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A Guide to Murdoc’s bass, El Diablo (per ROTO). Anyone who’s skimmed through Rise of the Ogre has likely seen the two page spread devoted to explaining every detail pertaining to the make up and quality of Murdoc’s bass (props to him for taking the time to get to know his instrument so well). There are quite a few notable features (like, who knew it was stained in otter’s blood??). I haven’t seen a post that’s adapted it to Tumblr just yet so I thought I’d give it a go. Key listed below the cut:

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Rufini Precision IV Custom Vintage Series bass. The bass is built around a 2-piece alder body that’s covered in an aged Fender Daphne Blue nitro lacquer finish. Rufini rounded the bass’s aesthetic out with a Fender vintage aged and Schaller aged tuners. Its neck is a single piece of quartersawn flame maple that holds 24 frets with custom abalone inlays. The bass has an interesting P/MM pickup configuration featuring Tesla Pickups.


3 New Guitars For 2014

These just came in! 

#1 of 3  2012 Gibson Explorer (Ebony)

Always wanted one of these since i was a childhood Metallica fan. The tones generated are FAT! Literally…

Maybe i should drop in a set of EMG 81/60’s and a rusted pickguard..
Maybe a EMG JH set…

Year : 2012

Finish: Ebony
Body: Mahogany 
Neck: Mahogany 
Fretboard: Granadillo
Tuners: Grovers
Bridge Pickup: Gibson 500T
Neck Pickup: Gibson 496R
Scale Length: 24-¾"
Nut Width: 1.695"
Frets: 22 Frets
Inlays: Acrylic Dot
Hardware: Chrome
Bridge: Gibson Tune-O-Matic
Gibson Stop Bar
Hardcase: Gibson USA Hardshell Case With White Plush Interior


Mayones Regius 8 MM QM Djentelmen

Periphery Misha Bulb Mansoor

  • Profiled Basswood back
  • Quilted Maple top
  • 3-ply acrylic pearl binding
  • Neck-thru-body
  • 11-ply / Maple-Mahogany-Amazakoe-Wenge
  Neck dimensions
  • Width at nut - 55 mm
  • Width XII fret - 70 mm
  • Width XXIV fret - 78 mm
  • Ebony
  • 3-ply acrylic pearl binding
  Fingerboard Radius
  • 16" (406 mm)
  • 27" (687 mm) - baritone
  • 24 medium jumbo 18%NS Ferd Wagner 9665 2.64×1.20 mm (w×h)
  Markers & inlays
  • Plain, no markers + side dots
  • Luminlay side dots, 3 mm, Blue
  • Angled; topped with chosen body wood
  • 3-ply acrylic pearl binding
  • Sperzel Trim-Lok
  • Hipshot 8 String Fixed Guitar Bridge
  Pickups / Electronics
  • H-H / Bare Knuckle Aftermath Set
  • 1xMaster Volume (push-pull for coil splitting)
  • 3-way toggle pickup switch
  • Q-Parts knobs
  Body finish (front)
  • Transparent NaturalFade Blue Burst OUT / Matt finish (T-NF-BL-B-OUT-M)
  Body finish (back)
  • Transparent Blue / Matt finish (T-BLU-M)
  Neck finish
  • Transparent Blue / Matt finish (T-BLU-M)
  Headstock finish
  • Body matching
  Hardware colour
  • BLK (black)
  • SIT - S1074 Powerwound [8]
  Additional equipment
  • Ebony nut, Switchcraft jack, Schaller Security Straplocks, Hardcase
  • All Mayones instruments are 100% handcrafted.
  • The actual colour, finish, shading or texture may be different from the samples shown on the website and in the catalogue.
  • Prices and delivery times may vary depending on version, chosen finish and hardware.
  • All features, specifications, and availability subject to change without notice.
  • Mayones and the Mayones logo are registered trademarks of Gitary Mayones Partnership. 
    All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

“There we go! A thing of beauty! And in case if you´re wondering… Yes, EverTune will be installed on this, a must!

