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Each of your portraits in full resolution (in alphabetical order) (very long post) in case you weren’t sure if you recognized some people correctly or if you want to make sure you have enough feathers or just take a closer look or use the pic as your icon or whtever

I won’t tag everyone, because only first five would appear tags, and if I drew you you should at least be following me and see it without tagging, otherwise you’re ruDE and I’ll replace your face with another face. Also some of you apparently changed your urls since you’ve submitted the pics, you can message me and I’ll fix them.

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fortheloveofparliment  asked:

YES I'M FINALLY NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THE 'ARTHUR CAN'T MAKE BABIES' THEORY. I started wondering that when series 5 ended when it got all "Seriously?! You're the only pair in that time period NOT getting knocked up". Although, with your theory about Gwen's life being taken in exchange for the child, it's likely she would have died in childbirth anyway, unless Merlin managed to pull some crazy shit.

YES. GOOD! For a while I actually thought that was like a genetic Pendragon problem… and then I realized WAITAMINUTE Morgana is Uther’s daughter, so… that theory’s a little broke. BUT YES! I know right? I mean, they had three years!

I have this theory that Arthur had himself some wild years, between puberty and the inevitable “no royal bastards” talk from Uther (because Uther is An Awkward Parent and probably deluded himself into thinking that Arthur was Just A Boy way longer than he should have). And he was probably none too careful about anything because he didn’t know any better, and the ladies (chambermaids? whores? ok, not whores probably) he was having sex with weren’t too careful about it either since they probably wanted themselves some royal bastards.

And when Arthur was old enough to figure out how that stuff actually worked he maybe started thinking like “shit, how is it I don’t have any royal bastards?” And so I think he KNEW he was impotent, just didn’t want to admit it. Also, you know, Gwen = Convenient Marriage. Their “love affair” totally reeks of platonic affection, sorry.

But all of this is just completely unsubstantiated guessing games, SO.