2200 miles

A list of people I encountered on my 62 hour bus ride across 2200 miles

+ an apparently germaphobic woman who insisted she bought 2 tickets to sit alone and wouldn’t sit down for the first 30 minutes of the trip and when she finally did kept mumbling how there was terrorists on the bus because they weren’t speaking english
+ a ginger on his way to ‘make it big in the rap game" in LA who called everyone bro and insisted on blaring his own music on the bus (it was awful)
+ a 70 year old man who wanted to show me his panoramic photography
+ a older woman getting into a fight with a man about the fumes of her nail polish and she literally unscrewed the cap and shook the wand in his face and shouted about how she wasn’t using it
+ bonus points to the couple who shouted “YEAH THERE’S FUCKING CHILDREN ON THIS BUS MAN!!”
+ literally everyone losing their shit when they started boarding our bus with new people, with all our stuff still in our seats resulting in half of our bus being left behind without their belongings
+ a girl who blared Pharrell’s Happy on repeat for over an hour (it was through her headphones but you could still hear it)
+ a dude who freaked the fuck out during a hail storm “it’s like the final destination dudes!!!”
+ a girl who interchanged between staring at me and snoring so loud I could hear her over my music
+ a nice man who let me leave my bag as a spot in the waiting line while I collected my mom and other bags
+ a girl fresh out of prison and going to the town next to ours. She was very nice and grateful for the quaters i gave her to get some tampons and we had the same name :)
+ and finally the dude who offered me weed and had 2 pounds of it in his bag


I took these pictures in Italy. This is Verona. Where Romeo and Juliet took place there’s a tunnel leading to the court yard where the rumors balcony is. On the walls of the tunnels, people write their names here with their true loves <3 they also buy locks and lock them to that fence to signify that their love is locked in. No going back :3 I wrote our names on the walls but then I got lost and didn’t get the chance to get a lock :/

In 84 days, I’m getting on a plane.

Why, you might ask?

Well that’s a very good question.

In 84 days I’m flying to Indiana to meet my LDGF for the very first time.

I can’t wait to be in her arms and to have her in mine, to kiss her like I’ve been dreaming about for so long, to say those three words we want to wait to say in person.

2200 miles means nothing when you’re in love.