2200 miles

I copied this from a friend on Facebook, just to give some perspective about Houston and the severity of this hurricane.

“For my non-Houston friends- to help you understand the devastation:
Houston is huge. The greater metropolitan area is circled by the Grand Parkway - which is 170 miles long. That makes the area of the circle inside the Grand Parkway over 2200 sq. miles.

2200 square miles of densely habited, urban and suburban, areas is flooded.

Imagine if the entire state of Delaware, with twice the population of Manhattan, was under water.

About 7 million people. Yes, that’s right…..

That’s Houston.

It’s still raining.”


For my non-Houston friends–to help you understand the devastation that’s happening in our city:

Houston is HUGE. The greater metropolitan area is circled by the Grand Parkway - which is 170 miles long. That makes the area of the circle inside the Grand Parkway over 2200 sq. miles.

2200 square miles of densely habited, urban and suburban, areas with over 7 million residents is flooded. This doesn’t even include the surrounding areas such as Katy, Sugarland, Pearland, Conroe, Kingwood; to name a few.

Imagine if the entire state of Delaware, with twice the population of Manhattan, was under water.

And it’s still raining.

still more about the travels of Brandon and Lyanna

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Hmm, did Rickard even attend the Harrenhal tourney? He’s not mentioned in relation to it, and based on the “there must always be a Stark in Winterfell” rule, maybe not?

No, I’m pretty sure he didn’t go. Meera Reed’s story only mentions the Stark siblings, not their father, and TWOIAF also only mentions Lyanna’s brothers.

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As far as Lyanna ending up at the Isle of Faces, the only theory I can think of is that the wedding party stopped the Crossroads Inn on the Kingsroad, and either Lyanna by herself or with others decided to take the trip down to the Isle of Faces, which is quite a distance, would have taken them anywhere between 4.5 and 12 hours depending on the horse’s speed:

I had been thinking the wedding party would take the direct route from the Twins to Riverrun, but you’re right, it’s more probable that they stuck with the roads, especially in winter. Although it’s only about 100 miles from the Inn to Harrenhal per my map measurements. Per the unofficial timeline, that could be as short as 2 days away if Lyanna rode there on her own, but as there must have been some witnesses to see Rhaegar “fall upon” Lyanna to let Brandon know, she must have had at least one companion.

And since it’s likely that Lyanna and Rhaegar kept communication going between them before this, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lyanna planned to meet Rhaegar there and was going to end up at the Isle of Faces through her own stubbornness, if not through someone’s permission.

Yeah, we’re probably going to learn something about their communication eventually, though of course no official retellings of the event would ever think Lyanna was complicit in her own kidnapping.

As for Rickard, I can only imagine that he headed straight for King’s Landing. Since it seems to me through TWOIAF that Lyanna likely had people with her who recognized Rhaegar when he carried her off, and those people are the ones who came running to Brandon regarding that news, and then some messenger (or maybe even Brandon himself, if he was already back at Riverrun; IDK this whole game of ‘Where’s Brandon?’ is rather crazy) let Hoster Tully know.

And I guess Rickard was in Winterfell when the news came to him? Or perhaps he was in the wedding party as well? For some reason, I’ve always assumed that Rickard was in Winterfell when he heard of Lyanna’s kidnapping/Brandon’s arrest, and then rode to KL asap. Still, that is quite a distance (roughly 2200 miles).

No, Rickard wasn’t in Winterfell, he was with the wedding party (per the WOIAF app). As for “where’s Brandon”, since I heard you like maps:

Hope this explains things. Note Brandon might not have taken the River Road, he might’ve cut northeast, using the various river fords and such, but either way he probably didn’t meet up with his family until Lyanna had already disappeared.

