239 to be remembered


SO YOU GUYS - when BC is talking about his siblings in ACOWAR, he mentions “Koschei, too—confined and bound by his little lake on the continent.” ACOWAR pg 239

And I remembered - in Heir of Fire, Aelin and Rowan run into that lake critter when they’re training. LET’S JUST REVISIT THOSE DESCRIPTIONS

1) “It was swimming toward them, lazily. Curious. As it neared, she could make out a snaking body as pale as the stones on the bottom of the lake. She’d never seen anything so huge, so ancient, and—and there was only a thin layer of ice keeping her separated from it….She swallowed her shout as a scaled, massive head stared up at her. Not a dragon or a wyvern, not a serpent or a fish, but something in between. It was missing an eye, the flesh scarred around the empty socket. What in hell had done that? Was there something worse down there, swimming at the belly of the mountain?” HoFp. 287

2) “What the fool learned that night was this: the creature was almost as old as the mountain itself. It claimed to have been born in another world, but had slipped into this one when the gods were looking elsewhere. It had preyed upon Fae and humans until a mighty Fae warrior challenged it. And before the warrior was through, he carved one of the creature’s eyes out—for spite or sport—and cursed the beast, so that as long as that mountain stood, the creature would be forced to live beneath it.” ….

A monster from another realm. Had it been let in during the Valg wars, when demons had opened and closed portals to another world at will? How many of the horrific creatures that dwelled in this land were only here because of those long-ago battles over the Wyrdkeys?

“So it has dwelled in the labyrinth of underwater caves under the mountain. It has no name—for it forgot what it was called long ago, and those who meet it do not return home.” HoF p. 563


…or that SJM likes critters trapped in lakes.

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ok so I haven’t been posting much lately bc I was off keto for about a month following my gallbladder removal to let my body adjust but i’ve restarted and I am officially over 70 pounds down since mid November!!! My starting weight was 313, my weight before gallbladder surgery was 253 and i’m currently at 239! I can’t remember the last time i was in the 230s so i’m so ecstatic and my goal is to be in the 220s before june 15th 😭❣️

Today, we remember the 239 souls who were aboard Malaysia Airlines MH370, which disappeared into the Indian Ocean 2 years ago. We still do not know how or why she went down, and we still search desperately for those answers, but our main focus is on the families who are still struggling with this tragedy. There is no good news to ease your pain, but take comfort in knowing that the world stands with you, we have not forgotten, and we have not stopped caring. God speed MH370.