Hands, by Fereydoon Moshiri / فریدون مشیری

Can there be anything,

More precious than eyes and hearts?


Indeed, more precious than eyes and hearts, are hands!

Of all the seen and unseen gems,

Incarnate in body and soul,

The most preciou, no doubt,

Are the hands.

All the gains of life are seized by hand!

Everything in this world,

Everything on this Earth,

Is ruled under someone’s hand!

Have you heard of such a reign?!

Hand are ruling the world!

Noble are the hands!

If only for what they’re tasked to do

My most beloved deed in life;


In the deepest of plights,

In the gravest of grieves,

Many a time have I called out to myself:

“Take heart!”

“You have nothing, but you still have your hands!”

Remember Bisotun?

Put your hands to work,

To move a mountain like a blade of hay.

And, what an amazing force,

Is in hands that are connected to one another!

If ever one is defeated,

Surely, his hands must’ve been tied!

To be hand in hand with someone;

Union of two souls!

To be hand in hand with someone;

Pledge of two lovers!

If you’re hand in hand with another,

You sense the exchange of words

From one friend’s hand to the other.

The fleeting touch of a physician’s hand,

Laid with care on a patient’s forehead,

Heals better than any prescribed remedy!

As you rise up dancing,

Waiving your hands in the air,

It’s the flag of joy you’re raising,

With the flag that is your han,

Sorrow’s army you’re defeating!

Hands are the treasure-chest of love and art:

Be it on the frets of an instrument,

Be it on the shoulder of a friend,

Be it on the portrait on a canvas,

Be it on the gear of a wheel,

Be it on the handle of a sickle,

Be it extended to help the blind,

Be it in building a better tomorrow!

What keeps tormenting my heart?

Compounding my other bitter gloom,

Is humanity’s fate and doom!

Regret and pain weigh heavily upon our hearts,

For our hands have yet to reach out to one another,

But, our bullets have reached their targets.


AHHHHH I FOUND KAITONATION AT THE STORE EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO COME OUT TOMORROW!!!!! i’m so happy ;___; i got the keychan illustrated by umu!! and i bought it from animega so i also got a BEAUTIFUL clear file!!!!!!!!

23 - Steve x Reader

Plot: Soulmate!AU where Steve has the number 23 tattooed in his skin from birth, indicating the age his soulmate will be when he first meets her.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Words: 1670
Warnings: None

Originally posted by bruce-selina

Steve Rogers is born on July 4th, 1918, with the number 23 etched into the skin of his wrist. He grows up convinced that 23 is his favorite number, because that’s the age his soul mate will be when he meets her. Steve dreams about her almost every night, wondering what she looks like, if she’s doing okay, or even if she’s happy. Boy, does he hope she’s happy. If not, though, he can’t wait to meet her one-day and make her the happiest person in the world.

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23: Part 2 - Steve x Reader

Part 1

Plot: Reader believes her number is more of a joke than a blessing. That is, until the Battle of New York, when she just so happens to meet Steve Rogers and things get a little confusing.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Words: 1653
Warnings: None

Originally posted by stevebuccy

You spend your whole childhood being picked on, tormented, and laughed at, all because of the stupid number on your wrist. How unlucky are you that your soul mate will be 93 when you meet him? Really? Is that fate’s way of laughing in your face every single day?

The day you were born in the spring of 1989, your mother spent an hour kissing you and crying. She was devastated for you, because she had no idea what would come of your number. You were the most beautiful baby she had ever seen, and all she wanted was a life of happiness and good health for you. You’re lucky, she supposes, that you’ll meet them eventually. But how are you supposed to have a life together with a number like 93?

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