A list of people I encountered on my 62 hour bus ride across 2200 miles

+ an apparently germaphobic woman who insisted she bought 2 tickets to sit alone and wouldn’t sit down for the first 30 minutes of the trip and when she finally did kept mumbling how there was terrorists on the bus because they weren’t speaking english
+ a ginger on his way to ‘make it big in the rap game" in LA who called everyone bro and insisted on blaring his own music on the bus (it was awful)
+ a 70 year old man who wanted to show me his panoramic photography
+ a older woman getting into a fight with a man about the fumes of her nail polish and she literally unscrewed the cap and shook the wand in his face and shouted about how she wasn’t using it
+ bonus points to the couple who shouted “YEAH THERE’S FUCKING CHILDREN ON THIS BUS MAN!!”
+ literally everyone losing their shit when they started boarding our bus with new people, with all our stuff still in our seats resulting in half of our bus being left behind without their belongings
+ a girl who blared Pharrell’s Happy on repeat for over an hour (it was through her headphones but you could still hear it)
+ a dude who freaked the fuck out during a hail storm “it’s like the final destination dudes!!!”
+ a girl who interchanged between staring at me and snoring so loud I could hear her over my music
+ a nice man who let me leave my bag as a spot in the waiting line while I collected my mom and other bags
+ a girl fresh out of prison and going to the town next to ours. She was very nice and grateful for the quaters i gave her to get some tampons and we had the same name :)
+ and finally the dude who offered me weed and had 2 pounds of it in his bag

  • 1,656 miles from home
  • $1,300-$2,000 moving cost
  • 24 hour drive moving there
  • $270 average plane ticket price

All things we weren’t expecting. 

Let me break down how Friday went-

Got to the ceremony in the morning with about 275 med students total. Ryan was in the first group of people called. They wanted everyone to wait until everyone got their letters to open it, or to open it quietly, we did the later. We opened it with anticipation with everyone at our table staring at us. My. Heart. Stopped. Virginia Mason- Thinking, “wait where is this?? This isn’t La Crosse, this isn’t St. Jospeh’s (Denver), this isn’t HCMC (Minneapolis). This is Seattle.”

Yupp, my jaw literally hit the floor.

I felt ill instantly. Our fate had been handed to us by a piece of paper taking us somewhere we were not prepared for mentally or financially. We both just stared at each other. Saying “what the fuck happened”. I started crying. I felt my heart rip and a punch to the stomach. This wasn’t the plan. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. We barely talked about Seattle or the possibility of moving there. We didn’t even think it was a possibility. I was in shock for probably the next 5-6 hours. Trying to think of positives, but it wasn’t really working. 

Here’s what happened. La Crosse only had 3 spots, he could’ve been 4th or 5th on their list and if their top 3 put them high, then he doesn’t get a spot there. Same with Denver and HCMC. All of these places had very few spots for the whole country, not to mention surgery is very competitive with many qualified applicants. Seattle was 4th on our list, to have matched with them we must have been very very high on their list. After his interview there he got an email right away saying the general consensus was that he would fit in well there. So they really liked him. Other people in his class going in to general surgery didn’t even get an interview there. So it is a very competitive program. 

The program- there are 2 teaching hospitals in Seattle. It is a smaller, solid program. They are mostly working at the main hospital but also go to children’s and another one. He doesn’t have to spend 2 months away at a different hospital like a lot of other programs- yay! It is 5 years like most other programs, pretty good benefits, limited research required, and half of the people go onto specialize in something. He is not sure if he wants to specialize yet. That would be more training…

So as the day went on and we talked with more and more people (his classmates, family, friends) everyone was very encouraging and saying how much we will love it there. So many of his classmates matched into subpar locations (in my opinion). Personally-I wouldn’t want to be in a lot of the cities in the midwest people are going to or Texas or anywhere on the East coast. I suggested he applied to Seattle and Portland, even though I’ve never been there. I knew I would like the weather and location. Many of his classmates did not get their first couple of choices. I would say most didn’t. Some people were really really upset. Like a couple that will have to do distance from Minneapolis to Maine. Yikes. 

My family’s reaction was as expected. They were pretty down and devastated at first. No one was expecting us to move that far. We see them all the time and are close with them so it will be hard to be away. 

When we got home after the morning festivities we crashed and napped for awhile after the emotionally draining morning. After that we started doing our research on the program, the area, jobs, apartments. So many questions to now figure out. When we started looking at apartments we were floored. Average price for a STUDIO apartment downtown is $2000. Like what?! He has already been in contact with a current resident there and most seem to live pretty close to the hospital as they are on-call a lot and need to be able to get there quick. They suggested some places for us. 1 bedrooms run $1700-$2200 about a mile from the hospital. This seems ridiculous, but we decided if we lived further out where the rent was a bit less we would still need 2 cars ( he would have to drive in- couldn’t rely on public transportation all the time at weird hours), we’d have to pay insurance on 2 cars, pay for parking spots for 2 cars which can run up to $300-$400 just for that, and we’d have to get a new vehicle so we’d have a car payment on top of that. We really think the best option is living close to the hospital with one car that would be for me (his current car, leave mine here for my sister) and he could bike in everyday. An apartment we like is only 1.2 miles from the hospital. We could then wait 1-2 years to get a new vehicle until we could save up for it. 

