Something Worth Keeping

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Requested: By myself, I love this little bean. (An anon asked for more Newt, but I thought up the plot)

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1,230

A/N: I think that Newt Scamander is the love of my life. I can’t beleive that we are blessed enough to have another four (!!!) movies with him… Message me any requests, or your thoughts on this… they keep me giong.

When you told your family that you were taking a gap year to travel with your best friend, they had all thought that you lost your mind. They had never been Newt’s biggest fans, and after he got expelled, they had practically ordered you to stop talking to him. That was never going to happen, but it was cute to see them try.

The two of you were constantly writing back and forth. He told you about his travels, and you kept him up to date about all of the drama that was happening at Hogwarts. Although you received a letter from him almost every day, you still felt the absence of him in your life, on a level so deeply that it surprised even you.

Sometimes, he would come visit you at Hogsmede, and treat you to some butter beer before introducing you to his newest creature. Unlike others, you treasured each and every one of them. The Bowtruckles were a favorite of yours, even though Newt often scolded you for choosing favorites, but you knew that Pickett was his favorite as well.

When you finally graduated from Hogwarts, Newt was there, waiting for you, with the most amazing proposition you had ever heard. “Come with me.” He had said. You beamed at him. “We, we can find the creatures and we can make sure that they are protected. Y-you’ve always been better at writing than me, help me with the book.”

You nodded, only thinking briefly about what your family would think. You knew that they wouldn’t be happy with this development, but you had never been a golden child. You were on your way to Egypt. Newt had caught wind of a Thunderbird in need of help, and it was not something that you were going to pass up easily.

Now you were on a train, headed for the Thunderbird. It was a long journey, but Newt had settled in to write a new section of his book about the Niffler that the two of you had found a few days ago.

You, however, had grown tired of your novel. Even though it was interesting, you were far more interested in watching the way that Newt squished his eyebrows together when he was thinking, or how his facial expressions changed as he wrote faster and faster, getting excited about what he was writing.

The trip seemed to drag, and even with the window down, the train was absolutely sweltering. Newt had his sleeves rolled up, and somehow, you were distracted by your best friend’s forearms. You shook your head, trying to ignore the weird feeling that you had in your stomach. Maybe it was just that food you’d had earlier. Yes, that had to be it. Maybe the strange cuisine you’d eaten earlier had upset your stomach.

Nodding at your perfectly reasonable explanation, you tried to pass the time by looking out the window. Unfortunately, that didn’t help much, because surprisingly, sand was not very interesting to look at. After maybe five minutes you were bored. You glanced at your watch, hoping that you would be there soon. Two more hours.

“Maybe you should take a nap, love.” Newt said in a hushed tone beside you. “I know that you were up last night with the new Bowtruckles. You slept less than me. We have a few hours, rest.”

You sighed, leaning back in your seat and shutting your eyes. You dozed off, listening to the sound of Newt’s quill scratching against the paper.

Newt stopped writing when he felt something on his shoulder. He looked down to see you sleeping soundly, head on his shoulder. He felt your hands snake their way around his arm, and he smiled down at your sleeping form.

He had harbored feelings for you since your years at Hogwarts, but he was either too wrapped up in his creatures or too nervous to say anything about them, so you had no clue. But in that moment, he couldn’t help himself. He stroked your hair, pausing when you stirred, only to smile when you snuggled back into him, a dopey smile plastered on your face.

He put down his quill, choosing instead to pull you closer to him, and catch a few hours of sleep for himself as well.

You woke up, but when you tried to move, you found a strong pair of arms keeping you in place. You glanced up to see Newt, fast asleep. You didn’t want to move, you told yourself that it was because he needed his sleep, and not because you hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. You felt like you were at home when you were with him.

Even though it was warm, and being this close to another human probably wasn’t helping your body temperature situation, you couldn’t bring yourself to move away. Instead, you reached around him and picked up his discarded parchments, reading through his newest information on the Bowtruckles. You added some things here and there, made a note or two about where he rambled. He trusted you to make his writing better, but still maintain what he was trying to say, and carry his voice through.

“See anything worth keeping?” Newt laughed behind you, voice rough from sleep.

“I always think that there is something worth keeping.” You said, expecting Newt to sit up and move you off of him. You were pleasantly surprised when he pulled you closer to him, moving you over so that he could see the corrections you made over you shoulder.

Together, you made revisions and added your thoughts on your favorite creature until you were nearly pleased with the way that it turned out. Once you were almost there, you turned to him, searching his eyes for an explanation. “What are we doing, Newt.”

His eyes widened, obviously not expecting you to ask. You’d had a touchy feely relationship up until this point, but both of you accepted it without talking about what was going on. “I-I’m not sure what you mean by that.” He said quietly.

“What I mean by that is that when I’m around you, my heart beats faster, and when you take my hand I feel like I could float. And, and when I’m not with you I want to be, and when I am I switch between being so happy that I know you and being scared that I am going to have to leave soon.”


“Newt, if you stop me now, I won’t have the courage to finish. Just let me say what I started. I-I think that I am in love with you. And I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I really hope with all of my heart that you do.” You paused to take a deep breath, bracing for him to shoot you down.

Needless to say, you were surprised when you felt his hands cradle either side of your head, pulling you into him.

“Y/N, I have known that I am in love with you since I found you cradling that baby owl in our third year. I was just waiting, for once, for you to catch up.”

Now, you really are sure that you were going to float out of your seat. Newt was kissing you, and you were kissing him, and somehow, everything just felt right.

To Whatever End, Part 1: A Rowaelin Fic

Setting: A ship 

Summary: Aelin makes a request of Rowan that he would never refuse–and one that will change the future of Terrasen forever.

Ship: Rowaelin

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,230

A/N: EMPIRE OF STORMS SPOILERS. As per my usual, I am dealing with my feelings by writing fanfiction. If you are still emotionally unstable after EoS, this will probably not help. But I had to write this scene (which SJM rudely did not give us in the book). I’m sorry! *bursts into tears*

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@ anon in my inbox: i will answer your question tomorrow (which is actually later today) bc it’s 230a my time and as you can tell from my current stream of crack posts, i am not in the right mental state to answer a question of that depth. BUT i promise to answer it tomorrow! 

Cuddle Buddy

Summary: The boys pick a motel with a bad heating system, so you get in bed with Dean to warm up – not knowing that he’s got the hots for you. 
Word Count: 230
A/N: This is just a little something I needed to get out of my brain, and wanted to share with all you lovelies. 

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You shivered as you stood from the bed, pulling the sleeves of your hoodie down over your hands.

“Hope Sam is enjoying a nice warm bed with that bank teller,” you grumbled. In a couple of steps, you were next to Dean’s bed; he was sleeping peacefully, facing the door like the he always did. You quietly lifted up the covers, crawled underneath, then tucked them around you before tucking yourself around Dean.

“Y/N, what the hell,” Dean muttered, rolling over so that you could more comfortably cuddle against his side. He put an arm around your shoulders, and you cuddled against his broad chest. Much better.

You were already feeling sleepy again. “You dicks picked a hotel with a shitty heater. Congratulations, Winchester, you’re my personal heater for the night.”

Dean’s eyes shot open as your breathing evened out, and you drifted off to sleep. You two had a touchy-feely-without-being-gross relationship as it was, so he knew you wouldn’t think anything of him putting his arm around you, setting his chin on the top of your head, even kissing your hair – all things he had done in the last minute or so. He was not, however, so sure that the raging of his heart beneath his ribs wouldn’t wake you up and make you ask questions about his feelings for you – questions he wasn’t anywhere near prepared to answer.

Part Two: Guy Friend