23 karat gold

Did You Know?

The Metropolitan Opera’s expansive auditorium ceiling is entirely covered in 23 karat gold leaf – applied one 2 ½ inch square at a time. Because of the unusually large quantity this project required, the Met was restricted to a weekly gold quota while building it in order to avoid a drain in gold supplies to other Manhattan businesses. 

Did y’all see what was in the Grammys [swag bag] this year? Holy crap. Each nominee was given about $22k worth of random prizes! Check this out, they even got a piece of candy that is worth $80. A PIECE OF CANDY. 

It’s a frickin [23-karat gold dusted pecan praline]! Worth $80! And you just EAT IT. 

Imagine being given $22k worth of useless stuff just because you were already awesome enough to be nominated for a Grammy! Jesus. And who the flip wants to eat actual gold? AND THEN HAVE THEIR FACE WRAPPED IN GOLD FOR ANOTHER $460?

This is literally just throwing money away. You can’t even donate this ridiculousness to the homeless or anything. What’s a homeless person gonna do with a gold-wrapped face? CONTINUE TO BE HOMELESS. 

Next year they oughta give all the Grammy nominees a choice between getting the swag bag or having the $22,000 that would have been spent on their swag bag donated to charity on their behalf instead. See who does it. 

Flipping gold pralines. 



23 karat gold window sign in Hayes Valley, SF. Water gilded outlines (and California bear silhouettes) with matte centers and black drop shadow. Custom design by GWSA.