Exo as Jonas Brothers songs. 

Yixing:  Love Bug

Chanyeol:  That’s The Way We Roll

Baekhyun: Year 3000

Kyungsoo:  Paranoid

Sehun:  Kids of the Future

Minseok: Burning Up

Chen: Mandy

Kai:  Pom Poms

Suho:  When You Look Me In The Eyes

  • Zelena: We're gonna trust the Evil Queen? Wasn't she just trying to murder us like a second ago?
  • Regina: You're one to talk. Didn't *you* team up with her for a hot second?
  • Zelena: Honestly, that only serves to prove my point.

anonymous asked:

I feel like Emma was all of us during that confrontation. She basically abolished every single one of Hook's reasons and forced him to confront the real reason why he was so afraid to tell her. Because despite how far he's come, how much he's changed, and how even though he's earned forgiveness, he still hasn't forgiven himself for his past deeds as Captain Hook.

Right. It makes me incredibly glad that she didn’t care about what he did, because like she says it’s all in the past. It was the lying that got to her, because she thought they were past that. And they are, but I understand where Killian is coming from here.

And that’s why I love this moment so much. Because like you said, like he’s said, he earned forgiveness from others, it’s just himself that he has to forgive. 

Ugh don’t you just love him?

  • Henry: Where do you think she went?
  • Regina: There's no way to know for sure, but I bet she ended up with Wish Robin.
  • Henry: What? Why would it send her to a world where she's a wanted criminal who's just killed the reinging monarchs, made off with the princess, and has a price on her head? I wrote 'the evil queen gets a fresh start' not 'the evil queen has a public execution'.
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.
  • Henry: Didn't you say Rumple was trying to kill you when you left too?
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.