he did try to fight back from being captured, but he’s only one guy. either way, it’s a group of Russian gangsters and they’re being warned to be careful of Akihito so that’s something

#accurate—right now all Akihito has is his mouth, and he’s going to use even the little bit that he knows here to fight back. he just does not give up

I can’t remember reading it, and it certainly fits his image, but does Akihito dye his hair?

Impresa del secolo

Domani scoperò con il mio scopamico mentre ce il suo migliore amico con cui ci sto provando nella stanza sopra e se va male mi faccio il migliore amico:))

Day 23

I couldn’t not paint my nails so I tried out all the nail polishes I had used before.

Worked at Priceline from 11-3 and the shift dragged on for a bit, most likely because I was basically on reg the whole day but Sabrina gave me a break which was nice of her.

DAY #023
I just noticed this on my roster LOL
Had my probationary review today and I didnt get fired! Two people that I was pretty close to did though and another almost did but got a second chance

Oh dear God, last night I actually dreamt that Tessa and Jem have sex in Clockwork Princess.

It was like a punch in the face and not even the fact that I got CP2 early could cheer me up.

I blame you, Tina, for making me remember it.

Pride and Prejudice


Now I’m reading Mr Darcy’s Diary but so far I am not impressed; Fitzwilliam seems pretty flat and he even called Georgiana ‘Georgie’.

I hope the book will improve, the reviews on goodreads are pretty mixed.