We will be paying an arm and a leg for rent, but that is to be expected for the location I guess. I started looking at jobs in my field and my goodness they pay a lot higher there. Even without a masters degree so that is encouraging. I am going to take my time in finding a job I really want. I might be able to get by with taking public transportation, we’ll see. 

So THE move. He needs to be out there June 19th for orientation.. that’s a lot sooner than we thought. We will have to sell our tickets for the country concert we were going to go to.. so sad. We will have to move out there at least a week before then. We might try to get out there by the beginning of June so we don’t have to pay for June rent here and get doubly screwed over. My grandpa has offered to help move us out there so we are hoping to pull a trailer on his vehicle and then drive out our car. We plan on getting rid of so much stuff and moving barely any furniture out there, only the nice and newer things we have gotten. We will be down grading on space, so won’t be able to take much.

All of this has happened so fast that I’ve barely been able to process it all. I really need a day just to recover from this weekend. 

How we are feeling now about Seattle- We are actually getting really excited (after doing lots of research). We know we will just love the area and all the exploring we can do in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and beyond. We love hiking, camping, biking, the ocean, the mountains. I think we will really fall in love with it all. It will be so different than anything we’ve known, and that’s ok. We don’t have kids and won’t anytime soon. We can use these years to grow professionally, do lots of traveling, and just have fun. The weather will be so wonderful compared to Minnesota weather. So much more milder- only as low as 30 degrees and as high as 75. I know they get a lot of rain and overcast, but that is seriously so much better than our blizzards and -30 degree weather. I am nervous I don’t know anyone out there, but in time that will change as well.  

Overall we are excited, anxious, and a little scared of the unknown. In 5 years we will probable say this is one of the best things to happen to us, I know it. It will be hard being away from family and friends, but he gets 27 vacation days a year so we can probably come home 2X a year. I’m sad about all the occasions, wedding, and fun times I won’t be here for. After 5 years we could decide to move back home, or maybe not. Can’t predict the future. 

If you would’ve told me at 23 I would be married to a surgeon in training and moving to Seattle I would’ve never believed it considering I grew up as the obese, depressed girl who couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some days I didn’t even know if I would make it to 23. Here I am happier than ever. This is my life and honestly I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Thanks for reading this if you got this far, and stay tuned for the journey :) 


I took these pictures in Italy. This is Verona. Where Romeo and Juliet took place there’s a tunnel leading to the court yard where the rumors balcony is. On the walls of the tunnels, people write their names here with their true loves <3 they also buy locks and lock them to that fence to signify that their love is locked in. No going back :3 I wrote our names on the walls but then I got lost and didn’t get the chance to get a lock :/

In 84 days, I’m getting on a plane.

Why, you might ask?

Well that’s a very good question.

In 84 days I’m flying to Indiana to meet my LDGF for the very first time.

I can’t wait to be in her arms and to have her in mine, to kiss her like I’ve been dreaming about for so long, to say those three words we want to wait to say in person.

2200 miles means nothing when you’re in love.

Friday Five The Apartment

1- I’ve had the keys 2 weeks now but I’ve been working so much I really haven’t had a chance to relax and enjoy it. Just a lot of coming and going.

2- Sleep isn’t going to be a issue. The first couple of nights I slept badly and I was a little worried I wouldn’t sleep well here. Haven’t had another issue since, I fall right to sleep and sleep great. 

3- I am making the apartment my home instead of the place I live. I have my Seahawks shrine area and I have my longboards out on display instead of stored under my bed. I want to get some pictures to hang and maybe even some art. I think it looks good, never know when I will have a lady over to entertain.

4- No there has not been one female over to the apartment.

5- I am surviving without cable, I have Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, plus about 500 DVDs. One thing I am not used to is not having a TV in my room, trying to decide if I should buy one or not.

Bonus- I have been talking to a high school friend more over the last month, we usually just exchanged texts every Wednesday for the last 5 years. We skyped on Sunday and had a great time catching up. She’s mentioned a few times it’s to bad we live 2200 miles apart and we made a deal that in September if we are both still single we are going to meet in Vegas for her birthday. I have no clue what any of this means, but it’s been nice to have a friend to talk to.