221b and the tardis

  • Me: Ahh... what a beautiful day the supernatural fandom celebrating, the whovians patiently waiting for their next season. And... can you hear that?
  • All Fandoms: What is that?
  • Me: It sounds like-
  • Sherlockians: *screaming and crying* Miss me?!

After Sherlock ends I need a documentary about Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and what the f*ck goes on their evil-but-genius minds to create such hellish masterpiece.

P.S: they deserve their very own show called “The Unreliable Narrator

Seriously tfp is so bad I'm actually HOPING we get a Doctor Who crossover at this point. Just land the fucking Tardis in the living room of 221b and erase all this bullshit, go back to Reichenbach and ACTUALLY fix it

impala-in-the-tardis-221b  asked:

hey vic, i've always been nervous to ask you something, but i was just wondering what advice you have for aspiring artists who need motivation? thanks, i really look up to you!!

Hello! Well, you can try to draw from this list here that I made, for things to draw: http://incaseyouart.tumblr.com/post/155100106331/31-art-challenges

And you can watch this video I made about self-esteem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5AjCbYrPlk&t=1s

And you can browse through my art advice tag for advice/tips: http://incaseyouart.tumblr.com/tagged/art%20advice

Look art you like, at art books, watch cartoons, watch animated movies, read books, go on a walk in a forest, draw from life, draw at a museum, have an art day with friends, book a paint nite, try an art medium you’ve never tried before… all these methods should help :)

I hope that helps! 


So how do I get rid of them if I don’t have them?
How do I distance myself if they’re already so far away?
The problem wasn’t finding them the problem is fangirling
The problem isn’t their absence, the problem is that I’m not there with them.
The problem isn’t that I’m dying without them,
The problem is that they can’t save me.

Mischief managed!
How many fandoms can you find here? 
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