Bitty’s a firefighter. He’s not as tall or as strong as his colleagues are, but his small frame, quickness, and athleticism means getting him and the people he’s saving out of danger. 

One day he saves and carries a 220lb giant of a man out of a burning building, the last person to be evacuated from the wreckage.

Soot had covered the man’s face, but when he opened his eyes it was a brilliant blue that stood out against his ashy countenance. It was Jack Zimmermann, captain of the Providence Falconers, and Jack was staring in awe at a dusty smiling angel in a firesuit asking him if he was alright.  

(nearby, ransom was performing cpr on a tall blond man who is NOT a firefighter and ergo will not die in a firefighting related accident)


The Preppy Killer

Robert Chambers, nicknamed “The Preppy Killer,” was charged with manslaughter in the death of 18-year-old Jennifer Levin. Levin’s naked body was discovered on 26 August, 1986, in Central Park - she had been strangled to death and her body was riddled with bruises and bite marks. Authorities immediately zoned in on Robert Chambers after witnesses from a local bar reported that they had seen Levin leave with Chambers.

During the interview with police, it was noted that Chambers face and hands were covered in scratches; he claimed they were from his cat. After a thorough interrogation and investigation, Chambers eventually admitted that he had killed Levin - an accident, he claimed - when they were having “rough sex.” He had claimed that Levin had tied him up in Central Park and began to give him oral sex. She then reportedly became violent and when he attempted to push her off him, he claims he somehow managed to accidentally strangle her to death.

This scenario seems to be extremely incredulous due to the fact that Chambers was 6′5″ while Levin was only 5′4″. Regardless of these inconsistencies, Chambers was portrayed as a good “alter boy” and Levin’s reputation was attacked by the defence. They smeared her name and claimed she was promiscuous and kept a “sex diary,” which turned out to be a phone book with the numbers of her friends. Bizarrely, the jury sided with Chambers and believed that he, a 220lbs man double her weight, killed her accidentally while trying to protect himself from her advances.

He served a mere 15 years but karma is never far behind and in 2009, Chambers was found guilty of selling cocaine and sentenced to another 19 years behind bars.

The Tiniest Grayson


IT’S ME. I blame @fuyunoakegata for this one :)

Gen, 800ish words, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, a Baby:

Bruce Wayne had been in Dick’s apartment for all of five minutes and already felt terribly out of his depth. He was not a stranger to psychological phenomenon and had conditioned himself to resist a lot of automatic reactions, or suppress them.

But standing in the living room watching Dick hold a baby– an impossibly tiny baby– he was overwhelmed by a flood of reactions he hadn’t braced himself to fight off. Despite not considering himself a sentimental person, he did actually have a moment where he remembered the first night he’d brought Dick home.

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  • natgeo Video by @bertiegregory. An Asian elephant calf takes a drink with its mother in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan subspecies of elephant is the largest of the Asian elephant species with the biggest bulls weighing over 5000kg/11000lbs. That said, when born, this little calf would have weighed only 100kg/220lbs! Shot during a leopard project for @natgeo, @natgeowild and @stevewinterphoto. Follow @bertiegregory to see this calf trying to go for a swim!

Time for a progress photo!!

~220lbs —-> 177.4lbs 5'6" 23yo

I gained about 65lbs over 2 years after my parents divorced due to pretty chronic depression and a fight with binge eating disorder. And then I was like “okay this needs to end lol” so I did a bunch of research on which diet would work best for my body type and prevent binge eating.

So far I’ve lost 43lbs in about 6 months on the keto diet with moderate exercise (little cardio, lots of strength training). I plan to lose 22 more!

PS these stretch marks are driving me insane and hopefully they fade soon lolllll

  • Steve: I'm sorry, Tony. But he's my friend.
  • Tony: So was I.
  • Bucky: *angrily slams metal fist on the table*
  • Bucky: Did you rescue his skinny ass from alleys when he decided to stand up against another bully?
  • Tony: ...
  • Bucky: Did you work two shifts at the docks just to buy him some fancy art supplies?
  • Tony:
  • Bucky: Did you gladly kill like an animal during the war just to prevent him from doing the dirty work and being corrupted?
  • Bucky: Did you cuddle with him at night for body heat when he got pneumonia?
  • Tony:
  • Bucky: Did you showered naked together hundreds of times without a hint of awkwardness?
  • Tony: Wait
  • Bucky: Did you ever suck his dick so good he got weak at the knees and you had to support 220lbs of super soldier on your shoulders?
  • Tony: What???
  • Steve: Buck!
Personal training - Ben

Ben had been going to the gym for about 3 months before he finally spoke to Jeff. Jeff was a personal trainer who worked there and was the best thing about the place for Ben.

