23 francs


[top]  Frances Wilson, 1961.

Frances, a 23 year old student at Tennessee State University, was expelled for her participation in the Freedom Rides along with 14 other students. In 2008, the expelled students all received honorary doctorates from Tennessee State University. Sadly, Frances did not live long enough to receive her degree.

[bottom]  Freedom Rider Rita Carter, 1961.

Rita, then an 18 year student Oakland City College, rode on the Illinois Central Railroad from New Orleans, Louisiana to Jackson, Mississippi where she was arrested with nearly a dozen others on June 20, 1961.

Alright guys. We’re finally ready to bring in the next phase of our plan of action. While the rest of us have been hard core training, a couple of us, Enj in particular, have been looking through the information on FRANCE we got from… Joly’s stuff. We found a LOT of evidence about the shit FRANCE has been doing to the country, enough to put the Director and all his little soldiers behind bars for the rest of their lives! We’re gonna leak the information to the national newspapers, tv, and radio broadcasters. We’re gonna get this shit out there and everywhere, and the public is going to take notice! The public is gonna see the injustice and crimes FRANCE has committed, and they aren’t going to let it happen anymore. The people will rise with us, and when they do, we’ll take out FRANCE. Watch this space guys, things are finally going to change. Just gotta wait one day more! -Bossuet