221B-Con 2014: Part 4

1. Will Graham, Hannibal & poor, poor doggie.

2. ilovemesomemystrade & edenkestral as Moran & zombie!Moriarty

3. parvumnix & intricatearticulation as THE CUTEST Bat!John & Fawnlock <3

4-7. Some of my favorite little doodles from the threepatchpodcast wall outside. Cocklock is something I want framed on my wall.

I'm finally home.

221B Con was the best! Like everyone else I cannot wait until next year. I have a ton of swag to post pictures of and stories to tell. Don’t worry emmagrant01 I promise to post BOTH of the drabbles I wrote in your fanfic workshops Friday and Saturday night. Wiggins and Moriarty have more reading to do in John’s drafts. ;) 

I want to say THANK YOU to cloakstone69 and queenmab3 for helping me get through my first con ever. You guys are brilliant and I miss you so much!!! (and I’m still jealous Val got to have dinner with enerjax) THREE MUSKETEERS 5EVER!

abundantlyqueer has lit a fire in me for digging deeper into the details. Thank you for continuing your panel for us even when the time had run out. Your passion for John is inspiring.

alphide all of your cosplays were lovely! cleanshavenforsherlock I really hope I get to see you again next year. Thanks for having tea with us. lostandhufflepuff thank you 1000x for the guidebook. I don’t know what we would have done without it. vyria if you really are Lucifer, just tell me, I promise to keep your secret. vividdiscord I hate that I didn’t know you were there. Next year I promise to hug you.

I know I’m missing a ton of people and I’m sorry. I adore all of my new friends and I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

Over the next few days I’ll post stories and and pics. Right now I am exhausted and need to get ready to head back to work tomorrow.


221B-Con 2014 Part 1!

1. We’re going on an adventure! To PUBLIX!

2. The coolest Chinese food group, who initially wanted to be a taco group, but was denied. [radiorcrist, kitsunecoffee, iheardyoujohn, godtiss, itemfinder, jennally, bskizzle]

3. zeldasquared, Lauren & Radio as a kickass Magnussen, with withoutawish in the background, waiting for the tea party.

4. I know it’s hard to see her cause she blends in, but Beth was cosplaying the table.