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It wasn’t often that Sherlock was wrong. And if John usually gloated a bit (could you even say “usually” about something that had happened thrice in two years?) well, he reckoned that anyone who knew Sherlock would understand.

But John wasn’t gloating this time.

John leaned against the doorframe, drawn by the silence. He watched as Sherlock stood in the middle of the sitting room, staring at the greeting card, haughty in his dressing gown and slippers.

“Praggya’s mother won’t thank me,” Sherlock had said bitingly, as they stood over the still-warm body of the girl whose killer they caught two days later, two days late.

Sherlock wasn’t often wrong, but it was often enough for John to know what it looked like: surprise, chagrin, maybe a snarl. This was different.

John steeled himself and marched across the room. It was closer than they had been in almost a week, when Sherlock had held John and let him cry out all his frustration about Harry. And it had helped, God it had helped, even as John’s breath went to war with itself, struggling to keep all his feelings where they belonged.

Sherlock stared down at him, blank as blank, and wordlessly John gathered him in. Feeling Sherlock lean against him, John swallowed hard, holding his own chest together with sheer bravado.

For the first time, I’m not officially attending 221b con. Money and roommates are mostly why. If you want to meet up or say hi maybe we can work something out. Message or inbox me if you’re gonna be here for 221b and want to meet or hang out. I’m in the area and can try to work something out. I’m sad I can’t this year but don’t want to miss meeting friends.

and like if youre GONNA blow up 221b and reenact saw theres no reason you cant come in with some of that schweet cinnamon tography the show is famous for….LIKE PLEASEH JEFDSGJD THSI SIS SO FAKE

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"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" John exclaims when Sherlock shows up in 221b after weeks away with not even a note. "Did I not tell you Mycroft and I were going on a two week river cruise with our parents and that we'd be unreachable?" Sherlock frowns. "NO!" John shouts and smacks his flatmate with the newspaper, "AND HOW DARE YOU NOT INVITE ME!" "It was a family trip," Sherlock replies. "ACCORDING TO YOUR MOTHER, FATHER & BROTHER I AM FAMILY!" John shouts. "Then why aren't we married?" "Good question."

Yes exactly!

When they’re discussing plans for rebuilding 221B, Mrs Hudson asks them if they’ll be needing two rooms. ‘Of course we’ll be needing two rooms’, says John. He glances at Sherlock’s downcast face before continuing, ‘Rosie’s going to need her own room, after all’ and Sherlock whips his head up just in time to see John smirk and wink at him.