First Date with Peter Headcanons

First Date With Peter - Headcanons

Requested by: @imaginesyes

Genre/warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 230

A/N: This was originally going to be an imagine, but my brain hasn’t been working lately so, here are headcanons instead. (Sorry) HCs are a lot easier for me to write rn, so if you have any just send me a request and I’ll write them for you. (I don’t care if it’s kinky) (I am just not comfortable with straight up writing smut at this point)

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•Peter was initially going to take you somewhere really nice, but you got to the restaurant and the line up was down the block.
•You guys ended up eating at a hot dog stand in the park, and a band was playing live music nearby.
•You both sit in silence for about ten minutes before you ask Peter how his chem lab went.
•He immediately responds with “How did you know I had a chem lab?”
•“we’re in the same class.”
•“.. oh yeah.”
•You guys end up talking more about school.
•You also end up tuning around the park and he falls in the fountain.
•Once he drys off you walk to the cheap movie theatre on the other side of town that plays older movies.
•It’s playing ‘The Notebook’
•Let’s just say someone was crying the whole time.
•And it wasn’t you.
•Peter tries to hold your hand awkwardly when you guys are walking back to your house.
•When he grabs your hand you smile at him and lace your fingers with his.
•(He ends up blushing the rest of the way.)
•When you get back to your house he says he had fun.
•You nod and he walks away.
•“Hey Peter!”
•He walks back over to you.
•You end up grinning evilly before saying, •“Don’t I get a kiss?”
•I’m pretty sure Peter died on the spot.

Cuddle Buddy

Summary: The boys pick a motel with a bad heating system, so you get in bed with Dean to warm up – not knowing that he’s got the hots for you. 
Word Count: 230
A/N: This is just a little something I needed to get out of my brain, and wanted to share with all you lovelies. 

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You shivered as you stood from the bed, pulling the sleeves of your hoodie down over your hands.

“Hope Sam is enjoying a nice warm bed with that bank teller,” you grumbled. In a couple of steps, you were next to Dean’s bed; he was sleeping peacefully, facing the door like the he always did. You quietly lifted up the covers, crawled underneath, then tucked them around you before tucking yourself around Dean.

“Y/N, what the hell,” Dean muttered, rolling over so that you could more comfortably cuddle against his side. He put an arm around your shoulders, and you cuddled against his broad chest. Much better.

You were already feeling sleepy again. “You dicks picked a hotel with a shitty heater. Congratulations, Winchester, you’re my personal heater for the night.”

Dean’s eyes shot open as your breathing evened out, and you drifted off to sleep. You two had a touchy-feely-without-being-gross relationship as it was, so he knew you wouldn’t think anything of him putting his arm around you, setting his chin on the top of your head, even kissing your hair – all things he had done in the last minute or so. He was not, however, so sure that the raging of his heart beneath his ribs wouldn’t wake you up and make you ask questions about his feelings for you – questions he wasn’t anywhere near prepared to answer.

Part Two: Guy Friend

agentshilonglang  asked:

I'll reword it, no problem - roachpatrol wasn't responsible. Her words weren't well-said. Adults tend to use her reasoning to sexually abuse children.

That makes more sense, thank you. I’m going to try to rephrase and repeat back to you so I’m sure I understand, because a) it’s 230a and b) I’ve been getting pelted with asks and mentions.

So are you saying now that you feel that this person is not a pedophile but that they poorly phrased responses to people which sounded bad and so people ran with it, because what they poorly phrased sounded like grooming phrasing or ephebophilia reasoning?

I’m legitimately attempting to understand, because everything that I’ve heard about the art in question makes it sound like it’s HP fanfic or a Judy Blume book and I’m not seeing anyone burning down ao3… and I’m admittedly a little skeptical when you have someone who pushes back against the Hydra!Cap stuff to the point of the Holocaust Museum noticing, and suddenly, they’ve got The Most Serious accusations against them… which turns out to be “drew teenagers in a sexual situation,” or maybe “porn,” or maybe “doing bad things to CSA survivors by … creating art that doesn’t depict or endorse CSA, but instead consensual sexual situations between teenagers.” (I’m still not sure how that works, I’ll be honest.)

So when something that looks like a smear campaign against someone doing something likely to inspire a backlash springs up, I gotta make sure I understand what is being said.

Do I have the right of it now?