Time for a progress photo!!

~220lbs —-> 177.4lbs
5'6" 23yo

I gained about 65lbs over 2 years after my parents divorced due to pretty chronic depression and a fight with binge eating disorder. And then I was like “okay this needs to end lol” so I did a bunch of research on which diet would work best for my body type and prevent binge eating.

So far I’ve lost 43lbs in about 6 months on the keto diet with moderate exercise (little cardio, lots of strength training). I plan to lose 22 more!

PS these stretch marks are driving me insane and hopefully they fade soon lolllll

  • Steve: I'm sorry, Tony. But he's my friend.
  • Tony: So was I.
  • Bucky: *angrily slams metal fist on the table*
  • Bucky: Did you rescue his skinny ass from alleys when he decided to stand up against another bully?
  • Tony: ...
  • Bucky: Did you work two shifts at the docks just to buy him some fancy art supplies?
  • Tony:
  • Bucky: Did you gladly kill like an animal during the war just to prevent him from doing the dirty work and being corrupted?
  • Bucky: Did you cuddle with him at night for body heat when he got pneumonia?
  • Tony:
  • Bucky: Did you showered naked together hundreds of times without a hint of awkwardness?
  • Tony: Wait
  • Bucky: Did you ever suck his dick so good he got weak at the knees and you had to support 220lbs of super soldier on your shoulders?
  • Tony: What???
  • Steve: Buck!

Name:Dr. Naomi Williams

Alias: Cherub

Race: Black

Age: 37

DOB: March 6th, 2039

Job:Emergency Medical Specialist

Affiliation: Overwatch Recall

Role:Field Medic/Support


Weight: 220lbs

Health Max: 200

Ammo Max:

Background/Bio: [Will be done later]

Ability 1: Medicine Bag Panacea Crasher

Healing and buff splash projectile (Effects friendlies and enemies)

Pressing several of the keys on the side of her bag, it creates a custom made biotic projectile used to splash heal

Ability 2: Medicine Bag Venom Barrage

Damaging and debuff splash projectile (Effects friendlies and enemies)

Pressing several of the keys on the side of her bag, it creates a custom made biotic projectile used to splash damage enemies

Ability 3: [Will be done later]

Ability 4: [Will be done later]

Ultimate Ability: Cloud Nine

Releases a huge AoE cloud of combined created biotic projectiles; healing team mates and damaging enemies

Extras: She is literally the sweetest person known to man. She is almost always smiling and trying to take care of those around her. Even in the craziest of emergencies she knows that a comforting smile can work wonders to help people.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm 5'8 and 220lbs and eat around 1000cals a day. I really want to drop lower but and super worried about messing up my metabolism. Any advice? Stay strong xx

drink green tea and you could possibly have days where you eat more in order to balance your metabolism


My name is Tony.  I’m looking for a pen pal.  I’m currently incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Training Center.  It sucks.  I’m an Artist.  I design tattoos & draw portraits.  I play guitar & write music.  I work out a lot these days.  I’m 6′2″.  I weigh 220lbs.  I look GREAT naked :P.  I joke around a lot.  I try not to take myself too seriously…or anyone else for that matter.  If you’re smart and funny and you got a big ol’ butt you should write me.  Send pictures!  Tell me all about yourself.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Anthony Wilkins #438846/3239162
18800 Roxbury Rd.
Hagerstown, MD 21746


If you're feeling a little awkward today, just remember...

1.) I’ve never not had my voice crack while asking someone on a date.

2.) My ears turn bright red when I’m nervous.

3.) I once cried at the zoo when I saw a manatee with scars on its back… It was healed… In the zoo… And fine…

4.) I have a “Winnie the Pooh” voice, and I swear to god, I sometimes slip into accidentally when I’m around someone I have a crush on.

5.) I have no idea what to do with compliments.

If you ever feel awkward or strange, just remember that out there, somewhere, is a 6-foot-2, 220lbs CrossFitter who is covered in tattoos that slips into a Winnie the Pooh voice when he likes someone.

So, basically, you’re killing it.

In all seriousness, though, embrace the awkwardness. In my experience, most of the time someone being a bit awkward or quirky stems from a place of sincerity. Embrace that shit.


Hey y'all!
So, again I’ve been away. I had some trouble with my depression and anxiety and was stuck for a little while but I’m back! I’m officially under 220lbs! I kept shifting from 220+- and it feels good to be a bit below that! I bought some workout clothes to motivate me, and it sure did! I know I’m new to keeping a blog, but thanks for following this journey, it means a lot! Okay, now that I’ve updated y'all, can y'all answer me a question? What’s your favorite post-workout food? I want to try some new things ☺ I personally love peanut butter and apples, or peaches!


Dragon Age, 07.16.16

“Despite Spiridon not enjoying sweet foods he actually likes Sera’s cookies because she accidentally put salt into the cookies instead of sugar, and for some. mysterious. reason, the combination of raisins available in Skyhold + salt, some sugar and a generous amount of… whatever she put in it actually tastes savoury and great as hell. So he happily eats them while unhappily contemplating if the roof is not going to collapse under his 220lb ass.”

This was too adorable a prompt, had to do a quick something :)

(The other something will be studying up on how to draw buildings because apparently that is something I haven’t done for WAY too long, oops)

© 2016 Beakyree
Spiridon belongs to fleshwerks.  

tilt-me-back submitted: 

 It’s a tad blurry but this summer I worked my butt of at a golf course as a greens keeper! It was hard work but I loved every minute of it. Still so proud of myself for loosing 45lb in 4 months! 

