23th of april

April 23th 2015 is the best day for Manga/Anime Fans

Never forget April 23th 2015

First Naruto Gaiden 700+1 with Sarada in a dilemma about who really is her mother, Sakura or Karin. Entering into some Maury shit right here

Then there One Piece 784 with Luffy revealing Gear Fourth that looks like a Battle Tank Ape, that ready to fuck shit up

That can fly too!!

Finally for Bleach, Honestly I thought it was going to wrap up this week poorly since things in Bleach has been going down hill for a while, making me read it from time to time so I just checked it for the hell of it like “Ok, What does Bleach have to end things off” expecting the worst and…..




Ichigo’s face represent mine and everyone faces seeing King Jeagerjaques back.

Never Forget April 23th 2015 folks

From Terajima-sensei’s tweets.

“Today is the birthday of this person, who has a large sword-cut scar on his back. (It’s just my imagination.)”

“And today is also the birthday of Nagata-kun from Seikou school. So I will post a difference between him and Yamaguchi-kun from Seidou.”

The left is Nagata-kun, and the right is Yamaguchi-kun.


So, happy birthday to Shirasu Kenjirou and Nagata Shouhei!! (April, 23th)

If Shirasu truly had a scar on his back…It sounds really interesting. XD

I’m very sorry it took me this long to make this happen… Truth is, I was too upset about Lincoln’s death and I didn’t want to accept this. That doesn’t take away he deserves some love, and I’m sure we do too. So, finally, there’s a week coming! From April 21th until April 27th: 

  • Thursday April 21th: Favorite scene(s)
  • Friday April 22th: Most memorable quote(s)
  • Saturday April 23th:  Favorite hero moment(s)
  • Sunday April 24th: Favorite trait(s)
  • Monday April 25th: Favorite relationship (romantic and/or platonic)
  • Tuesday April 26th: Ricky Whittle appreciation
  • Wednesday April 27th: A tribute to Lincoln

Every kind of content is allowed: fanfcition, writing, graphics, gifsets, … You can also just make a playlist or fanart dedicated to Lincoln. You don’t have to follow this schedule if you don’t want to, this week is just about tributing Lincoln, an amazing character, and a way for us to say goodbye. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to come ask us.

Don’t forget to tag everything with #lincolnmemorialweek in the first five tags so we and others can reblog everything.

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”  
 ―    William Styron,Conversations with William Styron    

The International Day of The Book, April 23th