221 believe

221 word dialogue at the end of The Final Problem

“John! John, can you hear me?”

“… Sherlock…”

“Thank God you’re alright. Are you alright? Please be alright.”

“‘M fine…”

“John, you’re bleeding. Rather profusely. For God’s sake, where is the ambulance?!”

“Sherlock, it’s going to be alright.”

“You can’t know that. You’re bleeding, and, oh, there’s so much, almost 2 pints already, by my estimation, and I’m never wrong.”

“Hmph… No, you’re not, are you?”

“John, stay with me. Please.”

“Sh- Sherlock. Don’t. It’s going to be alright.”

“Yes, so you claim, but you’re not the one who’s never wrong, are you?”

“No I’m not, but I’m a doctor, remember?”

“Fat lot of good that will do us now, what with you bleeding out on me.”

“The fact is, there’s a precedent.”

“What do you mean?”

“For things being alright. There’s a precedent.”

“What on earth are you on about?”

“Things are always alright in the end. Between us. They’re always somehow alright. Even when it seems as though they never will be again.”

“I suppose that’s true. Although, they could be better, for the most part.”

“Ha. Agreed.”

“John, there’s… there’s something I should say-“

“Haven’t we had this talk before, Sherlock?”

“This one ends quite differently, I assure you.”

“Well then. Save it for when I’m not about to pass out, yeah?”

“John? John! I… I love you, John.”