Jeff was tall, with dirty blonde hair and always clean shaven. Being a personal trainer, his physique was absolutely perfect. He was a big man who was way beyond toned all over, with pecs that looked solid and could be shown off no matter what he wore. His arms were well defined and he had an ass that was muscly and pulled his shorts back helping to show the outline of his bulge on occasion. In other words, he was Ben’s idea of perfection.

Ben on the other hand was slim and always had been. He was tall at 6′1 but still a little shorter than Jeff. His frame was slight and scrawny looking. Ben had given up on the idea of ever looking like a man like Jeff. He was built for running and that was what he was doing when Jeff first came over to him; stomping away on the treadmill.

‘That’s quite a sweat you’re building up there’

Ben’s heart pounded suddenly having Jeff come up to him. He’d been longing to find an excuse to talk to him for so long and now here was Jeff initiating conversation with him!

‘Umm, yeah. Thanks’

‘I’ve seen you in here a lot; your running technique is good. What are you looking to train for?’

Ben lowered the speed on the treadmill to a slow walk so he wasn’t a sweaty mess whilst he spoke to Jeff.

‘Um, nothing really. It’s just something I’m good at. Running. I mean, I’m good at running. So that’s what I do’.

He was making a mess of this. How embarrassing. But Jeff just grinned widely at him, flashing his perfect smile that gave Ben butterflies in his stomach. He knew Jeff was straight. He’d met one of his now ex-girlfriends at a class once. Her body was perfection as well.

‘I train a few guys who do a lot of running and helped them to get in to other sports and training. Like you they sort of got stuck in their ways and needed a little, push in the right direction I think’

‘Um, yeah, that sounds good. What is it you do?’ stammered Ben.

‘Well, no two clients are the same as I’m sure you know’ smiled Jeff. ‘And personal training isn’t for everyone but how about a free session tomorrow and we see how we go from there?’

Ben was sold. One-to-one sessions with Jeff. Yeah, he’d have to pay for it, but this was going to be amazing. He’d just have to think of some method to strap his penis down to avoid getting an erection around him, or at least conceal it. That could be awkward.

Ben began training with Jeff twice a week. It worked well and Jeff was just as nice as he’d appeared on that first session. Always professional. He pushed Ben hard but never lost that friendly and charming personality he had. If anything, Ben grew even more attracted to him over the next few months.

However, one day Ben arrived at the gym to see Jeff looking quite serious. He definitely had his professional head on today.

‘Ok, I’m setting up a few of my clients for a tournament we’re doing at another local gym. You’re going to be involved in it.’

‘Oh right ok. I’m up for that’ said Ben, although it didn’t seem like there was much choice in the matter.

‘I’ll show you this chart. This is the starting weight for all my clients I’m entering. You’re here at 155lbs. We need to steadily increase that weight so you’re ready for it in January. We’re going to get you to 260lbs through a combination of weight training and diet’.

Ben’s breath was taken away. Jeff was so matter-of-fact about it all. But there it was, in black and white; his name with the goal weight of 260lbs next to it. He’d never said to Jeff that he ever had any interest in bulking before and didn’t really understand where this had come from. But he was by no means the client Jeff was pushing the hardest. Some guys on his list had goal weights of 300lbs or more. At least Jeff had gone a little easier on him.

‘What sort of competition is it you want us to do?’ asked Ben.

‘I’ll explain that closer to the time. I really want you to be involved but - the honest truth is that, at the moment, you’re just too small to be a part of it with the other guys I train’  said Jeff, almost pityingly.

Ben had always felt bad about being so scrawny and it seemed like Jeff thought his size was a bad thing too. He felt slightly ashamed at that moment.

‘Well, I don’t think I can get to 260. But we can make a start and maybe look at the target weight some other time?’ said Ben, cautiously.

Jeff was not a man who compromised; Ben knew that. And Jeff seemed to ignore the comment entirely.

‘Let’s make a start then. We’ll head over to the weights room and get you started there. We’re going to leave the cardio stuff for the time being. Then I want to talk to you about diet.’

Weight training with Jeff was even more of a turn on. He got to be even closer to Jeff and have him touch him to help him get his posture right for each lift. Given that there were only 7 months until the tournament, Jeff advised Ben to do a dirty bulk. That meant anything was good to eat as long as it had lots of calories. It would build up his strength and size quickly; and whilst some fat would come with it, that could be worked on closer to the competition, around October time.

So Ben began his bulk. He ate and ate as much as he could. If it had lots of calories in it, he ate it. He loved the attention he had from Jeff, marking his progress and increasing his training sessions to three and sometimes four per week.

It wasn’t long until the effects of all this eating started to show. For the first time in his life, Ben had a small poochy stomach and slightly pointy nipples. But Jeff was so encouraging every time his weight went up each week Ben knew he was doing the right thing.

