23 weeks 6 days


23.6.16, 17:21 // activity week so no days of productivity

hello so sorry I haven’t posted in almost a week but this week was activity week for my school. so basically on Monday we went to Liverpool and today (Thursday) we went to Birmingham for the bants and then Tuesday n Wednesday was UCAS days to talk about universities and applying with an EPQ talking weds morning. then tmr is careers day.

on Monday, I went to paper chase and bought a new Rhodia dotted webnotebook in orange bc it was on sale (£14 or SMTH to £9.75 which was pretty good). we also went to play mini golf lmao

I’ve decided what my EPQ is gonna be on and I think I’m gonna do it on [a mental disorder]: nature vs nurture, so whether it’s in your genes or psychological n stuff. I mean it’s still early days but we’ll see n im v excited!!

today I went to MUJI (as you can see from 2 of the photos) n it’s so pretty!!!! there was only one shelf dedicated to stationary n notebooks n I only took a photo of one side. n then I bought the 0.5 gel pens and 2 double ended highlighters, which I can’t wait to use!! we also went to the library in Birmingham which 很有意思! (I couldn’t think of it in English but like v interesting????) the 2nd photo is of the Shakespeare bit in it on the skyline level I think. if you ever get the chance to go to Birmingham, UK, then I suggest going to see the library cos it’s so cool, spesh going on the balcony!!

happy studying and productive days! XXX

p.s. being a studyblr does not require you to have special stationary from like MUJI n staedtler or whatever other people use. I literally write all my notes for school with just supermarket biros from like asda or poundland or whatever and the fineliners I use for notes are from asda that I bought for like a couple of quid.