23 men who can get it

Need A Binder?

So here are places where you can get binders!

Places Where You Can Buy

ftmessentials.com ($34-$38)
gc2b.co ($33-$35)
f2mbinders.com ($28-$38)
Underworks.com ($28-$33) note:there are “light” compression shirts on thus site for about $18

Places Where You Can Possibly Get One Free

FTME Free Youth Binder Program
(For people under 23-USA only- Only have Underworks tri-tops in white- you must fill out an application and include your financial situation)

In A Bind Program
(Provide new and used binders to young trans and gender variant teens and young adults up to age 21-who do not have financial support- NOTE they have a waiting list of 1,000 )

Big Brothers Used Binder Program
(Distributes free and used binders to trans/ftm/intersex men over age 22)

Binder Boys
(On Facebook has monthly givaway contests for pre-op trans guys)

Replace The Ace
(A campaign to reduce the use of harmful binding methods- the distruute second hand bidners to ftm trans identified individuals who use harmful binding methods. USA only)

Point 5cc T-shirt Company
(Sell trans friendly t-shirts and giveaway free second hand bidners on request with the purchase of a T-shirt)

MORF Binder Exchange
(MORF has been redistributing free binders to trans guys all over the UK who need them-UK only )

I Hope This Helps You Peeps Out
Mod Kendrick😉

[originally posted 5.23.15]

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