Ben’s ass was swelling up and this forced him to increase the size of some of his clothes. He was suddenly a 34″ waist, something he’d never been in his life! But Jeff was so complimentary about the increasing size of Ben’s biceps and thighs, any doubts Ben had were lifted.

October soon rolled around and Jeff sat Ben down for a serious chat about his progress.

‘Listen Ben, I’d hoped to start the cardio training back up by now to lose some of this fat you seem to be concerned about, but you’re just not making the gains I had expected of you by this time’. Ben had just weighed in at 205lbs.

‘We’re going to press on without the cardio for now and review it in a few weeks time’

Jeff looked crestfallen. Ben felt almost ashamed.

‘I’m not overly concerned about the fat, don’t worry. I’ll just have to train harder for you’ said Ben with a smile, hoping to perk Jeff up. But his comments only seemed to make Jeff more downhearted.

‘There’s not much more I can really do to get you trained ready for the tournament Ben, I’m working pretty hard here’.

‘Oh, I didn’t mean that!’ said Ben, embarrassed. Why did he have to put his foot in it?

‘No, Ben, this is about you really. Your calorie intake, it’s just not enough. You really need to start putting some effort in there’.

Ben had never eaten so much in his life than he had in the last few months but still this was not good enough. He felt bad.

‘I’m sorry, you’re right. I’m really going to go for it. I promise.’

‘Ok, come on then Ben’ said Jeff only a little more cheerfully. ‘Let’s get started on your session today’.

Ben shopped only for high calorie foods from then on. Fried food, high sugar; high fat only. He ate as often as he could and forced it all down his throat. He was glad to see his belly bloom and his pecs swell. His face started to look full and masculine, or at least that’s what Jeff said when he weighed in at 220lbs three weeks later.

‘I had to buy 36″ waist jeans’ said Ben with a smile hoping to impress Jeff with his effort.

‘Yeah’ said Jeff, a little underwhelmed. ‘I think next time you increase your sizes, you’re best skipping straight to 40s. You are going to be experiencing a little more abdominal fat with the type of bulking we’re doing’.

‘Yeah, sure I can do that’ said Ben enthusiastically. He wanted to impress Jeff so much but every time his efforts seemed to fall flat. It didn’t help that the next few weeks seemed to have very little impact on Ben’s weight. He ate and ate but very little seemed to stick. By the time the end of November arrived, Ben was still sitting at 230lbs.

Jeff was quiet during their weigh in. His disappointment and frustration at Ben was clear even if he was too professional to say it.

‘How are the other guys you’re training doing?’ asked Ben looking to make any kind of conversation he could.

‘Good, yeah, thanks for asking. A couple of them have already exceeded their target weights and the others are all very close to them.’

Ben felt bad once again. He didn’t realise how close January really was. He needed to get to 260lbs as soon as he could now but he was still 30lbs off.

Ben’s gut had developed properly now. It sat under his chest like a slightly deflated beach ball. His ass had swollen massively and it was strange for Ben to feel it bouncing happily behind him as he walked. But it still wasn’t where he needed to be.

Finally, Jeff had his last session with Ben before the holidays. Ben had overeaten every day and was even waking up at night to eat more calories. At their final weigh in Ben finally hit 240lbs.

‘Ok, you’ve given yourself a lot to do over the holidays’ said Jeff. ‘I wish you’d stuck to your diet plan a little more but 20lbs in three weeks is not entirely impossible’.

‘I can do it’ said Ben.

‘Yeah?’ smiled Jeff. ‘I like your confidence man. I really want you there with us at the tournament.’ His smile to Ben when he said this seemed so genuine and heartfelt, Ben knew he had to do this for him.

Ben hardly moved over the holiday period. He ate and ate. His friends and family were surprised when they saw how big he was looking, but when Ben told them it was for a tournament he was training for in a few weeks, they seemed satisfied. The massive overdoses of calories and night feeds seemed to be working. Ben could feel the weight pouring on to him and by January 1st, Ben was incredibly relieved to see he’d made 261lbs on his scale. At last! He thought.

He had to text Jeff straight away. He wrote and rewrote it many times. He’d never text Jeff before. He wanted it to sound ok. In the end he settled for.

‘I made it with 1lb to spare. 261lbs. Thanks for all your hard work. Ben’

Jeff, didn’t respond to it. He was obviously off with better people having fun. It wasn’t until two days later when Ben had his first training session with Jeff booked that he heard back from him. Jeff called him up from the gym.

‘Hi Ben, it’s Jeff. Listen, congratulations on reaching your target weight. I was really pleased when I got your text.’

