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An apology for not answering any Q&As this past weekend. I’ll answer them all this weekend. Promise.


The sabbat Mabon (Northern Hemisphere) is September 22nd (2017). Mabon falls on the autumnal equinox. The sabbat Ostara (Southern Hemisphere) is September 23rd (2017). Ostara falls on the vernal/spring equinox. 

Northern Hemisphere - September 22nd

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Southern Hemisphere - September 23rd

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Mario Kart Asks!!

1- First Mario Kart game?

2- Best Mario Kart game?

3- Do you play the handheld Kart games?

4- Is there one of the games that stands out as being really bad?

5- Who do you always race as?

6- Which game has the best tracks?

7- What is your all time favorite track?

8- Describe a silly moment that happened during a race.

9- Are you generally better or generally worse than your friends?

10- Do you ever play Time Trials?

11- Is it disappointing that there aren’t as many tournaments for Mario Kart as there are for other games?

12- Favorite character?

13- How old were you when you played a Kart game for the first time?

14- Preferred controller type/setup?

15- Do you like Battle mode?

16- Do you have a Mario Kart Rival?

17- Which game did you play the most?

18- What is your all time least favorite track?

19- What is the most underrated Mario Kart game?

20- What is the most overrated Mario Kart game?

21- Kart or bike?

22- Do you like playing with the steering wheel?

23- Do you miss DK Jr?

24- What is the best mode to race in?

25- Make up your own question.

BRABUS Widestar package in Designo Matte Olive with the BRABUS 23" forged Monoblock Y wheels.
Photograph courtesy of #_camerontokumoto
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anonymous asked:

ok so i was going through my sherlock chronicles book (definitely worth it omffffg SO MANY GAY PHOTOS OF THEM) and there are a lot of deleted scenes too, including one about reichenbach.... basically at the end when sherlock is getting pushed away on a stretcher the squash ball accidentally falls from his sleeve and bounces over to john. i am glad they did not actually do that. because i would not have been able to cope. literally they label the frame descriptions with 'john looking sad'. *sobs*

Hi Nonny!! I just RECENTLY acquired the Sherlock Chronicles, so I haven’t had a chance to read it over to cover yet (though I am DYING at what I have perused). Here’s the section you’re referencing, so we can all die together. Sorry for the pic quality; my scanner doesn’t work with my new computer so I had to photograph it.

This is Page 206, for anyone who wants to see it nicer. Here’s a closeup of the panels:

(13) He Collides With a Cyclist
(15) Low Angle inside Crowd, John Barges his Way in

(16) John’s POV - Someone Checking for a Pulse
(17) John checks Ben’s wrist for a pulse
(18) Ben is dragged off by the doctors

(19) Stretcher Wheeled Away
(20) C/U (close up?) John looking sad
(21) Closer on trolley wheel

(23) John looks sadly – holding the ball

(A) Girl pushing body out of the window
(B) Linen flies out as Ben lands in the Van
© Ben Jumps from the Van

Alrighty, a few things:

  1. This was awful why did you make me do this.
  2. I am laughing that Sherlock is now Ben.
  4. I think this is from the early scenes of TEH. The numbers on the storyboards represent where it is in the episode. I think the lettered ones are from the “other solutions”.
  5. In (A), it’s interesting to me that it’s “girl” and not “Molly”. I wonder if Molly was just an afterthought. OR was this planned as far back as S1??? *shrugs*
  6. I like that they actually seriously considered filming the jump into the lorry. Idea from fan theories? Hee hee.
  7. #Art Goals. God I love this style.

And same re: the scene playing out as above. I like the idea that John still always holds onto hope even WITHOUT proof. Just blind faith that Sherlock WILL always come back to him. 

Too bad Mary drags that hope right out of him.

Gravity Falls weirdmageddon checklist:

How long will it be until…

1) dipper finds mabel
2) someone sacrifices themselves to protect someone else
3) ford realizes that dipper and mabel had a healthy relationship and he is tearing them apart
4) stan realizes this is all ford’s fault
5) bill posseses someone else
6) mabel wakes up
7) blendin explains what happened
8) bill reveals his intentions/motives
9) candy and grenda are pulled into this
10) something related to stan ends up in flames
11) “everything changes” two more times
12) someone gets killed
13) next haitus
14) ford and mcgucket reunion
15) ford finding frozen shapeshifter as dipper in bunker
16) ford apologizes to everyone/ makes up with stan
17) the use of the cipher wheel comes into play
18) dad pines shows up
19) dipper’s real name is revealed
20) mabel and dipper’s 13th birthday
21) someone messes with time
22) we find out what/who the symbols on the cipher wheel mean
23) mabel becomes a meme
☑️) we find out why soos’s grandma is a chair
☑️) someone attempts to physically hurt bill and fails
26) dipper and mabel find out about ford kicking stan out of the mystery shack
27) gideon meets ford
28) gideon reveals his true intentions
29) bill cannot keep the pines in their proper places anymore
30) ford’s memories are really revealed
31) mabel gets used against dipper and he has to choose between her and ford
32) someone says something they regret
33) bill is stopped
34) both pairs of twins make up
35) we reach the end of summer

I’m gonna keep this updated as the series continues.