It’s time for a transformation Tuesday!
Left: summer 2012 ~220lbs
Right: fall 2014 ~138lbs

The summer of 2012 is when my fitness journey went into full gear. No surgery or diet plans, I live a vegan lifestyle and stay active running and playing rugby. I’ve had my ups and downs and struggles since then but I’ve never stopped and never plan to! There is no end goal for me, I will continue to push and transform my body to be the best it can be. My goal now MUSCLES!

Shout Out Matt Kroc for Recently Coming Out as Trangender

“Kroc was the “2006 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic WPO Powerlifting Middle Weight Champion and in 2009 became the all-time world record holder in the 220lb class posting a 2551lb total via 1003lb squat, 738lb bench press and an 810lb deadlift,”

More: http://www.hngn.com/articles/113225/20150727/elite-bodybuilder-matt-kroc-kroczaleski-transitions-to-janae-marie-kroc.htm


I’m so sorry for abandoning all of you. Life got in the way of both my blog and my weight loss journey. BUT I’ve started over and this time I truly feel like I’ve started something that’s going to stick — I joined a GYM! and I hired a personal trainer who’s really kicking my butt and helping me hold myself accountable (do you have any idea how annoying it is to hear someone else’s voice telling you not to eat that slice of cake? yea….)

The first picture was me at a whopping 220lbs (not my highest weight but pretty close)

The second – 204lbs (the lowest weight I’ve ever achieved in my plight to get healthier)

I have also gone down from a size 18 jeans to a size 14 which are already starting to slip a little (just a little. lol)

Every day I get a little bit stronger, smaller, and lighter. Today I weighed in at 202lbs.

Joining the gym and hiring a trainer was the best move I have ever made for myself. Lord knows I wasn’t seeing these types of results by myself. I am more motivated now; not just because I’m paying for it, but because I enjoy going. i actually look forward to working out now as opposed to dreading every second. 

My trainer has also encouraged a lot of confidence in my abilities. It’s really improved my mental language. I now tell myself that I can do those last 5 reps or “only one more set, Crystal.” In the past, I’ve always told myself “these are too hard” or “I can’t do that because I don’t have the equipment” or “my wrist hurts so push-ups are out”. 

I love how this chapter of my Healthy Journey is going and I have a feeling it’s only going to get better.

You are going to make it because I have faith in you! If you feel like you’ve lost the game, remember you can always hit the restart button and try again 


Email Submission

My starting weight: 220lb

Fit photo: 190lbs   Ultimate goal weight: 178lbs…don’t know why I chose this goal weight, it looks like a nice number. it took 6 months of working out and1 year of eating well. 

I’m 5’10, hourglass figure. People tend to not believe my numbers but I guess being tall has a part in it. I’ve taken a long break from working out to focus on my dance team but this is my commitment to get back on a regular workout schedule. I did Insanity (where i lost 20lbs) and began weightlifting, HIIT and strength training hence my obliques. This is to motivate. I’m picking myself up from falling and learning to believe in the process & myself. I don’t have a fit blog but i’m on instagram @_faithxo All the best from Canada. P.S. I don’t workout in the gym, Insanity has made me a homebody in the workout department :)


Starting at my highest weight of 220lbs the left picture is from July of 2015. The middle was December of 2015 and my weight was around 212lbs. The right pictures are of my current weight of around 181. I have begun to work out more every week and my biggest change has been my portion control. I’m loving this journey not because it is easy (it is far from it) but I am setting goals for myself and finally making sure I achieve them. NO MORE EXCUSES!!

From 5 April 2014 to 5 April 2015 I lost 100 kg or 220.4 lbs to date I have lost 104kg 229.2 lbs from 188.2kg 414.9lbs to 84kg 185.1lbs #transformationthursday #weightloss #-100KG #-220lbs #goal #weight #loss #healthyfood #motivation #fitfam #instahealth #getfit #healthychoices #determination #diet #active #workouts #lifestyle #fit #healthy #weightloss #instagood #health#fitness #exercise #summerbody

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My real gainer life start

In 30/05/2015 my fat idol, Chubbyatv became my friend, we start to chat in grommr, and he like my wish of became a huge man. In 12/06/2015 all changes, he invite me to be my web encorauger, i acept with proud, but i have fear, he’s my idol, i don’t wanted disappoint him, and even living in the same country, we live far away, and where he live have a lot of gainers. I think in given up many time, but he give force and encourage to continue.

He teach me to be a real gainer, with encouragements and tips, and after 5 days of encoraugement i gain 3kg(6,3lbs). I dont belive, i gain so fast, and this made him be more interested in gaining me.

Me with 100kg(220lbs)-June 2015

And after a month of gaining he made me gain 5kg(11lbs) in total.Now i had 102kg(224lbs)

My vacations arrived, and i have time to dedicate to my gaining, and Chubbyatv dedicate a lot too, in eat all day up him command , in my first 15 days of vacation i arrive to 105kg, im turning a fat pig. My hungry is turning huge, i loved eat and stuff my belly and show to my encorauger

Me with 105kg(231lbs)m a pig-July 2015

My vacations finish with me in 107kg, and i month after i go to 108kg, gaining is turning hard.

But me and my encouger no given up, we are decided to became me a huge gainer, and before a long time of no results i go to 111kg

111kg and stufeed-Sepetember 2015

I dont belive, i am a  gainer like my idol and like other gainers in web, my dress turning tight , i lost all my pants, i rip many shorts and shirts with my body, im jingle while i walking, stretch marks appeared in my body,my hungry is turnig bigger and bigger, my belly is turning like a pregrant belly, round. I love it all very much.

After a new month of gaining i go to 113kg, my tits, my belly, my butt is turning huge then ever.

 Wow,113kg -October 2015

And finaly now, i am 115kg, i lost my work, but i see this how an opportunity to grow more, with chubbyatv’s help….

June 2015- 97kg(213lbs)                             November 2015- 115kg(253lbs)


Holy moly how people change.
Here are a bunch of before and afters.
I am now 19 years old.

The first three are mostly age comparison.
1.) May 2014;190lbs vs. November 2014;163lbs.
2.) May 2013;200lbs vs. November 2014;163lbs.
3.) February 2014;190lbs vs. September 2014;167lbs.

The last three show more of my weight loss journey.
4.) June 2011;220lbs vs. November 2014;163lbs.
5.) September 2013;210lbs vs. November 2014;163lbs.
4.) Early 2013;~215lbs vs. October 2014;163lbs.

I learned PORTIONS, mostly. I’ve been a vegetarian for six years, so clean eating came naturally. It’s amazing what you can do if you have conviction.

I GAINED confidence.
I was always beautiful, but with my new confidence, I’m sexy.