‘Thanks Jeff, I -’

‘I’m afraid we won’t be able to do our training session today. The gym is full of new subscribers. It’s packed here. But, I have your address here on file so I thought I’d come over to you instead and let you know a bit more about this tournament and where we’re going to go with your training from here. Does that sound ok? About the same time. 6.30?’

‘Yeah, that sounds gr-’

‘Good, ok catch you then Ben.’

And with that, Jeff was gone. Ben was breathless; Jeff was coming to his house! He tidied and cleaned. He felt almost proud to have Jeff come over to see him.

Ben was sitting, waiting early from six o’clock. Jeff was ever professional and arrived a couple of minutes early.

‘Happy new year’ he said, walking straight in to the house. ‘Right, let’s get started then. I have my own scales here so we can check your weight and I want to do some body measurements. We’re probably best going up to your bathroom for this; I need a hard surface for the scales’.

Ben was astounded by his enthusiasm as always. Jeff never wasted time during a session and was already half way up the stairs. He’d set up the scales ready in the bathroom and was already preparing notes on his clipboard when Ben joined him.

‘Clothes off today Ben. We need it to be as accurate as possible.’

Slightly concerned about his crotch, Ben slowly removed his t shirt and sweat pants and tried to bend forward slightly to hide it just in case anything happened down there whist Jeff was around.

‘Underwear as well today I’m afraid Ben’ said Jeff writing on his clipboard and not even looking at Ben.

Ben hesitated. He sighed and quickly pulled his underwear down and laid them on the bath tub before cupping his penis and stepping on the scale for Jeff.

‘262lbs!’ said Jeff with a slight uplift in his voice that told Ben he had done well. He stood a little taller on the scale knowing Jeff was pleased with him.

‘Right, I just need to get some other measurements as well; we’ll start with your waist’.

Ben closed his eyes as he felt the tape measure wrap around his belly. He was trying so hard not to get turned on whilst he was naked in front of Jeff.

‘I couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve been a great trainer. I can’t get over how much stronger I feel. I feel like I could lift a car’.

Jeff carried on his measurements, noting them on his clipboard.

‘You know you can only bench press 10lbs more than when we started back last summer don’t you?’ said Jeff not looking at Ben, but still making notes.

‘Oh… Well, I feel like I’m a lot stronger anyway’ said Ben trying not to feel embarrassed.

‘No, not really’ said Jeff, writing his last note and putting down his clipboard before looking at Ben in the mirror in front of them.

‘I mean, if I could show you for a second Ben.’ Jeff pulled off his top, making Ben’s heart race. He stood in front of the mirror looking at Ben and spoke to him in his usual, professional manner. He tensed one arm and pec.

‘This is muscle. You see here’. He pointed to it all with his finger. ‘And down here in the abdominal area, this is made up of mostly muscle.’ He then pulled down his shorts and stood there in his tight boxers flexing one leg. ‘This here is muscle in the glutes and thighs. Can you see how defined and firm it looks?’

Ben could feel a swelling in his penis. He tried to breathe heavier to control it.

‘What I’ve added to you is mostly fat. It’s soft looking. What I can see when I look at you now is a lot of fat in the abdominal area, which is funny because you used to have almost a little six pack back before we started this. Also, like a lot of guys who put on weight, you’ve put on a lot of fat here in what we refer to as the love-handle region - and your glutes are a lot larger and made up of more body fat than they were seven months ago’. All the while he was pointing and gesturing to different parts of Ben’s overfed body. ’Your muscle mass has hardly increased at all in fact’

‘Oh, I -’ stuttered Ben, unsure how Jeff expected him to respond.

’I haven’t been training anyone else like this. I just said those things to keep your spirits up. And you can relax, because we won’t be entering you in any tournaments any time soon.’

Jeff gave Ben a friendly tap on his ass to step off his scales, which Ben responded to without question.

‘Did I do something wrong?’ asked Ben, confused.

Jeff bent down to pack up his scales.

‘No, you did everything right. You should be pleased with yourself.’

‘So what’s - what’s it all been for then?’ asked Ben feeling embarrassed.

‘My entertainment’ said Jeff without hesitating, nor losing his professional tone. ‘I’ve really enjoyed watching you get fatter each week’ he confessed, whilst giving Ben a manly, congratulatory pat on the back.

‘Umm, I -’

‘Can you go in to your bedroom please’ Jeff cut him off.

‘Leave those there’ he said as Ben reached for his underwear. ‘You won’t be needing those’.

Ben had to walk past him trying to hide his semi. He felt so awkward and embarrassed. Jeff followed him in to the bedroom.

‘Right, stand there, back to me’ said Jeff, gesturing in front of the bed.

Ben turned away from him, but felt incredibly nervous not being able to see what Jeff was doing. He felt Jeff’s hand slide between his thighs to splay his legs slightly apart, like he was getting him ready for a round of squats. He was incredibly conscious of the fact that he was naked.

