23 juli

My girlfriend does this thing where she puts a billion pillows on the bed. But we only ever use two, and I always take them off. I actually hid them once and she got really upset. She was like, ‘Where are they?’ and I was like, 'We don’t use them!’
—  Ed Sheeran, July 23, 2017. [x]

In Saskatoon, Ed Sheeran talks about pillows, getting sunburned, facetiming his cats, Disney movies, back tattoos, hitting Justin Bieber with a golf club, and working with his brother. Also he putts a golf ball out of the interviewer’s mouth. July 23, 2017. 

In Japan, it’s July 23!
Sasuke is my favorite male character from Naruto.
From the beginning, I’ve always understood your motivations and your frustrations.
He lost his clan, his family and then lost his brother. And I can not even imagine how much I have suffered from it. Sasuke has gone through too many things. He was overcome by hatred and thirst for revenge, all for not knowing the true story behind the massacre of his clan. Can you imagine how painful his life must have been?
I know that nothing justify the bad things he did, the people he hurt and made cry, but deep down, I always knew he had a good heart in the end. And this has been confirmed. Sasuke has now found happiness, has formed a family and I’m sure he is very grateful for this. My baby deserves all the love and happiness is the world.

Tanjoubi omedetou Uchiha Sasuke ❤