Recharge is a good episode

In which I do not know how to shut the fuck up. I’m sure this episode has been rehashed hundreds of times but guess what y’all get my view on it now. This is what you get for accepting me into the fandom. This is over 2300 words. Fear me.

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I tried to explain my D&D game to my friend.

Me: “My best friend, who is a god, has lost most of his divine power and we need to take our new airship to the moon in order to make sure the sun can rise. Also the dwarf and the half-orc snuck into my bedroom in the airship, so they are about to get yelled at by a very distraught, and very naked, 2300 year old sorcerer who looks to be about 23. it’s a very strange game”

Friend, PhD: “are u high?”

me: “it’s dungeons & dragons”

08.01.17 • When you’re trying to finish English coursework but you have a headache and writer’s block 😑 I am currently on my way to see family so have gathered all my Eng Lang resources into the back of the car and trying to get as much done as possible.. 2300 words so far and haven’t even finished it.. the max is 2500 send help.

Never Have I Ever L.H

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warning: smut ;))))

word count: 2500+

summary: Luke takes y/n’s virginity after a round of Never Have I Ever

requested?: yes, hope you like it Anon! I’m sorry for the wait, I know I told you it would be up earlier but I didn’t get the chance :/ anyway don’t forget my requests are open and I respond to all! ;)

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“okay never have I ever… had sex” Ashton said, immediately putting his finger down after the suggestion. I didn’t want to play this game in the first place, not in front of 10 or so people I’ve never met before. I don’t mind Never Have I Ever but it’s better with just your friends so you can admit anything without feeling embarrassed.

But of course Ashton had to do the sex one. I’m not ashamed of being a virgin it’s just that people judge you very easily, because apparently still being a virgin at 18 is a sin. 

And I can’t lie because one look from everyone and my face crumbles, the moral of the story, don’t trust me to hide anything because people can tell I’m lying from a mile away. 

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