‘That’s it, legs nice and wide’ said Jeff, calmly and professionally. He placed one hand on Ben’s hip and the other on the top of his back.

‘Now bend forwards, but keep your legs as straight as you can for me’.

Ben slowly went down, feeling the pressure of Jeff’s hand pushing him on his back, whilst the other hand, resting on Ben’s hip, was slowly engulfed in fat by his belly rolling over it. Ben placed his hands on the bed to steady himself.

‘That’s right. Now just hold that position for a minute’. Jeff’s hands were removed from Ben’s body and Ben was forced to listen intently to have any idea of what Jeff was doing behind him.

He heard the elastic on Jeff’s boxers flap and the material slide down his legs. Then he picked them up and flung them on to the bed for Ben to see.

Fuck, is this really happening? thought Ben.

Ben heard a sachet tear and a squelching noise as Jeff must have been lubing up his cock for what he was going to do next.

‘Just hold your butt cheeks for me Ben. Really pull them out wide. That’s right’

Hands resting on Ben’s hips; one massive thrust and Jeff was in. The width of Jeff’s cock made Ben gasp.

‘Hands down again. Just relax now Ben, you just need to stay still’. But Ben could already feel Jeff pulsing harder and harder, making staying still quite an effort; his new fat jiggling and rocking in a way he had never felt before.

After a short time, Jeff’s hands finally arrived to explore Ben’s body, sliding over his back and around to his love handles, grabbing one and holding the fat in his hand whilst he pounded.

A short knee from Jeff in the back of Ben’s legs ensured Ben fell flat on the bed, legs splayed even wider apart as Jeff moved on top of him. Now he was able to use all of his size and strength to make Ben want to squeal. But apart from the odd grunt, Jeff didn’t say a word. As his pace got faster and faster, Jeff placed a hand under Ben’s chest and rolled him over, with Jeff lying flat on his back and lying Ben on top his own broad chest, all without ever breaking his stride fucking him. Ben lay there on top, feeling his new fat rock with every beat of Jeff’s powerful hips, just raised slightly off the bed to get the best angle to fuck his ass still. Then Ben felt Jeff’s hand push down on his forehead to lie his head down on Jeff’s shoulder to relax, whilst the other hand went down to grab his rock hard cock, stroking it up and down with his muscular hands. When Jeff could feel Ben throbbing, he reached down and grabbed a handful of belly fat, jiggling it as fast as he stroked Ben’s penis. Ben moaned, almost ready to come, when Jeff turned his mouth towards his ear and whispered:

‘No more weight training Ben. No more cardio. You’re going to carry on getting fatter, aren’t you?’

‘Mmfhh’ moaned Ben, not entirely sure what was going on in Jeff’s mind.

‘Big fat belly and love handles - and a huge, wide soft fat ass. You hear me?’

‘Yes’ breathed Ben. He hoped that was the right answer.

Jeff was holding Ben’s cock at just the right speed. Too slow to let him come, too fast to lose his erection, not that he ever could. He wanted to make Ben come at just the right moment.

‘Are you going to be a big, overfed fat boy?’ whispered Jeff, almost aggressively.

‘Yes’ whispered Ben submissively.

‘I can’t hear you!’ taunted Jeff.

‘YES!’ said Ben.

‘Yes, what, fat boy?’

‘Make me fatter, make me your fat boy’. He meant it.

Like turning the key in a lock, Jeff’s hands skilfully manoeuvred Ben’s cock so he came everywhere all over them both and Ben heard Jeff grunting as he came all inside of him.

They lay there for a moment, panting and calming down. Then Jeff slid out from underneath him, slipped on his boxers once more and gave Ben the biggest grin whilst standing over him. He pinched a little roll of Ben’s fatty love handle, jiggling it for his amusement.

‘No more weight training. No more cardio. I’m going to enjoy this’ he said ,staring in to Ben’s eyes. Then he turned and strutted out of the bedroom to get dressed.

Monday Motivation (Tues Ed.)

Height for reference: 5′10, 70inches, 177.8cm

Highest known weight: 220lbs, 99.7kg, 15st 7lbs.

Current (today’s) weight: 145.6lbs, 66kg, 10st 5.6lbs.

Total loss: 74.4lbs, 33.7kg, 5 stone 1.4lbs (in 22 months + 12lb regain in the middle).

Previous measurements: size 14-16, 48-39-46, size 18-20.

Current measurements: size 4-6, 35-28-36, size 8-10.

Believe me when I tell you that your journey is possible. You are possible. You don’t have to starve. You don’t have to chain yourself to the gym. You don’t have to live in a guilt shame cloud. You just have to commit to always trying. To always getting back up when you fall down.

