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Hi hun, I saw you post earlier that Sherlock had apparently made sure his furniture was child-proofed for Rosie at the end of TFP. Can you show me some examples because everything in the flat looks the same to me with the exception of John's chair?

Sure Nonny!

So when the flat is apparently destroyed everything except their chairs and that rug and everything else, Sherlock replaces a lot of the “cornered” furniture with rounded furniture:

A. That’s not their original breakfast table and chairs. They’re now a rounded set with a little shelf under them.

B, C, and D. Same with the long table, the chair at the end of the couch, and the stack of magazines. The sitting room table is now a small rounded one, the chair now has fully padded arms, and the stack of magazines have been replaced with rounded dressers, which Sherlock probably now keeps his military porn stash the magazines:

(E) used to be a hard-edged metal table, and (F) used to be a shelf with a lot of breakables on it.

And (G) used to be a very wobbly-looking side table. It’s been replaced with the sturdy one we see in TFP:

Plus, I believe the bookshelves are also less-cluttered as well, and those glass cases we see in the above image no longer have breakables in them

Sherlock literally changed the common area of the flat so he could be a better parent for Rosie.

Stab me.

Look, I’m not a fan of parentlock in this arc, but good god this is EXACTLY how I imagined Sherlock as a parent. And if we’re going with the John’s TAB theory, this is exactly how John imagines Sherlock as a parent too.

the production values of this supposed leaked episode are simply not up to the standard we are accustomed to. for instance: for tld, they built a rotating 221B set so sherlock could walk on walls. for tab, they turned everything victorian and it looked astonishing. for tfp, if this is tfp, we get a fake looking explosion and a fake looking green screen moment. it is simply… bad. and you would think, you’d think, that if this is the episode they were airing in theatres, they would hold it to an even higher standard than the other two. but that’s not what i’m seeing.

does anyone disagree? it’s fine if you do i just want to get a show of hands



I noticed the new backlit skull as soon as I saw it and I must admit, though I miss Mr Blue Skull, Arwel did a spectacular job with this new piece.

My first thought when watching this - even in the cinema and at the edge of my seat - was: the guy on the right looks like Arwel. I feel that this is not part of the episode, this is Martin and Ben in their promo shot outfits, surrounded by Arwel and his team cleaning up 221b, rebuilding their own set. Breaking the 4th wall again? Or is it just my eyes? 


wow really fucked up if we stay in Oklahoma! timestream and Mary gone-girls and we spend all of TFP storming the Sherrinford bunker and freeing Eros and we have to wait [??????? INDEFINITE AMOUNT OF TIME???] for next season for John and Sherlock to get married and for Mary to come back on their wedding night and set 221b on fire and be killed by John… crap. this is how they have S5 planned out isn’t it

i dont understand amandas tweets about reading the last episode
or arwel’s…i guess his wink at the end was? rebuilding 221b bc hes the set designer?
i dont get any of this

laskdgj it’s SO clear that mark filmed individually with ben, martin, una, etc. on the 221b set, they could have done this at ANY POINT DURING ANY FILMING BLOCK, like get martin on a day that ben is stumbling around in the street high, get ben on a day that martin is filming shit in the watson flat with amanda, they. aldgihj. give me the lost special. it’s out there.

miadifferent replied to your post “did arwel sincerely mean tfp was his finest work to date…. did he…..”

I wonder about this so much. I mean, I get that he created this whole Sherrinford complex… but… every room looks the same? They could have used one cement box set for multiple rooms and no one would have noticed… like.. what? And why does the man who is so fond of his use of wallpaper think that a set of 100 grey walls is his best work?

for real I really don’t understand…. like when you make comparisons to TLD and they created a 221b replica set that rotated…?! 

and thinking of all the possibilities they could have done for TFP to make it outstanding visually (even with the same shitty plot) it completely baffles me. and some of the only details I can think of that stand out to me as being Important are the blood red rug in the therapist’s office, and the fucky glowing skull - but apparently Arwel won’t really confirm what the brand new skull was for apart from saying something vague like ‘it glows to show Sherlock’s emotions’ like ??? I can understand them messing with tiny details in that way (like the plant that fell over in HLV) but to take the iconic skull painting and change it in a way that is not grounded in reality for no other reason than ‘it looked cool’ is so weird to me? what were they thinking?!

like over the course of 11+ minutes a scene ostensibly taking place in 221b, mark/ben/martin filmed together what ultimately summed to a maximum of 30 seconds of screen time together on the 221b set, most of which involves no dialogue whatsoever