy first and character driven stories second. Apologies for this being way longer than the other anthology, but there’s more to explain in this one.

1. This story is hard to explain, but basically it’s the beginning of the Future arc and it makes fun of a lot of things from the early episodes, mainly Munakata’s attitude towards Makoto. They even reference stuff like Kodaka saying Bandai could be a mascot character(This explains the ‘Pac-Dai’ image you may have seen floating around.)

2. A short 4-koma set making fun of everyone’s bed hair after waking up and Seiko feeding everyone her drugs.

3. A story about Makoto and Kyouko helping Aoi get through donut withdrawal.

4. A story about Makoto, Aoi, Kyouko and Yasuhiro getting stranded on an island on their way to the meeting with Future Foundation.

5. A story about Juzo getting irritated with Ruruka and Izayoi’s displays of affection with Tengan giving Juzo a hard time about it. (Feat. Seiko, Chisa, Munakata and Bandai)

6. A story about Monaka talking with Makoto, Aoi and Great Gozu while they were trapped together in a room. I’m guessing all the jokes are in the dialogue since there’s a lot of dumb faces in this one. (The artist is known for doing dumb faces.)

7. Another 4-koma set, ranging from jokes about Ruruka and Izayoi, Miaya trying to give Monomi sexual appeal, Komaru having trouble controlling Monomi when she contacts Makoto, an interaction between eyepatch Munakata and Juzu and the last one is Yasuhiro with Togami.

8. A 4-koma set where the theme seems to be everyone feeling Makoto is too 'boyish’ and offering their own ways of helping him 'man up’ or 'grow’.

9. A 4-koma set with a variety of things, ranging from making fun of the DR:AE episode, making fun of Juzo’s coat, Chisa talking to Makoto about Class 78(Specifically, the culprits. Obviously, I am very interested in this 4-koma.), Makoto trying to find a monokuma machine so he can give Aoi a present before they fall asleep, 'Servant’ giving Monaka a lesson, and then a few 4-koma with Komaru embarrassing Makoto in front of his friends.

10. My FAVORITE 4-koma set! It’s a bunch of 4-komas in the theme of a 24 Hour Gaki no Tsukai Batsu Game! If you’re not familiar with Gaki no Tsukai, to put it simply, instead of a killing game, it’s now a punishment game. The contestants have to go 24 hours without laughing or else they will be 'punished’. The punishments are different, but the most common one is getting whacked on the ass by a masked assailant. However in this 4-koma set, the one whacking people’s asses is none other than guys dressed as Leon Kuwata! The 4-koma are all the future foundation’s attempts to make everyone laugh so they can suffer to hilarious results.

1. A story about Ibuki playing a song for Class 77 and the rest of Hope’s Peak. Probably my second favorite story due to the art style.

2. A story about Souda getting jealous of Sonia giving Gundam all her attention which leads to Hiyoko, Peko, Fuyuhiko, Teruteru and Chisa suggestions to get her to at least talk to him.

3. A story about Chiaki using Virtual Reality to help Hiyoko and Tsumiki get along. (Feat. Chisa)

4. A story about Fuyuhiko cheering up a sad Peko. From the context of the images, it seems Peko is having trouble getting along with everyone else since she has a harder time warming up to them compared to how quickly they warmed up to each other. Fuyuhiko of course, speaks honestly with her and lifts her spirits. Probably my favorite story in the whole thing because I love seeing these two interact outside of pretending to not know each other.

5. This story is hard to describe, but basically it goes through a typical day of being in Class 77, starting with Souda getting roasted by Hiyoko. Then we go to a little segment where Gundam shows Sonia a rabbit and Souda tries to make a robot rabbit to impress her(it fails). Then a segment with Hiyoko and Mahiru making a shrine for their dead classmate which creeps everyone out, and the last one is an interaction between Impostor and Ryouta.

6. This story seems to be about Chisa taking everyone outside and giving them an assignment. They are then divided into groups, and the story focuses on the group of Ibuki, Sonia, Tsumiki, Nagito, Gundam and Souda. Hilarity ensues.

7. A 4-koma set of Hajime and Chiaki playing video games every day together.

8. A 4-koma set with a variety of jokes, ranging from Izuru comparing his Luck with Nagito’s, Fuyuhiko talking about his sister, Teruteru making some lewd joke with an egg and a carrot, Tsumiki falling sick with Impostor offering to impersonate her, Mukuro vs. Peko and a couple other ones I can’t make heads or tails of.

9. A 4-koma set with a them of Chisa as class 77′s teacher. This includes 4-komas of her thinking Souda and Fuyuhiko would become ‘brothers’(kinda like Mondo and Kiyotaka did, they would fight, see each others as equals afterwards, etc.), Fuyuhiko getting guilt tripped into playing a dating sim, Gundam thinking Nekomaru is a giant cat, Nagito’s alternating luck, Hiyoko calling out Fuyuhiko for starting at Akane’s chest which leads to Peko unbuttoning her shirt in an attempt to ‘please’ him, some Nekomaru X Akane, Sonia having a gas mask whenever Souda is around, Munakata getting embarrassed from Chisa calling him in front of Juzu and being all lovey dovey and Class 77 praying over their dead classmate.

10. A short 4-koma set about Teruteru being pervy with Class 77 and a bit of Chiaki leading the class.

11. A 4-koma set with lots of variety again. Includes one about Nagito finding porn magazines and sharing them with Souda and Fuyuhiko, only for them to get caught by Chisa who then joins them. Hajime and Chiaki playing video games with Chiaki taking them very seriously, Peko finding the porn magazine Fuyuhiko was looking at earlier because Nagito put it in his desk, Izuru’s attitude pissing off class 77, a couple of 4-komas about the ED images, one about Mukuro singing that one song in different styles(including hiphop/rap), and the last one is making fun of the imagery when Nagito got shot by Izuru.

MAN, that was a lot but I hope that helps.