Headcanon that young Jason was insecure about his body because he didn't look like Dick

Dick was all slenderness and elegance. Lean muscle and fluid lines. Jason, however, even as a kid and young teen, after being fed well? He was built like a really small brick. Broad shoulders, naturally muscled. He was never fat but he passed dick up in weight without effort. Young Jason was always a little self conscious of that, but never showed it. As an adult he doesn’t care. It’s more fun to body slam people at 220lbs than 180lbs

coraltum  asked:

Random flyby saying that I freaking adore your comic- and my question is: how tall are these guys compared to each other (apart from Bits who we all know is a petite babby)?

YES!! I have been waiting for this question.

You can actually see the relative heights of the Boys in the Hockey Shit with R&H comic on nicknames:

Everything’s relative, because my proportions are ~wacky~. And I often do not succeed in sticking to their height/size differences in the comic and extras.  BUT if I did, this is how the Boys would look like standing next to each other. When it comes to weight, Holster and Ransom are *around* 220lb and 210Ib, Shitty’s like 160lb, Jack’s probably riding 200lb, and Bitty’s 125lb.  (Maybe. If he’s been eating protein.) I had to reference a lot of college hockey rosters to cook up these heights and weights. (And a lot of figure skating websites.)

AND YO IT’S LARDO. She’s in the next comic. Now is a good time to apologize for not updating.

umbro-boy-deactivated20170911  asked:

Hi there big boy. So I stumbled upon your Tumblr and even created an account to send you this message. You have posted some 'before' pictures from years ago. I can't believe that it's you! What an incredible transformation: from an average, lean, slim boy to a gigantic bulky muscle man. So I wondered: what made you do it? When did you start feeling the urge to grow big and actually act on it? Love to hear from you!

The truth is, I always hated being small and skinny. I always wanted to be a beast. My metabolism was so fast; it felt like no matter how much I’d eat, you’d still be able to count my ribs. Finally after college I decided to really push myself…ended up going on a 10,000 cal/day diet and pushing through a 2hr/day powerlifting workouts (during which I still had to pound down Hershey bars).

Then you find it’s addictive. You think you’ll be happy at 200lbs, but when you get there, you’re not satisfied…you want to see 220lbs….then 250lbs…then 275lbs. Every step along the way, you love the added strength and power, the stares and comments from people, the feel of your clothes getting tight.

I’m currently dieted down to 240lbs, but I’m definitely feeling the itch to see 300lbs soon.

Harsh Reality

Loose skin goes hand in hand with weight loss. For me, my breasts are riddled with stretch marks and sag like I’m 80 years old. My lower abdomen is a mass of loose skin. My upper arms are becoming pancakey…. it’s such a turnaround compared to my 220lb body that was full instead of the deflated mess I am now.

I couldn’t be happier!

I don’t see this floppiness and squishiness as disgusting. I see it as a visual victory. I’m winning a battle that millions of people refuse to even attempt to fight, and I have the body to prove it.
I don’t have to be ashamed of anything.
I’m beautiful~

One year progress from going whole foods high carb low fat vegan

262.3lb to 220lb and I still have more weight to lose. I know plant based living will get me to my healthiest weight someday very soon!

Veganism is LITERALLY life-changing, so please educate yourself and consider going vegan for your health or to lose weight!! 

Veganism is also a major cause of the climate crisis, deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, and fishless oceans by 2050 (so if you care at all about the environment, please consider going vegan for the planet)

I learned to like myself more when I began playing roller derby. Being in a community of women athletes was fun, but it was also empowering. I began to look at my body as something with a use and a purpose, something that could do things, rather than something that existed just to be looked at and critiqued. On the track, using my body for sport and play, I feel like a child in a good way. Find something your body likes doing and let your body do it.

Clementine Ford, Fight Like A Girl

It’s really hard for me to express how important girls’ and women’s sports are to me. When I was a chubby teenager and running at full speed through the gamut of psychological torment that our society offers up to overweight teenage girls, I spent hours on the elliptical machines, lunging back and forth across the gym, and you know, it worked. I did lose weight. I became physically smaller. But nothing else changed. 

I still thought I was too unattractive to ever be loved, and I still felt like a failure as a girl for having my mother’s body before I’d ever had children. The self-punishing thoughts, unsurprisingly, became self-punishing behaviour and I gained all the weight I lost back and then some. 

It wasn’t until I went to college and started rowing that all of this changed for me. Rowing gave me a reason to be strong and fast, not just thin and pretty. Rowing gave my body a purpose, a physical act that I could exert myself in the process of doing. Rowing sent me on a journey of understanding my body as something that could help haul a boat full of women across a finish line faster than another boat, instead of just eliciting approving smiles from boys. Rowing gave me a team of other girls to go on this process with.

