Then one of them, a lawyer, asked Him a question, testing Him, and saying, “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?”

Jesus said to him, “ ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

—  Matthew 22:35-40
Warmth – T

I took Warmth with a coffee shop au idea (from the list I reblogged a day ago) and came up with this. There are two different languages spoke so Water Tribe is in italics and the common language is not.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine - it hardly mattered what it was, but Katara’s favorite drinks were always warm. She loved the feeling when you took a sip and you could feel the warmth as it traveled through your body.

This meant that whenever someone wanted to talk or hang out with Katara, she always suggested The Jasmine Cup. Eventually, Katara and her sister in law, Suki, had a standing date Saturday mornings.

They had practically grown up together and so Suki knew the Water Tribe language in and out. That said, Katara typically didn’t like speaking it in front of others because it made some people uneasy. Everyone spoke the Avatar’s Tongue as it was called.

Have you noticed the barista before?” Suki asked, speaking in Water Tribe.

Katara knew who she was talking about without having to turn. The Jasmine Cup only had 3 employees and Katara recognized who took their order. “Yes, what about him?

Well I think he’s pretty cute and he won’t stop looking over here.” Suki smirked and had to hold herself back from winking at the man. It was adorable to her the way he acted.

I don’t think Sokka would like to know that you’re looking at other guys.

“Psh, I’m looking at guys on your behalf. As long as they aren’t Jet, he’d happy. Oh, here he comes with our drinks. I think you should say something to him. Compliment him. Pick a feature. Right now.” Suki pushed, even though the man was steps away from their table.

Katara spoke in a whisper, even though it looked like no one else in the shop spoke Water Tribe. She looked up at him as he approached. “Not right now Suki, I don’t want to talk about how hot he is… those arms though.” Katara had to shake her head to get back on focus. “Thank you,” she told him in the common language.

Suki didn’t miss the way he blushed right after Katara talked. He was close enough that he probably heard her voice but unless he knew Water Tribe, he wouldn’t know what she said. Unless.

Oo, very true, his does have nice muscles. But look at those golden eyes.” Suki was testing a theory. A theory that was proved true as the man blushed harder, mumbled a word and rushed away. She couldn’t hold back her laugh. Katara gave her a confused look, how was talking about how cute the employee was funny? “Oh, Katara. I think we’ve made a mistake. Well, not a mistake, but we’ve been very rude. I think, that our barista man speaks Water Tribe and knows we we’re ogling him!

Katara was mortified. How should she apologize for their behavior?

On the other side of the counter was Zuko, a young man who had started to learn a language because the girl he had a crush on spoke it. Water Tribe was actually a lovely language and he was enjoying the process. So when he saw the pair enter today, he prepared to listen in and see if he could understand them. He understood them alright. It was a bit embarrassing to hear, but he appreciated that they didn’t mention the scar on his face.

A movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention. She was at the counter. “Do you speak Water Tribe?

Zuko busied himself with a cleaning towel as he remembered the return phrase, “Yes, I speak Water Tribe. I am a student.” It seemed that all complex verbs and conjugations he knew flew out the window. He didn’t think he’d be this nervous talking to her.

“Well, obviously we both know the Avatar’s Tongue so we can just use that. I, um, didn’t realize that you could understand us. I’m sorry you overheard us. We shouldn’t have objectified you like that. You’re just doing your job.” Katara rushed to say.

Zuko’s blush hadn’t faded, “The funny thing is, that I started learning because I knew you spoke it. I actually was going to respond one of these days in Water Tribe as a surprise.”

“Really?” Her face showed her shock. “Well I look forward to the day you surprise me again.” Her smile was radiant and warm and even though the shop was already cozy, Zuko felt like he was sitting in a sunbeam. “I should go back, I don’t want my drink to cool. But I promise I’ll say something to you before I leave.”

Zuko nodded that it was fine, but then he remembered the first thing he wanted to say to her if given the chance. “Wait! Um, my name is Zuko. You have hair. What’s your name?” He didn’t realize he forgot the adjective, beautiful, when mentioning her hair. But it made Katara smile even wider.

Katara stuck out her hand to shake his. “My name is Katara. Nice to meet you Zuko.” She never imagined his hand would be so warm.


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