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[4/24/2017 10:34:44 PM] (Julie) cat whisperer xx: millie: i can’t believe you made me read that with my own three eyes
someone: ?? three??
millie: oh sorry
millie: i can’t believe you made me read that with my own five eyes

[4/24/2017 10:35:10 PM] XTRA FAKE.: holy shit
[4/24/2017 10:35:21 PM] XTRA FAKE.: never talk to me or my 3,000 eyes again


I put flower crowns on things I like and I love the captains.

setters ver.


Ask me anything

1 a fictional character you familiarize yourself with 

2 hair colour you want to try 

3 what do you have as your desktop background 

4 which feature do you like about yourself 

5 which animal do you like best? 

6 tea or coffee? 

7 last thing you bought 

8 christmas or halloween 

meaning behind your url 

10 last time you smiled and why 

11 favourite animation 

12 longest relationship 

13 mention 3 things youre excited for

14 weirdest thing you’ve done when you were drunk/high

 15 last book you read 

16 last time you kissed someone 

17 who was the person you last gave a hug to 

18 how did you celebrate your last birthday 

19 something you love doing 

20 what would you love to be/ do when youre older 

21 fave subject at school

22 something you regret and something you dont regret doing 

23 fave colour 

24 best childhood memory 

25 any siblings? 

26 where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

27 fave outfit 

28 fave chocolate 

29 which magical world would you transport yourself into? 

30 something that makes you laugh?

31 which are 3 of your favourite paintings 

32 something you’d love to do but never did 

33 what was the last present you got and from whom  

34 favourite drink 

35 something you’re good at 

36 describe the perfect date 

37 dogs or cats? 

38 take a selfie and post it 

39 fave pizza toppings

40 favourite alcoholic beverages  

41 favourite hangout 

42 happiest memory you have 

43 summer or winter? 

44 want any tattoos? if so what? 

45 how did you celebrate christmas and nye 

46 how do you plan on spending today? 

47 favourite movie

48 mention a place you’d really like to visit 

49 your favourite book and why 

50 mention something that fascinates you 

51 ever done drugs? 

52 favourite song 

53 last time you got drunk? 

54 favourite quote 

55 have you ever been abroad, if so where? 

56 weirdest dream you’ve ever had 

57 where do you like going in the weekends 

58 any hobbies? 

59 favourite meal 

60 top 3 blogs on here

Summer Whatever

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 1,112

Written For: @arxturusblack

Storm clouds of thick dark hair.

Chapstick-slick lips, pouty and almost-red and still bitten raw from October midterms.

Adorably freckled nose.

Stretchy cotton headbands, but not the trendy kind.

Lingering, perpetually beguiling scent of burnt coffee and cocoa butter.

Brown skin.

Wide eyes.

Grating, haughty, offensively condescending voice.

Her name was Hermione Granger, and Draco was going to keep her.

They shared a nineteenth-century British lit classโ€”he had elective requirements, god, and so fucking what if Darcy seemed like the kind of guy heโ€™d slap on the back and take to get a fucking beer, it wasnโ€™t like he was going to change his majorโ€”and she was always saying the most asinine things about perfectly reasonable characters, calling them Victorian-collared cartoon villains and going on and on and on about the myth of grey morality and it was like sheโ€™d never seen a fucking Scorsese movie or plotted petty revenge against her RA for confiscating her fucking toaster or, like, spent any significant length of time with a person who didnโ€™t talk about stray cats like they were stray children.

And Dracoโ€”

Draco probably couldโ€™ve learned to forget about her.

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Hyunuk once again proving what a sweetheart he is

So there was a Jinkyu fansite on one of Boys24 events in Hong Kong and Hyunuk saw them so he told Jinkyu and pointed in their direction so Jinkyu could see them too.

Look at how happy Jinkyu is!


Han Hyunuk is truly a blessing.


“So do you have a girlfriend who feeds you up?”
“Is that what girlfriends do? Feed you up?’

“You don’t have a girlfriend then?”
“It’s not really my area”

“Mhm…oh……..right. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Which is fine by the way”

“I know it’s fine”

“I’m just saying….it’s all fine whatever shakes your….boat”

Starkid challenge: 24th day

Day 24: Fave Line

Ohohohohoh. It’s hart to choose but not me! Because I write this quote EVERYWHERE I can! I really, really love it!

It is at the end AVPM, and I don’t know how many billions of times I re-watched this ending, because it is the most GORGEOUS thing I’ve ever seen.

So, these are the words of Voldemort, how can it be someone else?. It’s their talk with Quirrell. Forever in the hearts of fans Quirrellmort <3333

IN FACT! I even have an audio recording of this talk. Is called “Is Okay Good?” And I’m very veeeery love to listen to her. I know it by heart!

So. My favorite line:

And, also, the whole ending of AVPM.