23th of april

I’ve got this headcanon that America and Canada are always the first to congratulate England on his birthday and surprise him every year with a big party and cuddles (and they also mock him for being an old man)

Arthur would never admit it aloud, but secretly he’s really happy about the birthday wishes and his former colonie’s hugs


Karazorelgifs is gonna bring to you ‘Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week’ from april 17th to april 23rd! During that week we’re gonna celebrate the first season of Supergirl, when it all started, when you fell in love with Kara, the show and its characters. We hope many of you will participate and show your love to S1. Please reblog to spread the word!

day 1 - april 17th : the moment you knew you loved the show
day 2 - april 18th : the moment you fell in love with kara
day 3 - april 19th : why you love season 1
day 4 - april 20th: best relationships (family,romantic,platonic)
day 5 - april 21th : best episode or scene(s)
day 6 - april 22th : best arc
day 7 - april 23th : free choice (anything from the season you think deserves praise)

You can make any kind of content you wanna make - gifsets, fanart, videos…We’ll be reblogging anything!

                      Please make sure to tag #sgs1aw & #karazorelgifs on your content!

                          We hope many of you will participate and show your love to S1!

The Greytness of Melissa McBride Day

Hey! Are you fan of Melissa McBride? Then you should read this!

We (Melissa’s fans) wanted to let her and the world know how much we love her –and her natural silver beauty- and how happy we are that she exists.

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So, if you love her as much as we do, the let’s celebrate her and her Greytness this April 23th.

Use #GreytnessofMMB in tumblr and twitter and post pics, videos, interviews… whatever you want as long as you credit the sources.  

**NOTE: if you post pics/videos/etc, it must to be of the silver haired pixie Melissa, not young Melissa and please do NOT post shipping stuff**

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Fanfic Writer Appreciation <3

It’s Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day~!

I’m not usually one for text posts but this is a special occasion so I’m going to spill my guts here and essentially write a love letter to all the fantastic writers out there. (fair warning this might get a tad very long)

Having read fanfiction since my early teenage years, the medium has always and will always have a special place in my heart. Truthfully, it was something I took for granted back then and I never really thought about the ‘face behind the writing’. But the last three years marked fanfic consumption like I’ve never seen before and it struck me one day there was someone out there, somewhere in the world, writing these amazing works and that blew my mind, even though it was something so obvious. 

The time you put into weaving stories that pull readers in and sharing them without asking for more than a kudo or a comment. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Please continue to share your amazing talent so I can fawn over you and know that you are appreciated and endlessly loved. 

Over the course of the day (and beyond!), please drop your favourite authors a kudo or comment to show your love and support. 

Whether we’ve talked or not, whatever fandom your from, you’re all precious and I hope you know that <3 

(shoutouts under the cut)

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I’m going to be honest

I received a few asks, asking me if I was okay, I replied to all that I was fine

I’m lying, I’m just lying to myself, I’m sad, hurt … my doctor said I am depressed

The reason is Sam, I’m still not over his death. I can’t, I just can’t not think about it all days long, it’s been more thank three months and I just can’t

Remember when I said he was poisoned and that’s why he died, he was not poisoned

He was shot, someone actually shot my cat

It’s a criminal act anyway but … what went through this person’s twisted mind when he/she did this horrible thing, did he/she ever think about the cat’s owners before killing it ? If there is anything I hate the most in this world it’s people who hurt/kill animals; it’s not funny, it’s sick, you’re fucking sick

Sam was … he was the most nicest, adorable, funniest cat I have ever had, never did he do something wrong, always asking for hugs, for petting, always purring. 

This is the last picture I took of him, one month before his death

1 year old, 1 year old why just why did you do that.

We got him on April 2th 2016, he died on April 23th 2017

I’ve never been this broken 

I always think about this famous night, I stayed with him all night long, petting me, telling him that he was going to be okay, tomorrow he will be just as active as he was this morning, he held up for 12 hours, 12 hours it’s so long, if we had done something sooner, maybe, just maybe he would still be with us today

I’m feeling so guilty, I should have act sooner, if I knew he was going to die the next day I would have taken him to the vet immediately, even if he was doomed, I would have try anyway, just a small chance to save him

But no I didn’t, he suffered all night, couldn’t stay in place because of the pain …

… and I didn’t do anything to help him, I didn’t do anything during those unbearable hours … I thought he wasn’t feeling that bad, that he was just a little sick, he was suffering, he was dying in front of me and I didn’t do anything. I loved him, I miss him so much, I’m currently crying because of the guilt and the lack of his presence

I will always remember the last moment I saw him, me and my mother were at the vet ( too late ), it was 5AM, the vet told us that he was going to do everything it can to save him, I regained my hopes, the vet took Sam in his arms, even though he was very weak he looked at us with those silly eyes of his, confused. My mom and I were going to left when I turned around to watch the vet taking Sam in a room, Sam was still looking at me, surely wondering where were we going, I run to him as I get the sudden urge to pet him, the vet stopped walking and stayed silent when I was kissing and petting Sam’s head while I was sobbing over his feeble body; I remember what I said to him :

“I love you Sam I love you, you’re going to be okay, I’m here for you I love you, hang in there I will see you later, I love you”

I probably thought it was the last time I was petting him

The vet couldn’t do anything, he tried, but Sam passed away

… I wish I could go back to fix my mistakes, I wish … I wish he was still there, cuddling with me tonight, like we used to every evening

I hope I won’t meet the one who killed him or else I won’t be able to control myself

I’m so sorry Sam, I’m terribly sorry …