26,5" scale
Tuning - Drop Bb
24 frets, last four scalloped
Jescar Gold-Evo FW57110 frets
EMG 57/66
Body Lightweight Basswood
Dark Rosewood Fretboard
LOXX Strap Locks
Gotoh tuning keys, 1:21 ratio

Simple and elegant! “


Winter NAMM is this weekend, which means lots of lovely new guitars unveiled for this year. Since I’m a huge gear dork I thought I’d talk about some of the instruments I’m most excited for! This is just stuff that’s been unveiled so far, so there’s probably more to come. ANYWAY:

Jackson Guitars- Misha Mansoor Signature Model

Jackson has been hitting it out of the park the past couple years, and these guitars look to be absolutely the TITS. Alder body, optional maple top, maple neck, ebony board. BKP Juggernaut pickups, 25.5" 6 strings and 26.5" 7 strings. The Periphery inlay is a little corny but entirely optional. And dig that sparkle silverburst. Unfffff. Will probably come in around the 2.5-3.5K mark pricewise, depending on how fancy you go.

Carvin Vader

Carvin responds to years of begging for extended-range headless guitars. This is clearly meant to compete with Strandberg at a more affordable price point (and without the Washburn-made Strandbergs’ host of QC issues). I’m not 100% sold on the shape, but this would be a really comfortable writing/recording guitar, and by all accounts Carvin’s new Keisel passive pickups actually sound good, unlike every other pickup they’ve ever made.

Caparison Brocken

By all accounts, Caparison makes fantastic guitars, and I am super psyched about this 8. 27 frets(!), 27" scale, mahogany/walnut body, maple/ebony neck, DiMarzio pickups, Hipshot bridge. If this comes in under $3500 I could see it being a big hit.

Ibanez RG852MPBAGBSGLHRLHGSGH seriously Ibanez stop it with the stupid model names

The Ibanez RG2228A was my go-to 8-string for years, until I stupidly sold mine. They’re really great guitars, and the new standard bridge is actually a significant upgrade over the old double-locking monster they put on the 2228s. The burl veneer is a bit gaudy for my tastes, but this is sure to be an excellent guitar at a great value. 27", what look to be DiMarzio pickups (probably D-Activators), basswood body with aforementioned burl veneer, maple neck, 27" scale.

Mayones Legend 7

Mayones makes the best extended range guitars I’ve ever played, which is why I own two of their 8-strings. I’ve always liked the Legend body shape, and it looks great as a 7-string. I’m guessing at the specs, but it looks to be 25.5" scale, set neck, Bareknuckle pickups, and Schaller Hannes bridge. Mayones typically offer a couple different options for woods, so my guess is we’ll see ash bodies with maple caps and maple necks, as well as a mahogany/maple body with mahogany neck.

PRS- Mark Holcomb Signature

PRS finally comes out with a fixed-bridge 24 fret guitar, and it looks fantastic as usual. Mahogany body, maple top, maple neck with ebony board, 25.5" scale, Seymour Duncan Holcomb signature pickups. It’ll be pricey, but it’s PRS so that’s to be expected. Those Periphery boys sure know how to spec out their guitars, eh?

And finally, the guitar I am MOST EXCITED FOR…

lol just kidding


Guitar shopping at Long & McQuade Toronto last week:

  1. Second from right - I see you baby.  Shakin’ that ash!
  2. Recently renovated…it’s SO BRIGHT IN THERE NOW!  Musician’s aren’t good in bright light…they stay up all night and sleep all day.  Well, the working ones do anyway…  :D
  3. A very bizarre used Gibson “SG 24”.  Apart from the odd pickup configuration (HB in bridge, mini HB in neck), it also has 24 frets.  Or had you already guessed that from the name?  ;)
  4. Listen up:  this is lesson in why I try to buy used all the time.  This is one of the special models that Fender did in 2011 for the 60 Anniversary of the Tele.  This one was (and still is I guess!) the ‘Bamboo" Tele.  This guitar would have sold new for around $1600.  The used price on this one?  $899.  I know!  That’s what I said!  And if the store is selling for $899, you know they paid a lot less than that for it.  So the poor bastard that bought this guitar new at full price paid roughly $1800 for it ($1600 + sales tax of 13%) and 3 years later he traded it in and got way less than half that price.  Mind-boggling.
  5. Full-tilt Boogie
  6. PRS has the best fret markers.