24 december 2011

Chris Hardwick just called the Kardashians "the social equivalent of hotdog filler."

Win. Also, Wil’s comment after that was epic. “Why do I try so hard to create art? Why do I try so hard to add value to the world when I could just be a dumb, ruthless piece of shit and a multi, multi, multi millionaire? It’s awful. It’s horrible. That is the most depressing thing. The Kardashians are more depressing to me than Hitler.”

So I’m on the adopt-a-plot thread from the 2006 NaNoWriMo forums, and there’s a plot there about sisters who fight supernatural stuff… and whoever posted it, at the end of her post wrote “I know this sounds a lot like the plot of Supernatural, but I promise I came up with these characters before I saw the show.” Now, granted, it’s got a bit of a Winchester brothers feel to it (though the sisters themselves have supernatural abilities in the plot) but it sounds like so much fun to write. So I’m totally putting it in my notebook for later to see if I can get something out of it.

My mum gave me my stocking (which is always filled with practical items; for example, she got me an umbrella and migraine pain reliever) which she always has on Christmas eve. But she also let me open one gift early since everyone was sitting around opening gifts, and she legit got me one of those sock monkeys that you can stretch and fling across the room and it screeches like a monkey. It’s kind of awesome, I’m not even going to lie. I like that my mum actually caters to the fact that I’m pretty much nineteen going on five.