I just got home from some pisanka making at a friend’s house. I kind of reversed the clouds on the TFIOS one and John’s face is disproportionate. John, if you see this, you should know that I’m  amateur at pisanka making, so you have to forgive me. Also, Hank, if you see this, I apologize for the inadequate amount of recognition you get in this photo. No Edge was too difficult for me to put on an egg.

Watching Magic Mike with my brother against my will
  • My brother:What's happening? Is that Channing? Where's Pettyphile?
  • Me:He's so hot ughhhh.
  • My brother:I have the biggest boner right now.
  • Me:Why...?
  • My brother:Alex Pettyfer is soooooo hot. Raging boner.
  • Me:You suck.
  • My brother:What's the point of this movie?
  • My brother:Did the initial incident already happen?
  • My brother:Ahhhhh that guy's jiggling his bum.
  • My brother:Matthew Mcconaughey more like Matthew McconauGAY.
  • Me:Don't use the word gay as a derogatory term.
  • My brother:...
  • My brother:...
  • My brother:...
  • My brother:This is a good movie.
  • My brother:What the hell? What is this?
  • Me:Alex Pettyfer is so hot.
  • Me:SO HOT.
  • Me:Soooooooooo HOT.
  • My brother:Okay I have to go to bed because I have a test tomorrow but don't watch it without me! If you watch any without me I will know! You better not! Don't do it!
  • Me:...
  • Me:...
  • Me:...

Tyler and Josh: Happy Wheels Adventure-In which the boys are gaming on a bed together (quite possibly in only their underwear)

No joke, I’m crying actual tears right now this is too great. 

Oh my gosh so I’m doing math homework and listening to wtm and my mom’s boyfriend is just chillin on the couch or whatever and then blue dress was playing and I totally didn’t think of changing it and when the extreme explicitness happened I just casually sat there pretending not to be listening to the words he is probably so uncomfortable listening to the songs I blast oops

I’ve had so many Walk The Moon feels in the past few days guys, especially on Saturday omigosh. Like first of all I kept watching those acoustic radio station performances and I CRIED (seriously) and then I cried again daydreaming about meeting them and then I cried for a third time when one of my friends texted me saying ANNA SUN WAS PLAYING ON THE FREAKING RADIO I was screaming my head off HELP ME I HAVE A PROBLEM.