23th of april


Karazorelgifs is gonna bring to you ‘Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week’ from april 17th to april 23rd! During that week we’re gonna celebrate the first season of Supergirl, when it all started, when you fell in love with Kara, the show and its characters. We hope many of you will participate and show your love to S1. Please reblog to spread the word!

day 1 - april 17th : the moment you knew you loved the show
day 2 - april 18th : the moment you fell in love with kara
day 3 - april 19th : why you love season 1
day 4 - april 20th: best relationships (family,romantic,platonic)
day 5 - april 21th : best episode or scene(s)
day 6 - april 22th : best arc
day 7 - april 23th : free choice (anything from the season you think deserves praise)

You can make any kind of content you wanna make - gifsets, fanart, videos…We’ll be reblogging anything!

                      Please make sure to tag #sgs1aw & #karazorelgifs on your content!

                          We hope many of you will participate and show your love to S1!

I’ve got this headcanon that America and Canada are always the first to congratulate England on his birthday and surprise him every year with a big party and cuddles (and they also mock him for being an old man)

Arthur would never admit it aloud, but secretly he’s really happy about the birthday wishes and his former colonie’s hugs

The Greytness of Melissa McBride Day

Hey! Are you fan of Melissa McBride? Then you should read this!

We (Melissa’s fans) wanted to let her and the world know how much we love her –and her natural silver beauty- and how happy we are that she exists.

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So, if you love her as much as we do, the let’s celebrate her and her Greytness this April 23th.

Use #GreytnessofMMB in tumblr and twitter and post pics, videos, interviews… whatever you want as long as you credit the sources.  

**NOTE: if you post pics/videos/etc, it must to be of the silver haired pixie Melissa, not young Melissa and please do NOT post shipping stuff**

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