Welcome Home, John

Description: When John moves back to 221B, he thinks he’s the broken one, but after a while, it becomes clear that he might not be correct. Set post-S3.

Review: John has been too focused on himself to notice Sherlock’s pain. I really liked how John didn’t even notice until Sherlock had a near panic attack, and I also really liked just how fragile the whole tone of the fic was.

Rating: General


anonymous asked:

Looking at that auction list i wonder why they dont have the sample of the dust that Moriarty licked from 221b's fireplace 😮

I think the list is longer than the one I put up Nonny  ;o)

No Prank Pledge

When the 2016 dates were announced for 221B Con many people were concerned about it starting on April Fool’s Day. Last year John Oliver had his audience take a No Prank Pledge and we here at HN want to encourage you to do the same. We used his pledge as a basis for the below.

By reblogging this post you pledge the following:

“I solemnly swear that on this April Fools’ Day, I will not perpetuate a celebrity death hoax like some kind of a–hole, because that makes people sad. I will not post fake engagement or pregnancy announcements on social media. I will not hide anyone’s personal property. In fact, I will not play any practical jokes. And if I see someone planning a prank, I will say to them: ‘Hey… you’re being a dick right now. Stop being a dick. Stop being a dick. Seriously, stop being a dick.’”