Saw a few people post 221B Con ‘meet the blogger’ posts so I thought I’d add mine to the mix!! 

Name: Devin. Will answer to Devin or my username (devinleighbee), bonus points if you call me Devin Leigh (pronounced Lee) because I just really like being called by my first and middle name :)

Age: 21, let’s meet up for drinks!

At the Con: I will most likely be attached to Alex’s hip! So if you see a redhead with glasses following around a pretty blonde that’s probably us! I do not know what I’ll be wearing (possibly my femlock outfit) but I will have a little pin or sticker on me with the fuckyeahjohnlockfanfic logo (Alex and Shoy will have one as well) so that’s one way to find me! Alex and I have business cards too so expect some cheesy 'Here’s my card’ pickup lines 

General: Please come up to me and say hello! I’m SUPER shy around fandom people (IDK WHY??) and get too nervous to make the first move! Just come up to me and tell me your name/url because I’d love to meet all of you! We’ll also be at Cara’s teaparty before the con! Mmmmm tea @u@

Photos: I will have my camera with me and I’m going to try to take as many photos as possible! I’d love to get one with all the bloggers I meet! If you don’t want me to take your photo just let me know! I am actually a huge creeper and am a photojournalistic photographer and will probably take photos of people at a distance, so if you see photos posted of you and don’t want them up just let me know! 




So it’s no secret that there is going to be some serious artistic talent in the 221b Con dealers room all weekend, which is going to be awesome! There’s so much talent actually, that a small handful of people I adore weren’t able to get space. It happens! Coey, Shy, and Enerjax are darling and precious and stupidly talented and I wanted desperately to see them at the con, but I knew Coey and Shy at least would not be able to afford the trip from Ohio without being able to cover the cost somehow. So, after lots of begging and pleading and trying to do everything else under the sun, I realized I could just let them sell some of their prints and shirts and stuff during the tea party. Sometimes I set up my own prints and stuff to sell during the tea parties, so it’s quite similar. SO! If you’re attending the tea party, please consider buying some amazing art from some amazing artists while you’re there! It may be your only chance to score art from them all weekend!

Also at the tea party we’ll have lots of other art from more artists (such as Mystradedoodles, Reapersun, Hoursago, and Inchells) available as prizes and in the gift bags! I just really love our fandoms artists, like, tons.

[EDIT] We’ll also have the amazing Katie at the tea party taking portraits of people in cosplay (or just dressed awesome) enjoying tea, and you definitely should hit her up for some amazing shots as well *///v///*


I FINALLY got the wifi to work on my iPad, but I am beyond exhausted, so for now I am just going to post a brief THANK YOU to everyone that came to the tea party tonight! I was completely blown away by the turn out, and I want to apologize for how flustered I must have seemed most of the time. Luckily though, I still have an entire weekend to talk with you all more when I’m not doing 20 things at once! So thanks again for making this a successful kick off to 221b Con, and I hope you all had a great time! LOVE YOU! COME SEE MY FANART PANEL AT NOON TOMORROW!