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Re: Panels. I hope those kids have fun at panels if they're about That Fandom! Because after what happened, a lot of people don't even want to participate anymore.

Look, it sucks that Bad Things Happen In Fandom Sometimes. And it sucks that Some Really Cool People aren’t participating anymore because of it. That’s their decision and I respect it.

But let me tell you a thing: I still want to participate. My friends still want to participate. Now I can’t speak for everyone, but I guarantee you I am going to do my damndest to show everyone else who still wants to participate a good time.

  • I’m gonna moderate panels and give every one of my fellow panelists a chance to shine, to be clever and insightful for an engaged audience.

  • I’m gonna write down all the filthy hilarious things that @greencarnations​ and @aprillikesthings​ say and post them here on my blog.

  • I’m gonna bring all my Cards Against Humanity cards. And those of you who know me, know that I have A LOT of cards, including dedicated fandom sets for half-a-dozen different fandoms.

  • I’m gonna talk about omegaverse tentacles in the bar.

  • On Sunday night I’m gonna be in the frickin’ hot tub chanting NERD SOUP NERD SOUP with all the other soup nerds.

  • And afterward, I’m gonna write yet another 221B Con Gothic post.

So if you’re going to 221B, get ready to party with Berlynn, bitches!

Hospitality Suite Information

We know you’ve been waiting for it! Here is what you need to know about the @221bcon Hospitality Suite for 2017!

Room Hours

(schedule at end of post)

Friday Hours: 4pm-9:30pm
Saturday Hours: 10am-10pm
Sunday Hours: 10am-3:30pm

Social Media

You can find us on Twitter (@HN221bcon) Instagram (homelessnetwork.221bcon) as well as here on Tumblr. We will be monitoring all three locations throughout the weekend should you need to contact us. Starting Friday morning we will be posting happenings, news, ride shares, lost and found, and pretty much anything related to 221B Con so turn on those notifications! If you’d like us to help you spread the word about something, just let us know! Also, we’ll probably be live tweeting any panels we attend…fair warning *grin*.

Fan Art Gallery

Featuring fan art from all fandoms! If you want to have a piece displayed, just let us know! Please remember they must be family friendly. (If you have already contacted us about displaying your art just let us know when you are at the hotel so we can meet up. We will arrive for set up on Thursday.) Many of these pieces will be given away on Sunday to ONE LUCKY WINNER!!! See Games section for details.

Food and Snacks

From fruit to granola bars to trail mix to whatever else we find (or is donated). We’ll also have bottled water. Sorry no sodas or alcoholic beverages provided, but @randomteapodcasts will have tea on hand and we’ll have coffee in the mornings. Feel free to bring your own beverages! (please, you must be 21 to drink alcohol) Check the schedule for a joint event with @threepatchpodcast!

Games and Prizes

Pin the Mustache on John is back again this year! Guess how many goldfish Mycroft has and you’ll be entered into a drawing for the Fan Art collection displayed in the room! We’ll have coloring books, dominoes, and playing cards! Don’t forget about our Door Decorating Contestsee rules here. New this year in place of trivia we’re having a Photo Scavenger Hunt! Watch for details!

Come Watch A Movie

We’ll have Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes (aka Sherlock and Dinos), Ghostbusters, Doctor Strange, Dirk Gently, and others playing throughout the weekend. You never know when we might give away a themed prize during one of the viewings!


Name: Sasha
Pronouns: whatever
Age: 32
Located: Chicago, for now
What do you do in fandom?: Cosplay, read fic, once in a blue moon I write fic (I wrote a dumb roadtrip series and an even dumber autocorrect one many years ago and haven’t published much of anything since)
How long are you staying?: Thursday (I get in super late because I have to work) through Monday
How are you getting there?: Huffing it to the airport straight from work then flying
Cosplays: Bringing Holtzmann, Eggsy Unwin, and John Watson. Plus something piratey to swim with the merpeople and hopefully I will have space to pack something appropriately “Bertie” for the Wodehouse panel
Roomies: @traumachu @archiaart and I believe @cousincecily is in with us, I might be wrong…
Where to find me: Hopefully at the panels I’m on (fingers cross, my track record isn’t spotless). Otherwise ask around for me.
Drinks: Excessively
Hugs: Expert level
Pictures: Go for it, my dudes!
Anything else?: I have to official title of Hospitality Liaison, which means my friendliness is con approved. What that also means is if I see you sitting alone I am pretty likely to come check on you. You’re also welcome to come up and find me if this is your first time or you’re feeling out of place or need a friend, I will help introduce you to people and fit you right into this con family.
Contact info: At con, either ask around for me, yell for me, or ask around to get someone to call me. All the con com and a lot of the dealers have my number. As do a lot of the attendees.
Reblog this intro: Sure, I guess

221B Con Tea Time!

Like tea? Like snacks? Like hanging out with friends? Like having something to do between getting your badge and the first panels starting? 


Come to the Homeless Network suite for Tea Time on Friday between 4 and 6pm! Come whenever and stay for however long you’d like. We have more tea than we know what to do with and even some non tea options should you want those, as well as various snacks and activities. So get your badge, and enjoy tea time before you head to your first panel of the weekend. 

When: Friday, April 7th from 4-6pm

Where: The Homeless Network Suite (there will be signs to help you find it)

Why: Tea! And Fun!