June 2015 (220lb) - August 2015 (190lb)- September 2015 (175lb) 

This winter has been a struggle for me to keep the momentum going and so I’m always coming back to this page for inspiration!

—- View more & send Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.


Everyone is on their own journey, they want to lose weight, gain weight, or get fitter. We all have our reasons and views on why we are doing this and what we want to achieve. This is the history of my weightloss journey and where I want things to go…

I started this blog around 5 years ago, at that stage I was so unhappy with my body I was around 220lbs at 18 years old and 5′1. I was so unhappy with how I looked and I really struggled with trying to lose weight. Then I started tumblr and I found that extra bit of motivation I needed. I started losing weight then when I started uni and was 19 years old I was at 160lbs. I still wasn’t happy but I had come a long way. I was more condfident and felt better. I was proud of how my body had changed and how much healthier my eating habits were. 

Then in my 2nd/3rd year of uni I stopped going to the gym. I went out a lot, worked hard and did enjoy uni life but left my health in the background. I put on more weight when I left uni and got a job I went back up to 197lbs. I wasn’t happy with my life, my relationship, my job and I needed to change things. I got a new job, decided to end my relationship in order to spend some time on me. That was over 2 months ago. 

Since then I have gone down to 183lbs. I haven’t started working out again yet but I’m planning to get back into the 30DS tomorrow. I don’t want to go on any dates or meet someone new because I am not happy with myself right now. I know it’s all about balancing learning to love who you are and achieving the goals you want which I am trying to do. But I know that right now I would not feel confident getting naked in-front of another person because I don’t like what I see when I look in the mirror. I know I can do better than this and have a healthy lifestyle and be the weight I want to be. Loving myself is treating my body well and being kind to it, which I haven’t done a lot of. Right now my focus is me and my fitness.I want to be the best version of myself and that can be  and that can be achieved through discipline, a healthy lifestyle and having that motivation to keep going. 

There are a lot of you on here who have inspired me and motivated me throughout the years. I feel genuinely lucky to have some amazing followers and people on here who support me. I will be here, always, for anyone who has any fears/questions/struggles about their weightloss journey because I have been there. Everything you are thinking I probably thought. I’m older but not much wiser, but I will be able to relate to you. I wish I had someone who could have understood why things like not being abel to swap clothes with my friends, or get into full length photos with my friends upset me. Just so you know, there will always be someone to listen and understand how you’re feeling. This is a journey many of us go through and there is a lot of support out there if you need it.

My real gainer life start

In 30/05/2015 my fat idol, Chubbyatv became my friend, we start to chat in grommr, and he like my wish of became a huge man. In 12/06/2015 all changes, he invite me to be my web encorauger, i acept with proud, but i have fear, he’s my idol, i don’t wanted disappoint him, and even living in the same country, we live far away, and where he live have a lot of gainers. I think in given up many time, but he give force and encourage to continue.

He teach me to be a real gainer, with encouragements and tips, and after 5 days of encoraugement i gain 3kg(6,3lbs). I dont belive, i gain so fast, and this made him be more interested in gaining me.

Me with 100kg(220lbs)-June 2015

And after a month of gaining he made me gain 5kg(11lbs) in total.Now i had 102kg(224lbs)

My vacations arrived, and i have time to dedicate to my gaining, and Chubbyatv dedicate a lot too, in eat all day up him command , in my first 15 days of vacation i arrive to 105kg, im turning a fat pig. My hungry is turning huge, i loved eat and stuff my belly and show to my encorauger

Me with 105kg(231lbs)m a pig-July 2015

My vacations finish with me in 107kg, and i month after i go to 108kg, gaining is turning hard.

But me and my encouger no given up, we are decided to became me a huge gainer, and before a long time of no results i go to 111kg

111kg and stufeed-Sepetember 2015

I dont belive, i am a  gainer like my idol and like other gainers in web, my dress turning tight , i lost all my pants, i rip many shorts and shirts with my body, im jingle while i walking, stretch marks appeared in my body,my hungry is turnig bigger and bigger, my belly is turning like a pregrant belly, round. I love it all very much.

After a new month of gaining i go to 113kg, my tits, my belly, my butt is turning huge then ever.

 Wow,113kg -October 2015

And finaly now, i am 115kg, i lost my work, but i see this how an opportunity to grow more, with chubbyatv’s help….

June 2015- 97kg(213lbs)                             November 2015- 115kg(253lbs)

It’s been a while since I posted a progress photo.
Left - 2010 about 220lbs (not my highest, I still gained more weight after that attempt at weight loss)
Right - Dec 2015 and I haven’t weighed myself in about 6 months but I think around 145lbs?

I’ve fought (and still fight) an eating disorder, self hate, and plan to continue to fight whatever gets in my way. I’ve been at my current weight for about two years now and have a new goal to built my body. I’m starting to incorporating some heavy lifting and loving it!

Email Submission

Highest weight 250lbs

Current weight 220lbs

Height 5ft 8in

I lost the majority of my 30lbs by eating healthy. I also do yoga and lift weights. 30lbs doesn’t seem like much but I’ve gone from barely being able to fit into a size 18, to wearing 14s comfortably. Also always remember that muscle weighs more than fat, ignore the scale. Don’t let numbers define you. Focus on what your body can do. Patience and perseverance. 



Coming into 2016 I felt positive until I took the ‘after’ photos. I still feel like the same disgusting whale that’s in the before photos and feel like physically no progress has been made. I know I must sound mad or crazy but just how I feel

ANYWAYS stats for 2016
Bench: 25kg 5x5
Deadlift: 55kg 5x5
Squat ATG 30kg 5x5

Before pic: 261lbs a year ago
After: today 3rd January 220lbs