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Tokyo Godfathers 「東京ゴッドファーザーズ」

Kon Satoshi


★★★★ out of 5

Finally got my hands on a copy!  This film is so much fun to watch.  It’s filled with a ton of coincidences, funny dialogue/situations, and lots of heart.  One of Satoshi Kon’s more “realistic” films in comparison to things like Paprika, and personally, I felt that it had every bit of his spark.  Lots of fun, and lighthearted (when appropriate) for Kon.  

#222: “In Barbie & the Diamond Castle, I think of the heart necklaces as wedding rings. When they decide to make necklaces, it’s a mini-wedding ceremony. Liana and Alexa hold hands and say, “best friends today, tomorrow, and always.” After they fight, Alexa takes off her necklace/ring and now she isn’t protected by the power of love anymore. Later, Liana saves Alexa by putting the necklace/ring back on her. Liana renews her marriage vows to her wife, Alexa, and she is saved by the power of her love.”

- @alantlm