22nd Street

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His feet hit the pavement noisily, the sound of his pants clattering against his legs as he continued toward the corner. His chest was light almost as if he wasn’t even breathing…weightless. The sound of his own breath was foreign to his ears as he rounded the corner and his body jerked to a halt, his chest growing heavy and his stomach sick. He swore that he could smell burning flesh among the wreck before himself… but what wounded him more were the people surrounding it, screaming and sobbing. He stumbled forward toward the wreck and was held back quickly by bystanders when the burning hand reached from the wreckage.

He never remembered screaming, just the air escaping his lungs as the car exploded. He never remembered the blood that streaked his tanned cheek and his clothed side… he never remembered any of it but the sound of something that wasn’t his… the sound of flesh hitting the untainted tar streets before himself, and the flashing memories of what he’d thought was finally going to be the end of his miserable life on this terrible street. Even then, as he lay in his hospital bed, he asked and asked… where was Haisen and if he was coming to pick him up soon.

No one had the heart to tell him about the other boy.

Not one soul.

Chapter One:

It was the beginning of the day, and like any other morning, he found himself in the back of the bus listening to pointless conversations about the homecoming dance and who was the hottest jock on the football team; The usual when you rode the bus to Jackdale High school in the morning. He looked out the window, the sound of smooth Celtic music blessing his ears from the cursed noise outside of the confines of his soundproof headphones. He closed his eyes, picturing something new, a different place far from the city limits of Jackdale and the Mad Jackal… somewhere more peaceful and less stressful, like a small country home where there was nothing but fields of flowers and wheat. But he was knocked out his revelations by the sudden pain of a pointed tip to a ball striking his gut, his headphones falling around his neck as he jerked forward.

The damp smell of old leather and sweat filled his senses, destroying his thoughts and breaking his vision as he’d created it. He paused and frowned as his frustrated sigh was drowned out by the roaring laughter of the Letterman Jocks and their Cheer-leading girlfriends as he picked up the oblong shaped ball. He examined it before looking back at the Jocks at the front of the bus, his gray eyes still dazed from the initial strike and the shock from it even being thrown at him. Some people just never recalled the one kid in the back seats that no one liked… did they?

“Hey Arsenic, throw it back here!” One of the jocks called, holding his hands over his head as the others looked at him.

“…” He stared at the football as the bus came to a stop his eyes now sparked with irritation as he got up and began to exit the bus, “First of all, my name is Alec, not Arsenic. Do I look like a pyromaniac to you in the slightest?” he shoved the ball into the jock’s chest, “If you look at the ordeal from a logical manner, I do not drink, I don’t suffer from over stress, and I do not find satisfaction in burning things down! Now if you want to throw your damn ball around, do it on the field.” As he stepped off however, he looked back, “And by the way, my stomach is not a target for your damn…”

That’s when it hit him, a horrifyingly sick feeling as the contents of his morning breakfast spilled over the school pavement and another sickening feeling rang in his ear as he was pinned against the school bus by four of the football team members. He struggled, but every time he did there was another jolt… and another, until he tasted a heavy, and bitter dose of copper on his lips, forgetting that he was even held down anymore. They just roared with laughter until a white figure emerged from a small group of students that were watching on in awe. His vision was blurry until the jock reared his fist back for another strike and was stopped by the gray haired figure, his dark eyes staring calmly at the other male before jerking him to a holding position.

Alec stared on for a moment, forgetting that he was bleeding from his nose, his mouth, or fresh cut on his lip; Just looking at the beautiful figure draped in white. He continued to watch as he proceeded to strike at the jock, drawing no blood, simply striking from place to place, dropping him to his knees until he was face first on the pavement. The smell of vomit still lingering in the air as the jock landed face first into it, freaking out as the contents mingled with his gelled spiky hair. The gray haired male spoke for the first time, his voice melodious to the black haired teen.

“I hope you’re quite done with this display… because I’ll be more than happy to finish it again for you if you’d like.”

“Get off you crazy freak!”

“You caused it so you’re paying for the consequence you know… so until you can apologize for what you caused, you will suffer forever in the smell of the contents that you spilled. I can sit here all day if you’d prefer it.”

“…” The voice was small, so quiet that Alec couldn’t hear it at first.

“I’m sorry, repeat that so he can hear it.”