Even now, three years after I stopped rowing competitively and started focusing on weight-lifting, my relationship with my body has never been better. My body can pick up 220lbs. My body can throw the weight of someone larger than myself over my shoulders and squat it up and down. Having an attractive body is the cherry on top, but that’s all it is. 

I truly believe that it should be a priority of feminism to encourage, promote, and preserve a dedicated space for females to be athletes. For females to succeed in athletic and physical competition. For females to do, not just be.

Body Image

I have a totally new perspective when it comes to my personal body image. When I was last at the weight I am now, I thought I was horrendously fat. At the time, it was the heaviest I’d ever been. Well, having set a high weight of 220lbs in late 2014/early 2015, and then losing all of it to get back to where I am now, I have an idea of what fat truly looks like on me. In a sense, I’m almost glad that I got to be so big. It taught me a lot about myself, and more importantly, I feel that I look amazing as long as I’m not near my high weight. I have so much more confidence, and this is the first time in my life that I’ve not been self concious of my weight in public.

THAT is one of the biggest reasons why I keep going. I’ll only keep feeling better~

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Part Eight: Asteroids and Other Debris

What are asteroids?

As systems are forming their planets out of that huge spinning disk of space stuff, it’s not as clean a process as larger bits accruing more and more, and clearing out their orbital path to create the planets that will always be there right away. Instead, the early formation of the system’s planets is a bit more destructive. As the clumps of space debris start to accumulate, there are literally dozens of burgeoning planets forming around each other, and a kind of battle for mass and gravitational dominance bursts out as they all collide with each other, break apart, accumulate pieces of each other, and over millennia, the planets will finally emerge. The rest of the debris may join its planet, but some of it just gets pushed out, and some even get shot out and away–way away into other systems.

Asteroids tend to be irregularly shaped, but if they accrue enough mass, their rotation may bring them into a more spherical shape. Sometimes, they even have enough mass to attract companion debris around it that forms into a kind of moon, sometimes even two! Just like with stars, it’s also possible for asteroids to orbit around each other, all while making their way around the sun. Binary and triple asteroid combinations are known, and it’s possible there’s more, just like stars.

These masses in our own solar system never fully form true planets because of their proximity to Jupiter, whose own gravity throws them off. Asteroids are going so quickly that they collide with each other too often, chipping off to create new debris. Sometimes they wander close enough to another planet where they becomes trapped in the gravity and become a moon. Sometimes they even come crashing into the atmospheres of planets, becoming meteoroids.

Okay, Pear, but what’s the difference between a meteor and a meteoroid?
A meteoroid is the actual debris itself, usually small enough that it burns up and vaporizes before it ever reaches the surface. If any part does reach the surface, that’s called a meteorite, and they range anywhere from 220lbs to a fraction of a gram–that’s anywhere from a huge boulder that could create life-ending events to a pebble. A meteor is just the light that we see as the meteoroid burns through the atmosphere.

By comparison, comets are formed of ice and form out past the frost line of the star where the gas giants are and beyond. Moving closer to the sun causes them to begin melting, and a trail of vapor is often seen as a tail behind them.

How many asteroids and where?

Asteroids mostly form in three places: at the frost line between the end of your rocky planets and the beginning of your gas giants (called the main belt), Near-Earth Asteroids that orbit close-ish to Earth (some within Earth’s orbit, some outside, and some that cross Earth’s orbit), and beyond your gas giants where your nebula flings the rest of its debris during formation. While there are only several thousand NEA, the main belt boasts literally millions of asteroids, and the Kuiper Belt out beyond Neptune? Who knows, but it’s even more than the main belt, that’s for sure, including ice, rock, comets, and some objects that have formed large enough to be considered dwarf planets.

Remember: Asteroids and dwarf planets within your system’s frost line will orbit on a similar inclination–that is, the angle from the plane that stretches from star to the main habitable planet. Those orbiting further out past your gas giants are a bit more wild and may have steeper inclinations. Within the main bodies of the system, your inclination is likely to only be up to 3° while your Kuiper Belt-type bodies may have up to 90° inclination. Refresh yourself on that in Part Seven.

Next up: Moons!

BTS Ideal Weight in a Girl

Okay, I wanted to make this because I saw there were some other posts on the internet talking about this. And this is my opinion and rant c:

1) BTS WILL NOT DATE A GIRL BASED ON LOOKS —> Okay, this is completely true. No doubt. They prefer things about an ideal person. EVERYONE DOES. 

