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When Pepper and Tony eventually get married, Shanta insists on having a part in it even though she has no idea what all a wedding entails in American culture. So they just have her be flower girl, and instead of tossing the petals down she thinks her job is to give everyone a flower. Nobody’s quite sure where the mis-communication happened, but nobody really had any complaints about it.

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NewLeaf discount airline partners with company that collects bids on flights

SASKATOON - Canada’s newest discount airline says it will let travellers bid on unsold seats.

NewLeaf says the idea is part of a partnership with Calgary-based company Jump On Flyaways.

Roger Jewitt, CEO of Jump On, says there are a lot of airline seats that fly empty every year because airlines use complicated revenue management techniques to maximize their seat revenue.

He says Jump On’s business model is to collect bids on the potentially unsold seats, and let the airlines consider the best bid.

He says it is conceivable a person could be the only bidder on a particular seat and get the flight for $1, though the company’s website notes air travel partners will consider “reasonable” bids and can decline them.

Jump On opened its online portal for NewLeaf’s 11 routes on July 19.

The travel company’s destinations include Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Abbotsford, Hamilton, Halifax, Kamloops, Moncton, Kelowna and Victoria.

NewLeaf is the first airline to partner with Jump On to offer seat bidding.


Good Boy

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by annundriel

Bitty knows Jack likes to be on his knees. He just didn’t realize how much.

Words: 2231, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Series: How I Imagined it
Warnings: none apply
Fandom: teen wolf
Ship: Stiles Stilinski/Lydia Martin
Characters: Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski
Language: English
Words: 2231
Summary:  Stiles likes to keep some things hidden but when Lydia shows up at the local diner unexpected, she joins Stiles while he’s in the zone writing. She learns a lot about him while he’s not even paying any real attention to her- and all over a cup of coffee.