Rayla 2213 (Rayla 2212 series) (2016)

“Where does a time travelling warrior find peace? The war is over and Rayla Illmatic is charged with rebuilding her beloved Planet Hope. However, Rayla’s restlessness is a distraction for the Council and she is sent on a mission to the very solar system that believes she and her world are a myth. 

Rayla is Mars bound but the deep waters below the red world’s crust uncover a mysterious waterway. A web of myth, mystery, love and the future, Rayla must face her nowness and navigate the fluid streams of existence that remix her new found reality. This is the second volume in the Rayla 2212 series.”

By Ytasha L. Womack

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4 channels recolorable

Accessory(with CAS thumbnails)

Mesh by me

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F-Sporting for Trucking Ramuses


I don’t like when people come up to me and ask how I play F-Sport so well. It’s not hard. It’s not hard! I mean, Sweet Atheos, it’s the most popular game on Earth. Surely, people have played it before, yuno?

It’s simple, you put the ball in the Gate. Well, that’s if you’re a Flyer, like me. Damn, I love being a Flyer. I like playing other positions, too, but I’m fire as a Flyer.

If you’re a Defender, you stop the other team’s Flyer from getting points on you. Defender is a fun position if you like beating the crap out of people (from the front; backstabbing is illegal). If you’re a Gatekeeper, you dick around while the other team gets scored on, unless you’re against my team, then you try and fail miserably to protect your Gate.

F-Sport is an easy game to play, and while it’s difficult to master completely, it’s very easy to pick up. Come on, it became the largest game in the world within a decade of its invention back in 2015. How can it not be hard to pick up?

TBSARL. Crush out.