“I said I’m sorry, damn it! Now let me up!”

Hoisting the jock up by the collar of his shirt, he looked at him, his eyes dead for a moment before filling with concern as the other jocks released the black haired teen from their grasps to aid their fallen comrade, “Are you alright?”

“I am now… thank you.” The ebony haired male smiled as he looked at the figure in white, “Do I know you…?” he squinted his gray eyes at the gray haired figure before those deep eyes entrapped him again.

“My name is Haisen… pleasure to meet you, Alec.”

Before he could ask another question, the white clad figure was walking away into the crowd of students that had now gathered in front of the bus. Some of them looked at him like he was a freak, some kind of monster as the blood dripped from his busted nose and lip. Then the the school bell rang out noisily, snapping his attention up toward the school and causing the crowd to disperse and rush toward the school. Homeroom would be starting soon and he hadn’t even gone to his locker quite yet. Picking up his backpack he rushed toward the school, trying to cover up the bloody mess as he went to the restroom.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror, his gray eyes tired and distant as he looked at the blood trickle down his neck, vanishing under the large collar of his shirt and trailing the length of his collar bone. He shivered as it ran its course down his slim frame and stopped at the bellybutton, finding home in it’s curve as Alec began to unbutton the troublesome swallow tail top. He could swear that looking at it, it looked like an infectious lump on his abdomen, but he knew better than that in the slightest. He sighed and began to clean the mess and hurried to homeroom in time to inform the teacher that he was present and to be laughed at by the rest of the class.

“So glad of you to join us, Mr. Voss.” the teacher looked over his shoulder calmly, “Now what is your excuse today, hmmm?”

“Sorry Mr. Swart” The black haired teen had suddenly noticed the class staring at him, “I really had to use the restroom, the bathroom at home is being worked on.”

There was a sudden roar of laughter, the one thing he was good at doing, “Is that so? Well then…perhaps you should ask a friend to use their restroom next time so you’re not late to your homeroom again? One more strike”

“Understood, sir… but I—” Instead of listening to him, he continued role call and ignored him, “I don’t have any friends near me…” He finished his thought as he put his head down on the table and putting on his headphones.

The day seemed to go just as slow as his ride to school as students whispered about the fight that morning. He recalled seeing a few of his teachers just watching the fight instead of physically doing something about the abusive jock. He was starting to remember again why he hated this place so much as he lifted his head to find one of his friends trying to pick up her books as they were pushed away from her. He watched the jocks take her glasses and watch her fumble around looking for her books, bag, and now her glasses. He frowned as he made his way over, his eyes sharp and filled with intent.

“Knock it off Breniman!” He snapped as he swiped the glasses from the jock’s face, “You know Kal can’t see!”

“Aww, looks like lover boy comes to her rescue again. Oh wait, I forgot… Alec is gay.”

“And that’s a problem? I’m sure that if I wanted to I could get more pussy in a week than you do in a year.”

“Yeah from your mom!” The roaring laughter started up again as the tanned student frowned.

“I’ve told you Breniman… don’t bring my mother into these fights.”

“I’m sorry, I’m still trying to figure out why a MILF like her could raise such a disturbed kid.”

“…” he started to say something but turned to the blind girl and put the glasses back in her hands.

“Oh… oh man… thanks Al” she smiled as she put her large glasses back on.

“Alec… please, for the love of god, stop calling me Al.” The tanned student rubbed the back of his neck.

Kal was a girl with some sort of spunk that was hard to understand unless you were friends with her. She had short, messy, black hair and these dark chocolate brown eyes that were hard not to stare into. Her shoulders were exposed from under the puffy gray vest that hid her chest, her rather baggy gray pants dragging the floor, tearing them unintentionally. She shuffled and smiled after she fixed her glasses to her face, pushing them off of the brim of her nose before smiling at the older student.

“You alright Kalintz?” Alec asked calmly.

“Yeah, could be worse I could be laying in a hospital bed in a coma~” She sang and laughed.

“Better than here. I’d love to get stuck in a place like ‘The World’” Alec sighed silently

“Aww, you poor soul” she pat his head as she picked up the rest of her books and shoved them into her backpack before she put her hands behind her head, the vest tightening around her breasts slightly and making the junior blush slightly.