watching yesterday’s performance of old yellow bricks made me feel like I was meeting an old friend who moved to another country and I haven’t seen for ages; all grown up and beautiful and accomplished and idk mate it’s just making me cry 


One Direction Sighting in Barcelona - Day 2

but harry pretend bites lux and she giggles……i (⊙‿⊙)

m i k a y l a

if i could catalogue sadness
i’d name it after you
scars don’t paint patterns
on your wrists, but i know
there are words you’ll never speak;
frowns you’ll never show
and you were always a quiet one
so i can hardly say you’ve changed
but to me it is a map
of valleys getting darker;
a teenage dream of sleep and smiles
and time making things harder
so if i could catalogue sadness
i would list you first
and the more you say you’re tired,
the more i know it hurts