I can tell you, JungKook’s ideal girl will nice legs and prefer a girl that’s around 168cm. But, SHE’S NOT GOING TO BE EXACTLY 168cm. And you have no clue what Jungkook sees as nice legs. And just because they are asked what celebrity their ideal girl would look like, DOESN’T MEAN THEY LIKE THEM OR YOU SHOULD GO AND BE LIKE THAT CELEBRITY! (This one I can’t be TOLD even CLOSER to the TRUTH, you’re perfect and beautiful as long as you are healthy and happy c:)

Jimin’s ideal girl that’s shorter than him, BUT what if he found someone so damn charming that he wants to be with the rest of his life, BUT IS SLIGHTLY TALLER THAN HIM? Would you judge him hardcore if he dated someone that was taller than him? No, because it’s Jimin, he’s this adorable little ball of energy.

Rap Monster’s ideal girl is that she’s sexy and looks good in a white T-shirt and red converse. DO YOU KNOW WHAT LOOKS SEXY TO RAPMON? NO, so don’t assume that you don’t look “sexy” and/or good in a white tee and red shoes. 

Now on a plus side to this, Jin is bae for this. If you didn’t know, Jin’s old girlfriend was a bit bigger than other women, WHICH IS SO DAMN PERFECT. Jin looks for a girl that knows how to cook and has similar interests as him. THIS IS WHAT THEY ALL LOOK FOR TO BE THE MOST HONEST IN MY LIFE LIKE EVERRRRR They just want to have someone with personalities. Which everyone has one c: Looks aren’t everything to BTS

V. Taehyung baby. His ideal is someone to become more charming every second he spends with them. Someone who loves their family as much as his loves his family. Someone that has the natural actions to take care of him, HE WOULD CHERISH THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF THIS GIRL. He just wants someone that loves him. He only wants to have someone hold him //He wrote “Hold Me Tight” and did a cover on “Hug Me” and “Someone Like You” ; - ; I think he just wants someone to cuddle tbh//

Okay, JHope and Suga, ARE BASICALLY THE SAME. Their ideal type is literally ANYONE. It’s so precious, JHope says his ideal type is whoever he’s dating, which is so adorable and I believe he would be the one to treat his wife the best out of all 7 members. Suga. He doesn’t even care. HE SAID HE DOESN’T FOCUS ON LOOKS AND/OR GENDER. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL I FELL LIKE CRYING T^T Happy tears of course, because I wish people could be as blunt, honest, and have the “I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck” personality. 

2) Just because there are these websites that determine what weight BTS would be suited more with based on their own weight, DOESN’T MEAN YOU CHANGE FOR YOUR BIAS OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER

This made me so mad. They ranged it from 40kg-50kg (88lbs-110lbs). Let me be honest. BTS DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF YOU WEIGH 100KG (220lbs) OKAY? If you have to change for anyone or any guy, THEY DO NOT DESERVE EVEN A MINUTE OR TO HAVE YOU EVEN IN THEIR LIVES. 

If you want to change, change for YOURSELF. If you have to change for other people, then I feel you lose your charm and personality. SCREW what OTHER PEOPLE have to say about you. LAUGH IT THE EFF OFF. Life it too short to change for anyone, other than yourself. And plus, everyone looks so much more beautiful when they smile c:

But really, weight depends on everything, your metabolism, height, bone structure, culture, race, what you eat, how much you exercise.. And how you are emotional. But trying to change your beautiful body for a celebrity IS NOT RIGHT. You. Never. Should. Change. For. A. Celebrity. Unless they have a HUGE EGO and/or an ARROGANT ASSHOLE //like most in America// then you shouldn’t care. And you know they are worth a billion thought in your mind if they don’t give 2 SHITS about your weight.

Let’s be honest, ALL KPOP GUYS ARE GENTLEMEN, they don’t give a fuck. So please, don’t get caught up in your weight or looks, because if they do care, THEN THEY AREN’T WORTH SHIT BECAUSE THEY CAN’T SEE HOW EFFFFFFFFFFING BEEEEEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL YOU ARE, I don’t even have to see you, everyone has beauty of their own. It’s their personality that reflects it onto you. That’s because when you look in the mirror, there is only one thing. BEAUTY. 

But back to BTS, non of them would care about weight, they don’t have an “ideal weight” because that’s just stupid. What they find beautiful is a happy and healthy, beautiful body. No matter what kind of body shape you have.

Okay, this is my rant. I just hate seeing other ARMY’s get so caught up in what BTS says about their “fake ideal types” because most of it was probably from the company to.. idek, because all it does is upset people or give people confidence. Which it shouldn’t, because being yourself may be the most thing ever said about this stuff, BUT YOU CAN’T THINK YOU’RE NOT BEAUTIFUL TO THEIR STANDARDS.

//Tell me if you liked this rant and would want more like these annnnnd I’ll post facts and scenarios soon, this is all I could think of for a 1st post XD Please leave some suggestions too. Thank You//

Until next time ~That Anonymous Dork~