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Going to 221b Con? Like to read fanfic? Wanna talk about it?

The mods at @reading221b have FANTASTIC news - in conjunction with @threepatchpodcast, we’re going to be hosting a LIVE, IN-PERSON reading discussion at @221bcon in the Three Patch Podcast Suite! Mods @tiltedsyllogism and gentlespirit will be on hand to lead a discussion of thesardine’s Left Unsaid.

Left Unsaid is unrated (but roughly teen-level), Johnlock, and is a quick read at about 2K words long. thesardine is a wonderful author and the discussion is sure to be a great one.

The exact time and date of the discussion hasn’t been decided (it’ll depend on what else is going on that weekend) but we’ll announce as soon as we know. And if you miss that announcement - just stop the TPP Suite at the con and someone there will undoubtedly help you out. (And also probably feed you, and give you things to color, and hit you up for knitting, and all that good stuff.)

We are SO excited to be teaming up with the TPP crew and we cannot WAIT to see all of you at the con to discuss these fics!


It took a year of planning (and an SUV to haul a fireplace), but we finally got to invite everyone into the Three Patch Podcast Con Suite at 221B Con!  It made us so happy when people enjoyed dixiebell’s fireplace.Arwel Wyn Jones even complimented it!  Thank you to everyone who came to hang out and squee with us during this amazing con.  We already have ideas for the Three Patch Podcast Con Suite 2015!

Photos by foxestacado 


We are absolutely delighted to announce the Baker Street Babes’ 221B Con schedule of appearances and podcast topic!

Sunday at 10:00 am is our live podcast! The topic at hand will be:

Ashley Polasek and Sherlockian Film Since 1900

Ashley Polasek is an “Aca-Sherlockian,” happily living at the crossroads of academia, traditional Sherlockiana, and contemporary fandom. She has spoken about Sherlock Holmes at academic conferences across the US, UK, and continental Europe, and she will graduate with her PhD on adaptations of Sherlock Holmes in July of 2014. She has been published in the Baker Street Journal, and was a speaker at the “Behind the Canonical Screen” conference in Los Angeles in 2012; she will co-edit (with Lyndsay Faye) the conference’s companion volume for the BSI Press. Ashley has been previously interviewed on CNN International and CBS Sunday Morning, and she can be found on Twitter @SherlockPhD.

External image

The above is a picture of Ashley holding Thank You Carrot, a large gift to the Babes for their charity efforts following the first Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Ball to benefit Wounded Warrior Project.  We can’t wait for the interview and hope you’ll join us!

If you can’t make the podcast, below find our panels!  And if you can’t make a panel, please stop by our table to check out our brand spanking new swag for sale!

Here is a complete (barring last-minute additions) list of the Baker Street Babes’ 221B Con panels, in alphabetical order of BABE:


–Live Podcast

–Canon 101

–AU and Crossovers

–From House to Psyche

–Hey, Jude

–Young Sherlock Holmes


–Live Podcast

–Paget, Steele, and Gibson: Illustrators of an Era

The Gods of Gotham Book Club

–Victorian Crime

–How to Podcast

–Baker Street to the Holodeck


–Live Podcast

–Canon 101

–The Hobbit

–Cabin Pressure


–Live Podcast

–Cabin Pressure

Much Info, So Detail, Amaze.

(aka what you need to know about our going ons at @221bcon)

Room Hours (schedule at end of post)

Friday Hours: Registration - 9:45p
Saturday Hours: 10a-10p
Sunday Hours: 10a-4p (Last Bow)

Social Media

You can find us on Twitter (@HN221bcon) Instagram (homelessnetwork.221bcon) as well as here on Tumblr. We will both be monitoring all three locations throughout the weekend should you need to contact us. Starting Friday morning we will be posting only happenings, news, ride shares, lost and found, and pretty much anything related to 221B Con so turn on those notifications! If you’d like us to help you spread the word about something, just let us know! Also, we’ll probably be live tweeting any panels we attend…fair warning *grin*.

Fan Art Gallery

Featuring fan art from all fandoms! If you want to have a piece displayed, just let us know! Please remember they must be family friendly. (if you have already contacted us about displaying your art just let us know when you are at the hotel so we can meet up.) Many of these pieces will be given away on Sunday to ONE LUCKY WINNER!!! See Games section for details.

Food and Snacks

From fruit to granola bars to trail mix to whatever else we find. We’ll also have some bottled water. Sorry no sodas or alcoholic beverages provided, but @randomteapodcasts will have tea on hand and we’ll have coffee in the mornings. Feel free to bring your own beverages! (please, you must be 21 to drink alcohol)

Games* and Prizes

Pin the Mustache on John or try your hand at a Teapot themed bean bag toss and you’ll be entered into a drawing for the Fan Art collection displayed in the room! Random games of Charades and Story Roundabout! We’ll have coloring books, dominoes, and playing cards! Don’t forget about our Door Decorating Contest…see rules here. Also, prizes will be given at random times just because we love you! (*not all games listed)

Come Watch A Movie

We’ll have Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes (aka Sherlock and Dinosaurs), Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lord of The Rings, and others playing throughout the weekend.


Like last year we will have trivia throughout the weekend. The first to bring us a slip of paper with the correct answer will win a prize! Be sure to turn on notifications for us on Twitter and/or Tumblr as these will only be released there.


6P - The Hobbit Trivia
7P - SH Dinos
TBD - Story Time w/ Elinor Gray

10A-11A - Let Breakfast be Your Division
1:30P-2:30P - Absolute Silence with @threepatchpodcast
3P - Star Wars
6P - Story Roundabout
8Pish - mustache pinata and giveaway drawings

10A-11A - Let Breakfast be Your Division
12P - Charades/Mad Libs
1P - Sherlock TAB
2P - Giveaway Drawing (whatever we have left and Fan Art)

Not Everything Is Listed Here

Where would the fun in that be? Can’t wait to see you there!


The Fourth Wall

Our group costume for the contest depicts a well known wall in 221B Baker street, the one that had it coming - The fourth wall. The back panels included fanart, notes, and graffiti by attendees at 221B Con who visited the Three Patch Con Suite, and our crime scene wall featured mug shots of fellow Sherlock fans who sent us their photos. 

Photos by foxestacado


This year for the threepatchpodcast Suite at 221b Con, Consulting Fan dixiebell recreated none other than…Speedy’s! However, magical transformations don’t happen without some hiccups! Consulting Fans dixiebell and bored-qui had to make some last minute changes to the installation. But after some runs to the hardware store for heavy duty supplies, Speedy’s came to life inside the TPP Suite! 

The 221b fireplace and crime scene wall also made a return appearance, joining the hand-stenciled 221b wallpaper and a photobombing Ben to create a fun and memorable fannish hangout space for 221b Con attendees. Hope you all had fun! We sure did! 

Photography: Consulting Fan foxestacado


Send Us Your Photos for Our Crime Scene Wall at 221B Con

We’ve been hard at work planning the Three Patch Podcast Con Suite at 221B Con, but we need your help. Whether you’re coming to the con or can only join us in spirit, you can help us out by sending us a picture to add to our wall. Mug shots, crime scenes or just ordinary photos are all welcome.

Include your name, your tumblr, your pressure points or any information you’d like to share. Upload to Tumblr using the tag #TPPconsuite2014 or email us directly at bored@three-patch.com by Wednesday, April 3rd.