On this, the anniversary of Canterbury’s devastating second earthquake that killed 185 people, when you see what’s happening in Christchurch now, just two years later, you’ve really got to be amazed. 

This is a raw (but I think, not insensitive) look at what was going on  1 Minute After The Christchurch Earthquake - 22 February 2011 - (by Logan McMillan)

What the crap,

it’s already Tuesday?! No clue what’s going on, but the past few days have flown by. 

Good stuff went on over the weekend, even though I didn’t get to go snowboarding. I still got to spend time with the Kangeroosters on Saturday where we grilled food, went to Kubota (?) Gardens to play sardines (in the evening), and watched some messed up movie after eating s'mores.

Monday I went to a Temple to work on my SP, spent time with my folks.

& my mom played on the swings with me! Life is good.

Happy Birthday, Mom! You mean more to me than you’ll ever know.

– 22 February 2011

People think i'm an happy girl that always smiles and doesn't know pain.

But the truth is that there’s always something that is hurting me. Although i don’t care about other people’s opinion, i am always trying to be someone that everyone likes. It’s tiring, very tiring. I always try hard for the people i love and care about, but only a few try as hard for me as i try for them. It’s hurts knowing that some people mean more to you than you to them….

Ode from an Organ

You’re beautiful and inconsistent. You are neither purely liquid nor solid; you are the mixture of both and your cells fuse together and become dangerous. Sometimes you can be too sweet or salty and you cause our host to be unbalanced. You touch every part of the body constantly feeding every cell, coloring them, blue or red. You’re ambitious, you take every opportunity to escape when you see the light above the surface and you turn crimson when you meet the air. I can give you the same air but you’re impatient. You travel through and within me and your presence sustains me. You enter blue-I give you what others need-and you leave roused. Although you are always nourishing me, you die quickly and I must wait for the marrows to create new pieces of you.

It’s unfortunate when our host makes violent contact with a foreign object. The meeting breaks the tiny vessels and both versions of you become mingled into one creating a dark purple cloud just below the skin. But as soon as this happens, the pigment begins to leave the scene and the colorless members enter for repair.

You are too generous and friendly. Portions of you stay with the undeserving like the appendix robbing so much of you from the rest of us. You’re probably not the one to blame. The heart is your commander and you must go where and when it decides. I am fortunate to be the essential aide in the changing of your hue. We will be together until my last breath is drawn, and then you’ll be blue, until an outside force decides to open the barrier, and expose us.


Certainty is one of those things that we never realise how much we appreciate it until we don’t have it.  I’ve realised that I am lacking certainty, and right now, I miss it dreadfully.

If you have been following my blog for a while you’ll remember that I…

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U.S. Senator Scott Brown and DES activists, 2010

U.S. Senator Scott Brown and DES activists, 2010

Originally posted on DES Daughter Network:

WONDER DRUG screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy; US Senator Scott Brown; and Andrea Goldstein (former President of DES Action USA) at the Senator’s 2010 Christmas Party, taken by event photographer Katie Kaizer at the Senator’s Christmas Party at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

On February 22, 2011, US Senator John Kerry and US Senator Scott Brown received a…

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